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Cheats » Nintendo 64 (N64) » Games Starting with the Letter B » Banjo-Kazooie - Strategy Guide (Page 03)

2. Use the Beak Bomb on the Giant Snowman's buttons (the one's on it's 

3. Defeat all of the snowball throwing Snowmen
4. Get all five Jinjos
5. Turn into a Walrus and go to Wozza the Walrus
6. At the top of the Giant Snowman there is a sled, hop onto it
7. Turn into a Walrus and race Boggy
8. After that turn back into Banjo-Kazooie and race him again
9. In the giant Snowman's cigar
10. Get all three presents (In the tree, on the Giant Snowman's nose, on 
an island in the cold water) and give them to the three kids in the 
igloo at the beginning

Super Honeycombs
1. In Wozza's cave, through the small tunnel (must be a Walrus)
2. You get one from a Snowman, when you defeat it

1. Pink: Near Bottle's mole hole
2. Green: Behind a house
3. Orange: In Wozza's Cave
4. Blue: On the stick the Giant Snowman is holding
5. Yellow: In Mumbo's Hut

Witch Switch
It's under one of the Snowmen, have to defeat him first though

-Gobi's Valley-
This place is too hot for a camel!! am going psycho!!!

Jigsaw Pieces
1. Go through all of the Ancient Ones rings
2. Get all five Jinjos 
3. Shoot eggs into Jinxy's nose and go inside. Shoot eggs into the 
statues. Get to the the end.

4. Shoot eggs into the statues on the large platform above the sand. 
Enter the pyramid, go through the maze.

5. Get the running shoes and get it from Grabba
6. Break the block that is holding Gobi 
7. Go to the beginning and stomp on Gobi
8. At the last pyramid stomp on the switch, solve the puzzle
9. Get the running shoes, hit the switch, and run to the top of the time 

10. Use the beak buster on the Kazooie bulls eye. Go inside, fart eggs 
into the basket. Climb the snake.

Super Honeycombs
1. After getting Jiggy # 8 go to the aclove in the side of the level, 
stomp on Gobi again.

2. At the very end of the level there is a switch, hit it. Fly inside 
the cactus.

1. Yellow: Behind you at the very beginning
2. Orange: Behind the first carpet in Jinxy's temple
3. Blue: In the ring of sand around King SandyButt's pyramid
4. Green: In an aclove in the last pyramid
5. Pink: In a pot near Jiggy # 4

Witch Switch
In king Sandybutt's maze

-Mad Monster Mansion-
HAHA! BOO! Ghosts, skeletons, bats, all of that stuff...

Jigsaw Pieces
1. Go through the chimney at the first house and grab it
2. Get all five Jinjos
3. In one of the barrels in the basement
4. At the very top of the church
5. Go inside the church, solve the puzzle
6. Fart eggs into the pots around the church
7. In the well
8. Be a pumpkin and get on the roof of the Jiggy # 1's house, go down 
the pipe.

9. Be a pumpkin and go down the toilet
10. Solve the puzzle in the old shack   

Super Honeycombs
1. In one of the rooms at the top of the 1st building. Must be a 
pumpkin, it's under the floor. 

2. Across from the Witch Switch

1. Blue: On a pillar in the middle of the green pool
2. Pink: In a barrel in the basement
3. Yellow: On top of the bed in a room in the 1st house
4. Green: At the very top of the 1st house, on a pipe
5. Orange: In the maze
Go to the church, get on the flight pad, fly to the ceiling and climb on 
the rafters.

-Rusty Bucket Bay-
Ah, the freak has her own ship too!

Jigsaw Pieces
1. Get all five Jinjos
2. In the propellers at the back of the ship. But you have to shut them 
off before getting it. 

3. Climb the rope that's connected to the TNT box, hit the red switch 
with a charge. Go into the giant hole, beat the boss.

4. At the front of the ship is a bunch of switches, hit them for a 
Jiggy: 312111

5. In the mechanical room, through the door in the smoke stacks
6. Another rope is connected to a cage, climb it. Hit the switch with a 
beak barge. Run back and get it. 

