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Cheats » Microsoft Xbox Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter T » Taz Wanted - Strategy Guide (Page 02)

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Pirate ship sail
	Go behind the hut to collect the sandwiches. Don't enter the cannon, 
	but go back across to the beach with the 3 doors. Enter Door #2. 
	Destroy everything and get the sandwiches. Jump into the cannon and 
	you will end up to the 3 doors. Enter Door #3 to go to another 
	island. Destroy the chests and get the sandwiches and jump in the 
	cannon. Make your way back to the laundry room. To the right of the 
	sink are 3 stones and another island. Hop over them, get the 
	sandwiches and spin the metal cage. Go through the tunnel and jump 
	on the inner tube at the end. You go to a cannon which will fire 
	you into the pirate ship so you destroy the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #7/7: Laundry room sink plug
	Now for the last Wanted Poster. Go back up to the slides. Take 
	the RIGHT slide. Hold LEFT at the first intersection, and hold 
	LEFT at the second intersection. You end up in the sink. Spin 
	the sink plug to destroy the Wanted Poster. You should have 
	approximately 100 sandwiches. If not, there's still time since 
	I will talk about the Golden Sam Statue now.

	OK, when you're near the ape on the pier. You will see the super 
	burp cola. Face the burp cola and the ape should be on its right 
	standing on the pier. Turn left here and walk towards the water. 
	Before you reach the water, turn to the right and you will see a 
	cave with dynamite. Go to the end of the cave and there will be a 
	steering wheel. Spin it once and you will see the statue come out 
	of a chest in the ocean near sponges. If I need to tell you, go 
	back to the laundry room. Bounce on the sponges but instead of 
	heading to the washing machine, go right and carefully bounce to 
	the end of the sponges to the chest.

	Now that you have completed everything at Looney Lagoon 
	(hopefully), you can go back to where the broken bridge is with 
	the shark sign to exit the level.

D. BOSS: Elephant Pong

	From the Zoo hub, jump into the snowblower which will send you 
	into the raft into the elephant's rear. The first boss of the 
	game is fairly simple. If you've ever played Pong or tennis, it's 
	something like that but instead of a ball or a white dot bouncing 
	around, there's a large elephant running back and forth between 
	you and Gossamer the  monster. To make the elephant go away from 
	you, you need to scare it by pressing the SQUARE button when it 
	comes close to you. Use the walls to bounce the elephant at an 
	angle. Watch out cause the longer the point goes, the faster the 
	elephant runs. 3 points wins the match and finishes the first boss.

Once you beat the first boss.  You will notice that at every world hub is 
a door right in the middle of nothing. Going into it will take you to 
Planet X. Here will be 4 doors that you can take to any of the 4 world hub 
doors. (You can only access doors once you have beaten that world's boss).


VII. World 2: Sam Francisco
A. Samsonian Museum
	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Control center mainframe
	Enter through the revolving doors. Jump over the red lasers to 
	get the sandwich. The guards in red are not catchers. Just 
	security guards. Past the first sandwich. Jump up onto the next 
	display watching out not to bounce from the ropes. Inside is a 
	sandwich between a pair of shoes. There are 3 more sandwiches 
	towards the back. After you get those sandwiches, find the stairs 
	leading DOWN. There are a couple sandwiches to be had there as 
	well. Go down and get the sandwiches on the road display. There is 
	one beneath the road as well. Further on there is a guard with a 
	doorway. Stepping in the doorway on the SAME side as the guard 
	will put you in the Gossamer painting. Spin out of it and enter 
	the OTHER side of the doorway to go into the painting of Daffy Duck 
	dressed as Bugs Bunny. Spin out of it and continue further down 
	the hallway. There are green platforms coming up. Sandwiches on 
	basically all of them but there is a catcher beneath you so try 
	not to fall. At the other end of the platforms, jump into the 
	painting where there is a sandwich and a door. The door is merely 
	a truck coming at you. Leave and walk to the end of the hall. At 
	the archway are 2 signs with anvils on them. Don't go through the 
	archway yet but get the sandwich and a door will open. In the door 
	are lockers. Take the sandwich and a game table will fall on you. 
	Destroy everything in here and once all is well, Go to the 
	elevator. Inside are gramophones but they don't matter. Go out the 
	other door and there will be a invisibility potion and a door. 
	Through the door is a large revolving tunnel. Pass by the rotating 
	blockades and at the other end is a WITB you need to avoid. In the 
	control center, destroy everything and spin attack the large 
	control center 3 times to destroy the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Abstract art Wanted Poster
	Activate the Spin-Pad to destroy the WITB and go back to the 
	elevator. Back in the main hall with the catcher, turn right. 
	There are 8 circles on the ground. The circles WITHOUT sandwiches 
	have traps that will fall on Taz. Collect the sandwiches and then 
	go through it to the stairs. On the right of the stairs are 
	sandwiches. At the top, smash all and get the sandwiches at the 
	end. Come back and enter the doors near the stairs. Destroy 
	everything and proceed through the room. There will be a Wanted 
	Poster on the floor. Go all the way making sure everything is 
	destroyed and sandwiches are yours. You can't go through the far 
	door so come back and go out the doors to this room. Turn left 
	and go to the end of the hall. Enter the doors here to get to the 
	main lobby. Turn left and find the stairs heading up with sandwiches 
	on the left side. Past the guard at the top is a window with a 
	Wanted Poster behind it. This will be later. Go through the hall 
	getting the sandwich. There is a painting of a bedroom that you 
	can jump into. Don't destroy the chairs until after you jump onto 
	the bed for the sandwich. Then destroy the chairs. Exit the 
	painting and go to the next painting. You will be hit by lightning 
	trying to get the sandwich but it's all good. In the next room is 
	a chess floor and pieces moving. Familiarize yourself with the 
	layout and go back to the Spin-Pad. Use it and go through the 
	chess room. The next room you will turn left and destroy the 
	WITB. Spin the painting of the Wanted Poster 2 times to destroy 
	it and open a hole in the wall.