7. Bust open the of the windows on the ship, it's in the closet.
8. In one of the smokestacks, at the very top
9. Rescue the dolphin by going into the anchor place and hit the switch
10. In one of the buildings

Super Honeycombs
1. Above the door to the mechanical room
2. Find the yellow Jinjo and swim into the hole in the wall, hit the 

Jinjos. Pink: To the left of the start, under the grating
2. Green: In the toxic waste area
3. Blue: In a blind corner in one of the blue shacks
4. Yellow: In a buoy in the Snacker area
5. Orange: Find the "Toll: 8" sign and hit it with eight eggs, at the 
end of the path

Witch Switch
Climb to the top of the TNT crane and glide on over to the platform that 
has it, it's hard to miss it from up there.

-Click Clock Woods-
The last area in the game, Jiggies are rewards for very hard work!

Jigsaw Pieces
1. In Spring fart eggs into the hole by the bull, after that stomp on 
Gobi from each season

2. In Spring bust open the giant pink egg, feed him caterpillars after 
that in each season. Go to him in winter

3. In spring be the Bee and fly to a very high ledge
4. In Summer bust open the boulder and go to the beaver's home in Fall
5. In fall collect 6 acorns for Nabnut
6. In Spring bust open the door at the end of the level, follow the path
7. In Summer bust open the Bee Hive and defeat them
8. Find all five Jinjos
9. In Summer (I think) go to the wooden house and jump to the 1-up and 
then the piece

10. In Summer jump on the big leaves besides the steep incline in the 

Super Honeycombs
1. In Winter go into the small hole in the ice and swim into the 
beaver's house

2. In winter get the flight pad and beak bomb the window directly above 
Nabnut's door. It's in there.

1. Pink: In Spring go to the beehive as a Bee 
2. Green: At the end of Spring, he is in a Bearsnatcher
3. Yellow: In Summer, to the right of the start
4. Blue: In Winter, on top of Mumbo's Hut
5. Orange: In Fall, on a pile of leaves near the giant flower

6) Secrets

After finding the letterboard at Treasure Trove Cove go back to Banjo's 
house, talk to the picture of Bottles. He will give you a puzzle, I suck 
really bad at this mini-game but if you win and put the codes in 
(Bottles tells you them) then you can distort Banjo and Kazooie's body! 
And one of the codes let's you turn into a Washing Machine!

When you are the Alligator go behind BubbleGloop Swamp, to the place 
where you activate Frezeezy Peak. At the top of a hill is a very narrow 
tunnel, there is a piece of ice blocking it though so you'll have to 
stomp it as Banjo. But at the end is a Cheat book, he tells you about 
the cheat: BLUEEGGS Enter that at the letterboard in Treasure Trove Cove 
and you can carry 200 eggs at once...the catch is, if you don't talk to 
the book it doesn't work!

When you are the Pumpkin go to the very thin path where Brentilda is, 
behind here is a small tunnel. At the end is a Cheat Book, it tells you 
about the Cheat: REDFEATHERS Enter that at the letterboard in Treasure 
Trove Cove and you can carry 100 red feathers at once...the catch is, if 
you don't talk to the book it doesn't work!

Before warping to the showdown with Gruntilda there are many note doors 
surrounding the pot. What's behind them? Here's a list!

A giant red feather: Touch this and all of your red feathers will be 

A giant blue egg: Touch this and all of your eggs will be restored

A giant gold feather: Touch this and all of your gold feathers will be 

A giant picture puzzle: Fill this up and your energy will turn red, now 
you have twice as much energy! Very useful, especially against Grunty.

Get 100 Jiggies and beat the game (or if you already have beaten it in 
that file it will show you). Mumbo will show you three pictures of 
secret areas

Treasure Trove Cove
The rock island with the sign that says "Shark Food Island" has rose and 
there is a hole in it, follow it to the top for a pink egg thing

Freezeezy Peak
Go to Wozza's cave and go to where the orange Jinjo is, there is the 
giant ice key

Gobi's Valley
The door where Gobi gives you the super honeycomb has opened, follow it 
to the end for another egg thing

But as everyone knows no one except the people at Rare know how to 
activate these. They say we have to wait until Banjo-Tooie, the sequel 
to Banjo-Kazooie, comes out in late 99'. Bull Shit I say, they are 
messing with our heads. Something will happen may be a week, a 
month...or longer...remember the Alcatraz thing with SFR? Oh boy...

To find the third cheat book do this: When you hit the Witch Switch in 
Rusty Bucket Bay go get the Jiggy that appears, behind it is some 
grating. Peck it and it will blow open, follow the pipe to a switch. Hit 
it and the water will raise, but only for about 30 seconds. Quickly jump 
into the water and go to the Rusty Bucket Bay room, swim to the very top 
ledge. At the end is the 3rd cheato, he will give you the GOLDFEATHERS 
code, enter this in the Treasure Trove sandcastle puzzle to get 20 gold 
feathers as your max. The catch is, you must talk to cheato before 
entering this code or it's won't work.

Type in "CHEAT" in the Treasure Trove Board and you will hear the Bull 
mooing for each letter. 

There are loads of other codes, but you can find them at, 
'Dojo, and IGN64.

7) Items

Jigsaw Pieces (aka Jiggy): These magical Jigsaw pieces open up new 
levels. Each level has 10 of them, but they are usually hard to 
find/spot/win. Think back to Mario 64, remember the star idea? These are 
Note: There are 10 hidden ones in Gruntilda's lair that can only be 
found by stomping on the Witch Switches...except the first one.

Musical Notes: Collect as many as you can, you're gonna need them! The 
only way to open the note doors are to collect the amount that is 
engraved on the door. 

HoneyComb Pieces: These will refill one section of Banjo's health bar, 
they are usually out in the open. You also get one for defeating baddies 
and destroying bee hives.

Eggs: These blue eggs are usually in hard to spot areas. What do they do 
you ask? They let Kazooie fire one more egg (see basics section)! You 
can *only* hold 100 at one time.

Red Feathers: For Kazooie to fly she must first have some feathers. 
These are usually in out of the way places, so search around any 
suspicious areas. You can only have 50 at once. 

Pad: These can be found at high places (like a mountain, for example). 
Jump on one and it will launch the duo way up high, if Kazooie has some 
feathers you will be able to fly! There aren't very many  of these, so 
if you find one it's there for a reason. 

Jinjos: Find all five in a level and you will get a Jigsaw piece, hhmmm, 
think of them as red coins. =) They look like little multicolored 
people..or gummy bears...heh. 

Mumbo Tokens: Collect enough of these and Mumbo will change you into an 
animal! The look like little skulls. 

Beehives: Break open this and you will get three honeycombs. 

Gold Feathers: Grab one and you will be invincible for a short period of 
time. Although you must push a button command, Bottles will fill you in. 
You can only hold 10 at a time. 
Running Shoes: They make you run faster! I bet you couldn't have guessed 
that ;)

Shock Springs: Get over these pads and then push and hold A, you rocket 
way up high. 

Witch Switch: There are one of these in every level, stomp on it and a 
Jigsaw piece will appear in Gruntilda's lair. 

Wading Boots: With these Kazooie can go across piranha infested waters, 
hot sand, and other nasty areas. 

Golden Banjo: A 1-up, you can have up to nine. 

Super HoneyComb: Get six of these and you get one more section of 

8) Enemy List

Topper the Carrot
These guys bounce around, just roll into them.

Bawl The Turnip
Same as the carrot, some of them float though. For those use the peck. 

Quarrie The Rock
They are just for target practice. And you should use the sliding peck.

Colliwobble The Cauliflower
Just ignore these guys, they float so that can't hurt you! 

Gruntling The Ape
These weird looking creatures wander around Gruntilda's lair. A simple 
roll or slide peck will put them down. 

Ticker The Termite
These guys look tough, but they are easy to avoid. Try a roll, do you 
notice I like the roll? Wanna know why? It's easy to do and it gurantees 
a kill! Ahem, moving on...

Don't get too close or they'll charge, again, try a roll. 

Bigbutt The Bull
I almost put this in the boss section, but it's not really a boss. You 
can't kill it, it's just in your way. If it starts to charge get away! 
It WILL hit you. You can't avoid it once it starts to get near you. Two 
charges will make it be disabled for a while though. 

Snippet The Crab
Roll into him to make him flip over, then butt stomp him to defeat him 
for good. If he stays on his back to long he will flip back over. 