	Turn around and jump on the couches to get more sandwiches. Near 
	the bookcase, there will be a sliding door that opens. Go 
	through the door and you will go through another one. There is a 
	large screw here. Don't worry about it, go around it and there 
	is a floor tile that is a different color. Get near it and another 
	door will open. Destroy all the boxes and get the sandwiches in 
	the display cases. Go to the end to make sure you've gotten 
	everything. Then when you reach the chandeliers, turn around and 
	head the other way. At the end are 2 guards and more chandeliers. 
	Go around the room to destroy everything and get into the phone 
	booth for a ninja costume. You can attack the guards without 
	losing the costume and a really neat Matrix kick attack happens. 
	On the OTHER side of the room from the Yosemite Sam portrait is 
	another painting. Jump onto the little yellow thing underneath 
	it to reach the painting and jump into it. Jump into the cannon 
	and it will send you flying through the chandeliers into the Sam 
	picture where you will find the Golden Statue.

	WANTED POSTER #3/7: Coin slot display
	Leave the room and head back to the other end with the hanging 
	chandeliers. Jump across them being careful since they tilt when 
	you stand on them. After you reach the other side, destroy the 
	boxes since there are sandwiches in some of them. (I managed to 
	accomplish the destruction bonus at this point). At the end is 
	a no passing rail with a WITB behind it. Go back to the Spin-Pad 
	and destroy the WITB. You are in a room with a broken bridge so 
	you can't cross over it. Jump down and you will find a Wanted 
	Poster the looks like a coin. Get the sandwiches then jump up 
	next to the Wanted Poster. There are arrows that point the 
	direction you need to go. So spin into the Wanted Poster until 
	it spins enough to fall into the slot.

	WANTED POSTER #4/7: Light Bulb
	Once the Wanted Poster falls, 2 doors will open with robot 
	guards. Spin the red button behind both of them to open the 3 
	doors in the room. Enter the right door. Scoot past the WITB 
	and you will see a light bulb with a Wanted Poster. Go to the 
	other end of the room. There are cement mixers to reach sand
	wiches and there are 2 sandwiches down a side hall with a robot 
	guard. (I reached 100 sandwiches here). At the other end, jump 
	in the cement mixer to send you through the glass. Use the Spin-
	Pad and jump back through the glass. Run to the other end and 
	destroy the WITB. Enter the door behind it. Look for the large 
	white and black switch. Spin it 3 times to destroy the light 
	bulb Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #5/7: Floor buff job
	There is a buffer in the light switch room. Jump on it to ride 
	it. Take it back to the room that had the coin Wanted Poster. 
	Enter the LEFT door (has a $ sign on it also). In the room is 
	the Wanted Poster on the floor. You need to buff it until the $ 
	reaches 100%. Once it does, you have destroyed this Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Bathroom mirror Wanted Poster
	Jump  off the buffer and go back to the room with 3 doors. Go 
	through the middle door with the guard. At the other end are a 
	stack of boxes. Jump up the right side to reach the top of them. 
	There is a Spin-Pad and boxes here. Down at the end are some 
	munchers and eventually there will be a wall that you can't go 
	over unless you come in from the other side (where the painting 
	made a hole in the wall). In the opposite direction from the 
	munchers are a few boxes suspended in the air with chains. 
	Activate the Spin-Pad and jump over them to the other side. Go 
	through the gated area and smash the WITB. Drop down and take a 
	right into the door. Pass the light bulb and at the end, enter 
	the cement mixer. Don't activate this Spin-Pad yet. On the other 
	end at the end is a wet floor. Take the door to the left of the 
	bucket. In the bathroom, open the left stall where a WITB will 
	punch you back into the mirror destroying it and allowing you 
	access to a Wanted Poster. Jump in and destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #7/7: Toilet plumbing Wanted Poster
	Now go back into the hall and activate the Spin-Pad. Go back in
 	the bathroom and enter the stall where the WITB is. He will be 
	stunned so jump into the toilet underneath it. You will fall down 
	a pipe and come out behind the glass with the Wanted Poster here.