Yum-Yum The Clam
This guy is more dangerous than he looks. He hops around trying to eat 
you, if he succeeds not only will you lose a honeycomb but you will lose 
one feather and one egg. If you can collect them before he eats them 
then great! I would try to avoid him, rolling into him is near 
impossible, egg tossing is out of the question, and charging at him 
isn't that hot either. You must hit him while his mouth is open. Whew!

Shrapnel The Mine
These guys guard treasure, and they're good at it. When you get close to 
them they will start to float at you, they explode on contact. Just dive 
underneath the water, they can't go beneath the surface. 

Snacker The Shark
This guy is a pain the ass, believe me. He's on the offshore waters, 
guarding all the stuff you have to get to. There are many boxes that are 
floating that you can use...but staying out of the water is even a 
better way of avoiding him. But for some Jiggy pieces you must go down 
in the water. You can defeat him with a gold feather or some farted 
eggs, but he will return in a few minutes.

Don't fall into the murky green water or these guys will nip at your 

Gold Fish
He guards the giant Gruntilda statue and a few other places. 

Black Crab
This guy is just like a normal crab, except that he can only be flipped 
over by stomping on him and he moves a lot faster. 

Grille Chompa (aka Green Worm things!)
I love these guys, they pop out of their pipes and snap at you. They can 
be killed, just do a peck. 

They are easy to avoid except some of the ones in the throat.

Flibbit The Frog
They can be difficult to hit because they hop up and down, try a peck or 

BigBomb the Dragonfly
I usually try to avoid these guys, but if you must get one try a peck.

After a few levels these start to guard bee hives, these are very 
difficult to avoid but if you need the honeycombs then...

Blue Gruntling
These are blue Gruntlings, they can take twice as much damage as a 
regular Gruntling.

Sir Slush The SnowMan
Unlike their cute cousins in Mario 64, these guys actually pose a 
threat! If you hear one start to chuckle then start running because that 
means they are starting to aim their snowballs. The only way to defeat 
them is to Beak Bomb the red X on their hats.  

Chinky The Ice Block
Peck them and they split into two smaller (and faster) ones, kill them 
for two honeycombs. They are very fast.

Slappa The Mummy Hand
They roam the deserts, when they are down on the ground pound them. 

Scabby the Beetle
They will track you down from a distance and mow you down, try a peck.

Mum-Mum the Mummy
They will track you down from a distance and mow you down...well they 
will! You can attack them to make them fall down, but after a few 
seconds they will get back up. Try a gold feather, that will get them.

They can get you from a distance, these can get very annoying. Try a 

A few eggs will put them down, easy to avoid.

The infamous green ghosts are a pain in the ass, unless you have a few 
gold feathers. 

Limbo the Skeleton
Knock them down if you will, but they will get back together soon. 

Portrait Chompa
Like the big green worms, just dumber looking.

On the ship these little darlings will snap at you, they are more 
dangerous than they look.

These life savers will come bouncing at you, a peck will send it flying 
into the air as the farting noise shows that air is escaping...

Seaman Grublin
These can take a few hits, once they spot you they will scream "Hi!" in 
a high pitched voice, then they will charge at an alarming speed. 

Grublin Hood
Stop laughing when you see them because they can charge pretty fast!

They hold items in their mouths but when you get close they snap at it, 
you can only get them with gold feathers or as a Bee. In Winter they're 

Black Gruntlings
Three times as powerful as the normal Gruntling

9) Boss List

This huge ape inhabits level 1, Mumbo Mountain. He loves his oranges, 
almost as much as his beloved treasure. When he sees an intruder he will 
throw his oranges at them. What I'm really surprised about is that the 
tree he is standing on doesn't collapse!

He claims to own the 2nd level, this giant hermit crab is a little 
tough. With practice this will be easy, simply wait for him to stop 
snapping at you and then run up to his face, jump, and peck at him! When 
you bounce off of him run back because he could hit you with his claws. 

Green Crabs
These mutated crabs can be hard at first, but with practice they are 
easy. Just jump over them and stomp. If they start to snap just backflip 
and then stomp.

Yellow Frogs
Just like the green crabs, mutated. Do a backflip and stomp or run at 
them and peck. They take two hits each so it might be awhile before you 
defeat them all.

Boom Box
This guy is tough! He keeps splitting in half until it seems like he 
can't get any smaller...then he does! Try the charge, gold feathers, or 
a ton of eggs. 

Zubba The Bee

They come at you from all directions, don't be confused by the mass of 
moving creatures. Just focus on one at a time. Try a peck.


The last and HARDEST boss in the game. She has five sections. After each 
section she will drop a honeycomb, you'll need them all!

1st section
She will swoop back and fourth on her broom, just run to the side as 
fast as you can. After a few swoops her broom will stall and she will be 
just sitting there, go up to her and peck her. When that happens she 
will shoot a red hot fireball at you, avoid. After being hit four times 
she will fire an unavoidable blue ball at you, use a gold feather. 

TIME SAVER: Instead of pecking at her, shoot three eggs at her. If they 
all hit it will count as three pecks, just a time saver.

2nd Section
Grunty will go and hover over a spot where you can NOT reach her. Then 
she'll shoot four fireballs, pause, and then start again. When she's 
pausing get up on the ledge and fire three eggs at her, if they all hit 
she will go over to another part of the arena. When you're on the ledge 
make sure you're closer to the inside, if you get hit and you're close 
to the ledge you will fall off! Not a very good idea. Repeat. She'll 
then fire the unavoidable blue ball, again, use a gold feather. 

3rd Section
After the 2nd section she will take to the sky. A launching pad will 
drop down in the middle, use it to get up there! When she's in view use 
the beak Bomb. When she's hit she will stop and fire three fireballs at 
you, avoid the best you can and try to hit her again, she's a sitting 
duck in this position! After four hits she will use a blue shield to 
protect herself, go back and land on the floor.

4th Section
Your friends, the Jinjos, are coming to help! Go to each corner and 
activate them by shooting or farting eggs into the hole on the front. 
They will turn into a Jinjo and shoot into Gruntilda like a heat seeking 
missile. After all four are used up her broomstick will blow up and she 
will be on the ledge of the arena. 

5th Section
This is the hardest part in the entire game! Gruntilda is firing a 
stream of fireballs at you, then a homing blue ball. Shoot eggs in all 
four holes to activate "The Jinjonator." She will pause for about 1.1 
seconds just look at the bright side! Just fool the 
fireballs, shoot the eggs, and watch the ending!

The Red Fireballs
When Grunty shoots a red fireball it will track your position down. For 
example, if you're running to the right the game will predict where you 
will be when the fireball lands and make it so the ball hits you! This 
is a very sticky situation because this is her main attack, but there is 
a way to fool it. Before she fires one move the control stick a little 
to the left or right and stay there. The ball will go to the direction 
of the stick! Another thing to do is to run and then when she fires it, 
just stop! Just wanted to tell you this.

10) Character List

This is the star of the game, he is a Honey Bear. Although he has 
changed from his redneck ways in DKR, now he's more like Goofy. 

This is one of Banjo's closest friends, although if you ask me I think 
Banjo is a little bit closer to this nice looking bird (if ya know what 
I mean...) than Rare would like to comment on! She sits in Banjo's 
backpack through out the game, occasionally peeking her head out to get 
a looksie. 

Mumbo Jumbo
Another friend of the duo, he will gladly change them into an animal of 
some sort, but he's not THAT nice. Oh no, he wants something in 
return...(see "be an expert")

Come on! This is the most hilarious name I have ever heard! My friends 
and I joked about this one for hours! Tooty Fruity! I have to Tooty! 
HAHA! But seriously, this is Banjo's sister...does anyone remember when 
she used to be his Girlfriend? Uh...hhmmmm....

Tiptup the Turtle
He makes a cameo appearance in BK, just to make Tiptup lovers around the 
globe buy this game just to look at him! I beat DKR with him, I beat the 
secret level with him, gosh darn it, I even got T.T. with him..TIPTUP 
RUKES!!! (not a typo) Sorry for the insanity!

Bottles The Mole
He teaches you the ups and downs of BK, in other word he's that freak 
who tells you all the stuff that *I* already told you! Although to get 
any moves you must talk to him.

Brentilda: Sister of Gruntilda, she is a nice witch. She helps you along 
your quest by telling you stuff about Gruntilda.

Gruntilda: The villain of the game...well she is! 

Clanker: This giant fish/whale/trash compactor lives in his very own 
water filled cavern, and he isn't very happy. 