	Now that you have completed everything at Samsonian Museum 
	(hopefully), you can go back to where the Golden Statue was 
	found in the Sam portrait to exit the level.
B. Looningdale's
	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Dynamite hole corridor
	Go through the lobby destroying as much as you can and getting 
	the sandwiches. There is a phone booth here with a rapper costume. 
	Go all around the lobby doing everything before you enter any 
	doors or halls. There is a toy airplane that you can ride. Take 
	note because to the right of this plane is the entrance to the 
	supermarket we will need later on. On the first floor, to the 
	left of the phone booth is a door that opens with 3 WITBs behind 
	it. Activate the Spin-Pad in the lobby and go through the doors to 
	destroy the 3 WITBs. This room is the Sporting Goods room. There is 
	a catcher here. Go around destroying everything and getting the 
	sandwiches. Along the walls, (which are sloped) you can spin up 
	them and collect the sandwiches all the way around the top. On one 
	side of the room is a broadcasting booth with TVs and cameras. 
	There is a door here with a yellow triangle. Going through the door 
	will lead to a very long corridor with a lot of boxes and a few 
	sandwiches. It's worth it if you are trying to get everything. 
	The exit comes out to the escalators over the fountain. (Courtesy 
	of my girlfriend Melissa). Once all is peaceful here, leave to 
	the lobby. Follow the lobby to the right and you will see stairs 
	to level 2. Break all and don't go to the 3rd level yet on the 
	escalators. Go to the end of the hall taking care of everything. 
	The first door in this hall has a yellow triangle with a '!' on it. 
	Go all the way down the main hall, then turn around at the WITB 
	and come back to this door. Break it and enter it. Go all the way 
	down it and you will come out to a battery. Spin the battery and 
	you'll see the treadmill get electrified. Run further down to 
	find the other door with the triangle and '!' to bust through. 
	There are a lot of breakable objects here. A lot. Destroy all. 
	Then go up the incline walkway opposite the door with stairs 
	behind it. At the top, you will come to a room with 2 security 
	guards. Go around taking care of everything, then head up the 
	circular walkway to the next level. There will be a dog here. Go 
	around here and you will see an area with a few beds and sandwiches. 
	Get them and go back into the main walkway. Find the chocolate 
	doughnut and go through it to the deli. Destroy everything here 
	and get the sandwiches that you see here. There are sandwiches on 
	the umbrellas that you need to jump on the chairs to get. Go back 
	through the doughnut. Walk around until you find the long white 
	corridor. There are a lot of holes here that if you fall in one, 
	you will appear out another one. Keep hopping around them until 
	you fall in front of a Wanted Poster. Jump on the dynamite box 
	to destroy the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Wall of TVs
	You will be spit out to an area with a few doors. To the right of 
	the doors with the red triangle is a hallway with a couple sand
	wiches then a WITB. Go back into the main room through the door 
	with the green guard. Follow the hall to the right and you will 
	come up to a bowling alley. Go through the alley and destroy all 
	10 pins. Once they are gone, a door behind them will open up. Go 
	through it and spin the large white pin so it moves to the right. 
	This will start the locomotive running and you will spot the Golden 
	Sam Statue. Back into the main hall. Go right and down the hallway 
	that leads you to the room you were at previously that contained 
	about 50 boxes that you destroyed. (If you need to go back and 
	activate the Spin-Pad, do it. If you did it before you came down, 
	great). At the bottom, turn right and open the doors to the elec
	tronics store. Destroy the WITBs and everything else. Behind the 
	wall of TVs are a series of cables with electricity going through 
	them. Jump over the cables so you are in between them. Spin the 
	large blue electronic box 3 times to destroy the Wanted Poster.  

	WANTED POSTER #3/7: Toy Store Kite
	Go back out the doors and turn right. There is a door that has 
	stairs leading up. Go up them to the main lobby. Go up the 
	escalator. You will see the train tracks here. Go around 
	collecting sandwiches and destroying everything else. There is a 
	catcher here. Also there is a phone booth. (I managed to reach 
	the destruction bonus around this point). Go around until you 
	reach the security guard near the sliding doors. Enter the doors 
	to go to the toy store. There are 2 catchers here to get rid of. 
	In one area you will see dominoes standing up. In the back there 
	is one sitting on its side. Jump on it and then jump to the lego 
	castle and go inside. You will see a crossbow with a sticky dart. 
	Spin it to shoot the dart. There are 2 more of these crossbows in 
	the room. One you will need to walk along the electric car track. 
	When you come to the loop-de-loop, look down and you will be at 
	the top of the toy castle. There is a crossbow at the top of the 
	castle. You need to jump down and spin it to shoot the arrow. The 
	final crossbow is at another lego area. It has 4 ramps that aim 
	into the middle of the structure. You should see the crossbow up 
	on one of the columns. Jump up and spin it to release the final 
	arrow. There are sandwiches all around the room, especially on the 
	electric car track. Go to where the 3 arrows are and jump onto the 
	bottom one. Jump up to get to the next one, then the top one. Jump 
	up to destroy the kite Wanted Poster.

	To get the statue, walk along the electric car track until you 
	come to where the train is sitting. Jump to the blue block next 
	to it and hop into the train. Sit in it and wait until you pass 
	through the statue.

	WANTED POSTER #4/7: Sporting Goods JumboTron 
	Leave and go back to the main lobby. Enter the sporting goods 
	store. Get onto the treadmill. It will throw you into the 
	JumboTron Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #5/7: Rafter Wanted Poster
	Go to the main lobby. Find the Wile E. Coyote fountain. Jump onto 
	the red cushion and it will take you up to the fountain. Jump in 
	the fountain and it will shoot you up into the rafters. Rotate the 
	camera to find where the WITBs are and where the Spin-Pad is. Walk 
	to the Spin-Pad and activate it. Go to the first WITB and destroy 
	it. There are 3 more: one on each side of the Wanted Poster. Go 
	back to the Spin-Pad and activate it. Now you can go to the 
	nearest WITB, jump over it avoiding the water puddle and then 
	quickly destroying the Wanted Poster. If that is too difficult, 
	activate the Spin-Pad and then run past the nearest WITB all the 
	way down the rafter going past a couple puddles. Then turn left 
	and come up the next rafter. You will be coming up to a WITB 
	without water and behind it, the Wanted Poster. 

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Cuckoo Clock
	If you still need sandwiches, there are some up here. Go back to 
	the Spin-Pad on the rafters. You don't need to activate it, but 
	turn around 180 degrees from it and you will be looking at one 
	of the 4 corners of the main lobby. You should see the Cuckoo 
	clock Wanted Poster. Walk along the rafters and come up on the 
	right side of the clock. Jump onto the clock from the rafters. 
	Walk along the top until you get to the center of it. Turn and 
	face towards the rear of the clock. Walk backwards and as soon as 
	you fall off, push up to land on the ledge underneath the clock's 
	face. Walk into the gears and spin it 3 times to destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #7/7: Grocery Store Wanted Poster
	In the main lobby, activate the Spin-Pad and go to the grocery 
	store (near the toy plane). Enter it and destroy the first WITB. 
	There are a lot of WITBs here. After you destroy the first one, 
	look down over the ledge and you will see a couple grocery carts. 
	Jump on one and you will be able to ride it using the CIRCLE 
	button to move. The WITBs won't attack you and you won't slide on 
	the water. Destroy all the WITBs being careful not to destroy all 
	the boxes yet. If you still need sandwiches, you can jump on the 
	boxes to reach the tops of the shelves. (I hit 100 sandwiches here). 
	If you don't need them, don't worry about them, just destroy 
	everything. There is a Wanted Poster surrounded by water. Run 
	the cart right into it to destroy it.

	Now that you have completed everything at Looningdale's 
	(hopefully), you can go back to the escalators that are over the 
	Wile E. Coyote fountain to exit the level.

C. Bank of Samerica

	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Caution Gate Wanted Poster
	The bank is under construction and this level can get fairly 
	confusing since there are a couple buildings and a lot of metal. 
	Go right at the start. Go right of the barrels and destroy all 
	you can. There are some sandwiches around there. At the end, 
	there is a super burp cola you can get and use to destroy more 
	things. There a 2 port-a-potties here which will be used later. 
	Note the Spin-Pad here. Now turn and face back towards the 
	beginning. There is a path with a few offices you can go into the 
	destroy things and pick up a couple sandwiches. From the last 
	office on the left, turn right and there will be a fence along 
	your left side. Follow it along to the left. There is a short maze. 
	Walk around it destroying all and getting the sandwiches that you 
	find. At the end you will find a small room with a lever. Spin the 
	lever to lower a gate with a Wanted Poster. Go back out of the maze 
	and go back to the beginning of the level. Go straight ahead from 
	the beginning and spin the Wanted Poster 3 times to destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Toxic Waste Barrel
	Jump over the gate and go to the right. Collect the sandwiches 
	while watching out for girders. Stay on the path. Walk up on the 
	metal beam for more sandwiches. Go all the way around the building. 
	At the back, don't fall into the cement. Turn up along it for more 
	sandwiches. There will be a WITB here. Go to the Spin-Pad and 
	activate it. Destroy the WITB. There is a building here with a 
	yellow robot and some stuff to destroy. Around the back is a blue 
	ramp that goes up. This is how you make it up most of the buildings. 
	Go back to the gate that contained the Wanted Poster. Go left from 
	it (the opposite way from where you went before). There are more 
	sandwiches and girders to watch out for. When you get to the red 
	arrow, watch on the right for a catcher. Turn left from the catcher 
	and take care of the things there. Follow the fence. Hop on the 
	items in the cement to the end. You will get a hiccup cola which 
	will allow you to bounce further onto the last couple cement blocks. 
	There is a toxic waste barrel at the end. Jump on the barrel 3 times.

	WANTED POSTER #3/7: Wrecking Ball/Whack-In-The-Box Wanted Poster
	Jump over the fence to get out. Turn left at the catcher and go 
	up the plank with the sandwiches. Remember to destroy everything 
	in the dumpsters. Run back to the beginning. As you get close to 
	it, you will see a lever in a booth. Spin the lever to raise the 
	gate on your right. Go through it destroy the things here. Use the 
	Spin-Pad and destroy the WITB. Careful of the wrecking ball and 
	spin through the pink wall. There is a second WITB, a second 
	wrecking ball, and a second pink wall to destroy. One more WITB and 
	one more wrecking ball. Destroy the Wanted Poster at the end.