Blubber The Hippo
This cry baby pirate has lost his treasure beneath his ship and he can't 
swim! With your help he will have his booty and you'll have a Jiggy!

Vile The Crocodile (I know...sp)
He has mastered his mini-game, he is the greediest croc around. 

Wozza The Walrus
Poor Wozza, afraid of the big Bear. 

First he swallows a Jiggy, then he challenges you to a race. He is also 
father of!

Gobi The Camel
He's annoyed by the strong heat, this coming from a camel? 

Trunker The Tree
He's thirsty and...

Rubee The Snake Charmer
He has a pretty snake......that was pretty sick! Shut up you pervs!

Napper The Ghost
He guards Grunty's Jigsaw piece...he's sleeping on the job, like any 

He wants some nuts!

Eyrie The Eagle
The mighty eagle! Feed him caterpillars and see what happens.

Gwanty The Beaver
His house is blocked by a giant boulder, sad isn't it?

Nabnut The Squirrel
He likes to eat nuts, will you get him some nuts? He says he will eat 
any nuts that you give him! All he needs is six nuts! 

He will transport you to Gruntilda

That was so corny...or should I say nutty? hahaahah...I'll stop now

11) What did she say?

Here I'll list everything that Gruntilda says in the final 
fight...what's the point you ask? Nothing really, just for fun, and 
maybe a few laughs for some PSX ppl (hehe) who don't own it. 

"Back once more more, you'll never learn, that suits me fine, you'll 
butts I'll burn!"

"Did you hear that lovely clack? My broomstick gave you such a whack."

"Ouch! My gut you nearly hit, if you're shot was down a bit!"

"Spell of Banjo homing, get him now to stop his roaming!"

"It's too easy, so I fear, so watch me step things up a gear!"

"So I got your there once more, I knew your skill was very poor."

"Watch my broomstick fly, I'll kick your butts. So don't even try!"

"Ouch, now that one will really stung. So take this nasty spell I've 

"Another hit, that's how it goes. Watch me fly and pick my nose!"

"Fireballs fizz and fireballs fly, blast that bear out of my sky!"  

"Look at me I'm quite a mess, here's a shield to hide my dress!"

"So your furry friends come here to share your bitter end!"

"Your Jinjos really are a joke, now watch your lives go up in smoke!"

"How that Jinjo stung and burned, he got me when my back was turned!"

"Uselss broomsticks I can't stand, it's left me stranded back on land!"

"I think you really ought to run, before I defeat him and spoil your 

"The bear is dumb, the bird's a 'twit, 'cuz I just got another hit!"

"Now you've got me in a fluster, faster spells I'll have to muster!"

"Ah, I see it makes you really sad, to know your skill is really bad."

"That last hit did clip my ear, but you can't get me over here!"

"Hear that fireball fizz and bang, you're hairy butt took quite a 

"I can't dodge with all of this weight, those eggs I sure do hate!"

"So you're back, you must be thick, you'll lose again, I'll  make it 

"Hopeless bear runs to and fro, but takes a whack for being to slow!"

"See this spell, I'm sure you'll find, it's target will be your behind!"

"Ouf, I took another whack, but watch me give you double back!"

"Now I'm off into the air, leaving Banjo way down there."

"YOW! That beak sure gave me a jolt, so you can have this here 
lightening bolt!"

"I hold on hard and grit my teeth, to stop it dangling underneathe!"

"Old Bottle brain has taught you well but bears can't fly and I can 

"I may be old and rather wide, but underneathe this shield I'll hide!"

"Uselss Jinjos sneer and hoot, go back right now or taste my boot!"

"Hey, that Jinjo really hurt, now I'll rub you in the dirt!"

"You're silly friends upon their blocks, they're going to take a couple 
of knocks!"

"That last shot I failed to stop, so down onto the ground I drop!"

"Hear the fizzle and hear the bang, you're gonna lose a life again!"

"You just tasted my red hot fireball, you're gonna be wasted!"

"It's now time to end your fun, here's a spell you can't outrun!"

"This spot is proving rough, I'll have to move to make it more tough!"

"That didn't hurt, I feel no pain, Grunty's back to fight again!"

"A big old gal I may be, but when I fly you can't get me!"

"Another hit, I'm getting weak, boy I really have to take a leak!"

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