	WANTED POSTER #4/7: Blacktop Level 2 Wanted Poster
	Keep going further to the phone booth for a bike cop costume. 
	The weapon is a cheese-shooting shotgun. Destroy everything near 
	the phone booth and continue on. The next room there's a dumpster 
	and a catcher. Shoot the catcher. Proceed on past the catcher. 
	There are some fire boxes and sandwiches up ahead. There are some 
	red boxes you should see. Jump up them to the second level. Walk 
	carefully along the edge of the wall for some sandwiches. If you 
	need a costume, there's a phone booth nearby. From the phone booth, 
	go up the ramp. There is a WITB here so keep going up the ramp to 
	the second level. Carefully cause it will get narrow at some places. 
	The second level has a Wanted Poster surrounded by blacktop. Turn 
	around to look for a white fence. Jump on it and you will fly into 
	the air. There are sandwiches and a super burp cola. Get the cola 
	and land yourself back on the second level. Get near the Wanted 
	Poster and stand on a sturdy area other then the blacktop. Burp 
	at the Wanted Poster to destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #5/7: Level 2 Steel Girder Wanted Poster
	Get back on the fence and bounce up to the third level. Pass the 
	yellow robots and jump into the pink garbage chute. There is 
	usually a sandwich in the garbage chute and a lot of junk to 
	destroy also. You will wind up in a new area. Break what's in the 
	dumpster and walk up the planks until you come to the cement mixer. 
	Jump in it to get to level 2. The port-a-potty here warps you to 
	the left port-a-potty on the ground. Go back up to level 2. Along 
	the edge is a diving board looking platform that you can get some 
	sandwiches from. If you look to the right of the ramp that goes up 
	to level 3, you will see a Wanted Poster. Jump over the girder and 
	walk along the steel beam, crossing over the wooden plank to reach 
	the Wanted Poster and destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Radio Antenna Wanted Poster
	Go back into the building and go up the ramp to level 3. Carefully 
	go across the plank for sandwiches. Another one on the other side. 
	After you're done with level 3, go up the ramp to level 4. Around 
	the edges of most levels are lights and lunchboxes to destroy. On 4, 
	Climb into the booth by the magnet to jump over to the other 
	building. Destroy stuff here then go up to level 5. More sandwiches 
	and there's a hiccup cola. Go up to 6 when you're done. At 6, watch 
	the construction workers. There is a port-a-potty here that will 
	take you down to the right port-a-potty on the ground. After 6, go 
	to 7. On 7, there is a blue chute but hold off on that one. Carefully 
	go to the center and grab the bubble gum. This will make you fly for 
	a short period of time so you can get the sandwiches up high. Press 
	SQUARE to pop the bubble early. Enter the blue garbage chute. At the 
	bottom, destroy everything and there will be an elevator here that 
	you can take. Careful cause there will be 3 catchers up here. To 
	avoid them off the bat, run straight ahead to one of the red girders. 
	Walk along the planks and girders and you will see a hiccup cola. 
	Grab it and bounce your way along to the other building. Don't bounce 
	on the wooden planks cause you will fall through. Once you reach the 
	other building, at the far left corner is a structure that looks like 
	a TV broadcasting antenna, which it is. Use the hiccup cola to bounce 
	up to one of the short antennas. The antennas will bounce you up to 
	higher to the next one. Once you reach the top one, spin the Wanted 
	Poster 3 times to destroy it.

	Go back to the first building and go around the edge to the left 
	where you will see a ramp going down to level 7. Jump on the 
	dynamite to make a plank bridge appear on the roof. You can jump 
	in the phone booth here to get rid of the 3 catchers to make it a 
	little easier. Go back to the roof and make it over to the newly 
	formed plank bridge. As you're walking, the gramophone will take 
	over and you will sleepwalk the entire time. Make your way along 
	the planks and turn left at the first intersection. You will have 
	to fall off the plank onto a lower one and continue on to the end 
	where you will find the Golden Sam Statue. Take the left way back.

	Make your way back to the bubble gum on level 7. If you notice, 
	at one side of the building, a large steel beam moves back and 
	forth. Grab the bubble gum and float over to that beam and land 
	on it. Careful not to fall cause it's a long way back up. Once 
	on the beam, walk to the middle of it where the other building 
	meets the beam. If you look down, you will see a blue level. 
	Jump down and manage to make it onto that floor. You will see a 
	cement mixer and a cement truck dangling from a rope. Spin the 
	bricks that are holding the rope 3 times so the truck falls down 
	into the cement. Thus destroying the Wanted Poster. If you still 
	need sandwiches, try falling down the garbage chutes for a few.

	Now that you have completed everything at Bank of Samerica 
	(hopefully), you can go back to where the locked door was near 
	the offices to exit the level.

D. BOSS: Gladiatoons

	From the Sam Francisco hub, jump into the cement mixer which 
	will send you into a few items finally propelling you into the 
	large ball on top of the theater. The concept of this boss is 
	fairly simple. The application isn't so simple. Daffy Duck Vs. 
	you. Each one of you is in a large metal sphere. You must roll 
	around the arena (and it is fairly large with tunnels and 
	bumpers and magnets). You need to roll over the light pods to 
	turn them your color (green. Daffy's is red). Watch out cause 
	Daffy can be very aggressive. There are 7 pods. One up high in 
	the caged area. Some down low in tunnels. Whoever has more light 
	pods in THEIR color when time runs out is the winner.


VIII. World 3: Wile E. West
A. Granny Canyon
	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Wanted Poster surrounded by cacti
	Go along the road getting sandwiches and watch out for falling 
	objects. At the painted tunnel, take a left and go along the 
	path. Get the sandwiches and bust through the keep out sign. 
	You will enter a cave with sandwiches. There are 3 different 
	paths all leading out to the same place. Out the other side, 
	destroy all the boxes and you will see a Wanted Poster behind 
	some cacti. Watch the Mexican guy throwing dynamite at you. 
	Destroy everything and then turn around to go the other way 
	(away from the gated area). You will pass by a masked cowboy 
	shooting cacti at you. Destroy all and enter the saloon. There 
	will be lots to destroy and you will see Speedy Gonzalez 
	running around. Grab one of the chili peppers and go back out 
	the door for now. Go up to the Wanted Poster surrounded by 
	cacti and press SQUARE to blow it up.

	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Gas Station
	Go back into the saloon. Grab a chili pepper and breath fire 
	into the room and a spot on the back wall blows up revealing a 
	hidden area. Go into it and take care of everything inside. At 
	the other end, be careful not to fall off. Get the bubble gum 
	and fly over the road to the gas station. There will be a sign 
	of Granny and a Spin-Pad. Hit the Spin-Pad and drop down a 
	level. You will see a road that has a large gap in it. Don't 
	worry about that one. Go on ahead and there will be a catcher 
	on this level. Make it around him and go through the tunnel 
	ahead. At the other end, go on ahead over the narrow path and 
	jump in the phone booth to get the sheriff's costume. Go back 
	and remove all the catchers so that you don't have to worry 
	about them anymore. At the gas station, use the Spin-Pad and 
	go up the hill. Since the WITB is disabled, shoot the Catcher 
	and if you have time, destroy the WITB. If not, redo the Spin-
	Pad and get rid of it. Go back to the Spin-Pad and spin the 
	Granny sign 3 times. The glasses will fall over and ignite the 
	spilled oil blowing up the gas station Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #3/7: Water Silo 
	Go down to where the gap in the road is and use the Spin-Pad. 
	Get yourself over the gap and continue ahead. You should make 
	it to the WITB before it wakes. There's a cabin by the WITB. 
	There are some sandwiches and a Spin-Pad. (At this point, I 
	hit the destruction bonus). Go back along the path to where 
	the WITB was, turn left and you'll see a path going up fairly 
	high. Activate the Spin-Pad and go up it. At the top, destroy 
	the WITB and continue on. On your left will be a silo with a 
	Wanted Poster. Jump inside to destroy it.
	After you come down in the silo, there will be some sandwiches 
	and some green sludge in canisters you can destroy. There is 
	a car sticking out of the ground. Spin it to open the trunk. 
	Jump on the red button and the UFO will open. Enter it and 
	spin up to the ledge. Opposite the yellow transporter is the 
	Golden Sam Statue. Grab it and transport out of the UFO.

	WANTED POSTER #4/7: Cannon Bomb Wanted Poster
	You can jump on the UFO to bounce and get a few sandwiches. Go
	the way opposite the closed gate through a cavern. There will 
	be sandwiches and a Spin-Pad. Activate the Spin-Pad and spin 
	past the cactus-shooting cowboy. Go up the spiraling road up 
	and destroy the WITB. Jump into the cannon and it'll fire you 
	straight up and come crashing down into the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #5/7: Fiery locomotive
	Crawl out of the crater and walk along the path all the way 
	down the hill getting everything. You will arrive at teepees. 
	There's stuff to destroy and sandwiches to get. Activate the 
	Spin-Pad here and go down the hill. Go fairly fast. There are 
	2 WITBs under the wooden bridge across the path and then the 2 
	down by the loop-de-loop. Make sure to get the 2 up under the 
	wooden walkway. Right past the pink rock is a lever in a hut. 
	Spin the lever 3 times. Dynamite falls into a train and the 
	train will blow up the bridge destroying the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Hole in the ground Wanted Poster
	Go back to where the little cabin was by one of the WITBs. Go
	up the steep hill up to the next level. You will recognize 
	this area as where the silo Wanted Poster was. Continue going
	straight ahead and you'll fall off the ledge and land near a 
	couple water barrels and a Mexican. Further up the road past 
	the Mexican man are a few wooden boards over a hole in the 
	ground. Spin them to fall into an area with a Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #7/7: Gramophone plank Wanted Poster
	You will exit out the saloon. When you come down, go left and 
	you will come to the beginning area with the Mexican man. Make 
	your way to where the lever was that you pulled to blow up the 
	Sam sign. Facing the lever, turn around and there will be a 
	small hill going up. Go up it and turn left. Cross the wooden 
	planks and at the end, a gramophone will play so you need to 
	walk over the planks all the way around to the other side. 
	Once you enter the cavern, destroy the Wanted Poster.

	Now that you have completed everything at Granny Canyon 
	(hopefully), you can go to the gas station and enter the cave 
	behind it to the catapult to exit the level.

B. Taz: Haunted

	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Saloon balcony Wanted Poster
	When you start off, go along the blue path and you will arrive 
	at the ghost town. There will be a catcher here. Go left and 
	jump over the fence that pops up. When you leave the graveyard
	tombstones will pop up. Now you can reach the sandwiches that 
	are here. Leave the graveyard and enter the saloon across the 
	way. Destroy everything and grab the invisibility potion. Exit 
	out and turn left. Go by the catcher and destroy the boxes. 
	Activate the Spin-Pad and go back around the saloon to the 
	other side. There are a set of stairs going up to the second 
	story of the saloon. Destroy the WITB and continue on to 
	destroy the Wanted Poster. There are some sandwiches up here.

	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Electric chair laboratory
	Go back into the saloon and get another invisibility potion. 
	Go around and use the Spin-Pad again. Go along the path past 
	the 2-headed dog and you will come to a house with a WITB in 
	front of it. Destroy it and enter the house by spinning the 
	door. Inside, the fireplace is a doorway but don't go that way 
	yet. Find the large spiderweb and spin through it. Take the 
	path to the library. Turn right and there will be some boxes 
	to jump on. Get on the shelves and walk to the other end. Spin 
	across the gap to reach the sandwiches. Drop down and you will 
	see a phone booth. On the way there, a book will fall. Step on 
	it to open a hidden area. Enter the phone booth to get the 
	ghoul Taz costume. Walk over the bookshelf bridge and jump 
	from stone to stone. When you reach the other end, go through 
	the large metal doors. Walk forward and you'll be transformed 
	first into a mouse, then a ball. Use the X button to jump. 
	Further on through the next doors, there are 6 cables on the 
	ground. Jump over them avoiding them cause you will blow up 
	and have to do it all over again. There are 6 red buttons to 
	bump into  you need to hit. Once they are all activated, the 
	chair appears. Bounce on the chair's button to destroy it and 
	the Wanted Poster.

	WANTED POSTER #3/7: Haunted House stained-glass window
	If you did this without getting blown up, a green port-a-potty 
	appears to take you back to the house foyer. Otherwise, you'll 
	have to walk back up to reach the house. Walk through the fire
	place and the gramophone will hypnotize you. Turn left and 
	there will be 3 sandwiches you can get. Then go back past the 
	fireplace and continue along the planks getting the sandwiches 
	and not falling off. On the other side of the room, cross the 
	2 planks and go upstairs. Cross over the planks on the second 
	floor and go all the way to the green carpet. There are some 
	sandwiches here if you want. Past them is a large red wall you 
	need to go through. From one of the chandeliers is a sandwich 
	near a stained-glass window. If you fall down, you can jump on 
	the spring in the chair to go back up. Now, there are 2 suits 
	of armor that aren't swinging axes, but catcher nets. If you 
	get captured, you will lose money. To the left of the first 
	one is a space you can break into to avoid the first net. Then 
	to the right of the second one is another area to break to 
	avoid the second net. Then spin through the glass to destroy 
	the Wanted Poster.

	Jump out of the house. There is a catcher down here. Avoid him 
	and find the dark cave path with all of the eyes looking. Go 
	through destroying everything. (I reached the destruction 
	bonus here). Go all the way through and you will come out the 
	other side near a house. Go up the steep hill next to the 
	house. At the top of the hill you will see train tracks in the 
	air. Jump to them and beyond them you will see a lever with 3 
	settings. Jump to it and spin the lever 3 times to open the 
	doors inside the house. Jump back to the top of the hill. Now 
	jump to the red boat-shaped balcony on the house and smash 
	through the window. Fall down the now open doors and you will 
	come to the Golden Sam Statue.

	WANTED POSTER #4/7: Swamp tree gong
	Exit the house and go back through the cave with the eyes. 
	Come out and turn left. Take the next path and get a few sand
	wiches. You will come to a small pond with bones sticking up 
	out of it. Watch out for the catcher and go on to the narrow 
	path over the swamp with the guillotines swinging across it. 
	At the other end, there are a few stumps with sandwiches on 
	them. In the middle is a large green gear thing. Stand on it 
	and spin until you see planks pop out of the tree in the round 
	swamp. Now, go back to that tree carefully without falling in 
	the swamp. Once you reach it, jump to the first plank and 
	bounce up them. You only have a certain amount of time to make 
	it up the tree before the planks disappear. At the top is a 
	swinging Wanted Poster. Spin it once to destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #5/7: Abandoned house Wanted Poster
	Fall down from the tree and go back through the cave you came 
	in through. You'll come out at the house with the water wheel. 
	Turn left and you will see a Spin-Pad. Activate it and go up 
	the hill. You'll see an invisibility potion for the catcher 
	and a WITB at the end to destroy. Use the green planks to 
	bounce up to the next level. You'll reach a house next to a 
	Spin-Pad. Don't enter the door yet but activate the Spin-Pad 
	and continue on the path. You need to be fast but you will go 
	through a green log that you can't spin through. Eventually 
	you will reach the WITB at the end. You'll wind up at a house 
	with boards over the door. Spin through and destroy everything 
	if you still need it. Go through the other door and you'll 
	come to the Wanted Poster. Destroy it.

	WANTED POSTER #6/7: Ghost Train 
	Come back out the door of the house and turn right. Carefully 
	jump down cause there is a catcher down there unless you elimi
	nated him. If there is, you can turn around and go up the path 
	to the phone booth for a costume. Destroy this catcher and go 
	along the path that is behind where he was. You'll go through 
	2 locked doors into a large roller coaster area. Activate the 
	Spin-Pad and go up the blue ramp. Turn right at the top for 
	sandwiches and the WITB. There is another blue ramp going up 
	you need to go up. Now you need to be careful on this level 
	cause there is green stuff. Constantly jump on it to avoid 
	slipping off. When you reach the other end at the very top of 
	the room, walk along the path to the center of the room. Spin 
	the red button 3 times to activate the Ghost Train. Fall down 
	and enter the train car. You can lean left or right for 
	sandwiches. Try not to get hit by the fire or cutting saws. 
	Eventually you'll smash through the Wanted Poster. 
	WANTED POSTER #7/7: Beginning of the level Wanted Poster
	Now that this room is done, leave and make it back up the path 
	to the house next to the Spin-Pad. The door will open up for 
	you. Get inside and you will warp to a large green and yellow 
	machine. Go around it and follow the path down the other side. 
	At the end, you will be over the very beginning of the level. 
	To cross the first gap, spin fast and hug the wall on the left 
	to get to the second ledge. Jump up on it. Repeat this for the 
	third ledge and you will be next to the Wanted Poster.

	Now that you have completed everything at Taz: Haunted 
	(hopefully), you can go to the house that opens its door for
	you to exit the level.

C. Cartoon Strip-Mine

	WANTED POSTER #1/7: Mine Shaft Wanted Poster
	As you start off, destroy all that you see and go through the 
	mine shaft. You will come to what we will call the main cave. 
	There is a water chute on one side and on your left there's a 
	Wanted Poster being projected onto the roof of a building. 
	Follow the mine car track all the way down. There's a drill in 
	front of you which we'll take care of later. Follow the track 
	all the way getting sandwiches and eventually you will be able 
	to go in a phone booth for the cave explore costume. Past the 
	water chute is a catcher that you can throw your hat at and 
	then get another costume. Now go up the water chute and walk 
	all the way up it. You'll have to jump to reach the top. Jump 
	to the office in front of you and walk into the building. Spin 
	the blue button to change the track. Here's a little glitch. 
	Aim at the catcher from the room you are in and throw the hat 
	through the wall to get rid of him at no danger to yourself. 
	Go back down to the main level on the water chute. Once you're 
	off, get another costume. Turn right from the chute. Pass the 
	flamethrower and destroy what you can. Continue along the left 
	wall and pass the drill once again. After the construction 
	worker you should see a mine car on a track. Go to it and spin
	the barricade that is preventing it from rolling and it will 
	roll into the flamethrower to create a large hole in the wall.
 	Before you leave here, turn left and find the rocky formation 
	with the sandwiches surrounded by water. If you need them, 
	they are here. Go ahead and go to where the large hole is in 
	the wall and go through it. Behind the blue/yellow boards with
 	the '!' is a WITB. Just go straight ahead. Break through the 
	boards. You'll arrive at an area with a mine car and a sign 
	pointing to a hole with a drill picture. Defeat the catcher 
	here in the room and go up the pathway that was behind the 
	catcher. Spin yourself up the steep hill. You'll come to an 
	intersection. If you look through the boards on the right side
 	you will see a Wanted Poster. There is a WITB hidden there 
	also so go left instead. Eventually you'll come to a Spin-Pad.
 	Activate it and continue along the path and you'll hit the 
	WITB that I told you to avoid in the first place. In the room 
	with the mine car, activate THAT Spin-Pad and go back up the 
	steep hill. At the intersection, turn right and break into the
 	room with the Wanted Poster. Destroy the WITB as well as the 
	Wanted Poster.
	From the Poster, keep going down the tunnel and you'll come to 
	a flamethrower. Destroy the spiderwebs. At the intersection, 
	turn left for a sandwich. Don't go down that way yet. Go back 
	in the other tunnel getting everything. You come out into the 
	cave. Turn right, not left. Go along the rickety walkways 
	(careful cause they only last so long) and you'll come to a 
	Spin-Pad. Now hurry back the other way and you'll destroy the 
	WITB. Go forward from the WITB and you'll fall down a little 
	ledge. Jump on the dynamite lever to blow a hole in the roof 
	and you should see the Golden Statue in it. To get the statue, 
	go back to the right to where the Spin-Pad was. Turn left at 
	the flamethrower and walk up the rocky path. You'll enter the 
	hole you just made and collect the Golden Sam Statue.
	WANTED POSTER #2/7: Spotlight projection
	Go back down the path to the flamethrower. Go back to the left 
	to where the WITB was located. There will be sandwiches you 
	can only get by spinning yourself up along the cave wall on 
	the left. Eventually you'll make your way to an office with a 
	blue roof. Jump onto it and in one corner you will see the 
	spotlight projecting the Wanted Poster. Spin the spotlight 3 
	times to destroy it and the Wanted Poster.

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