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Cheats » Nintendo GameCube Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter G » Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde - Strategy Guide (Page 02)

                Unique controls:
                    X: Shock enemies in front of you with electricity
                    S: Start a whirlwind attack

--------------------------------D. Plaguespitter-------------------------------
Created by Fraziel to use herbs to fuel his Great Machine, this clan uses
poison to slowly kill their enemy even after their defeat. The Plaguespitter
clan is strongest against Stormbringer and weakest against Hellfire.

       Clan-Chief: Syst
       Moon: Green moon Phoust


            1.	Cropper: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 4 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Slashing
                Bonuses: -Armor vs. Blunt
                         -Chance to slow target

                My Opinion: The cropper, like all basic melees, is fairly weak.
                If you can, use Nighthorde or Stonekrusher units to melee.

            2.	Savage: Basic, short-ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 5 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Chance to kill the target instantly

                My Opinion: The savage is weak as well, but a good balance of
                plaguespitter units (besides the cropper) seems to work best.
                Bring one or two of these guys along.

            3.	Bile Spitter: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 60 souls
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Corrosion
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Area damage (splash)

                My Opinion: These guys look really cool (large snail-like
                things with a goblin on their backs)! As said above, I like to
                use a good balance of Plaguespitters, so about 3 or 4 of these
                is always appropriate for your army.

            4.	Shaman: Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: 120 souls
                Cost to recruit: ?

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Acid
                         -Area damage (splash)
                         -Chance to knock the target back

                My Opinion: The shaman is a very powerful unit, especially when
                upgraded. Fill up what space is not used by Bile spitters or
                Savages with these guys. 4-6 seems about right.

            5.	Spore fiend: Support Unit

                Cost to unlock: 150 souls
                Cost to recruit: ?

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Corrosion
                Bonuses: -Poison
                         -Weakens enemy armor

                My Opinion: ALWAYS take one with you. He makes your enemies
                easy to kill, and he gets better and better with upgrades.


            1.	Acid:
                -First level: 15 souls, 35 gold
                -Second level: 15 souls, 70 gold
                -Third level: 15 souls, 105 gold

            2.	Speed:
                -First level: 10 gold
                -Second level: 40 gold
                -Third level: 140 gold

            3.	Plague (Spore fiend):
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 80 gold
                -Third level: 140 gold

       Plaguespitter turret: Hive

            Cost: 30 souls, 25 gold
            Description: The Plaguespitter hives contain poisonous flies that
                         attack enemies.

       Plaguespitter titan: Green Slime

            Cost: 70 souls, 35 gold
            Description: Strange globs of acid that have allied themselves with
                         the Plaguespitter goblins that destroy units and
                         buildings simply by touching them.
            Unique controls:
                 Dissolve units/structures by moving into them. The more you
                 dissolve, the larger you grow. Once you have grown, press
                 S to explode and damage things around you.

----------------------------------E. Nighthorde--------------------------------
It is unknown why Fraziel created the Nighthorde clan, and today they use
whatever they scrounge to benefit themselves alone. Nighthorde is strongest
against Hellfire and weakest against Stonekrusher.

         Clan-Chief: Naxus
         Moon: Purple moon Farthis


            1.	Scrounger: Basic melee unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Good
                Toughness: Good
                Attack: Soul
                Bonus: Chance to loot the corpse of a dead enemy

                My Opinion: Worthless. Dont even use it, unless Nighthorde is
                all you have and you need something cheap to keep enemies off
                of your ranged guys.

            2.	Reaper: Basic Ranged unit

                Cost to unlock: N/A
                Cost to recruit: 7 souls

                Combat: Average
                Toughness: Average
                Attack: Piercing
                Bonuses: -Triple Shot
                         -Chance to knock the target back

                My Opinion: Definetly not as good as Hellfire or Plaguespitter
                ranged units, but if you dont have those, bring a couple of
                these along.

            3.	Cannibal: Melee Unit

                Cost to unlock: 30 gold
                Cost to recruit: 10 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Slashing
                Bonuses: -Chance to regain health
                         -Chance to kill the target instantly

                My Opinion: I like a good mix of Cannibals and Grave Robbers.
                Both units are good tanks, so use Cannibals for their instant-
                kill, and the Grave Robbers to knock down buildings. Bring 3-5
                of these along with your army.

            4.	Grave robber: Melee unit

                Cost to unlock: 50 gold
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Excellent
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Blunt
                Bonus: Extra damage vs. Structures

                My Opinion: Again, mix them up with Cannibals. Fill up the rest
                of your army with them, but save room for the Witch Doctor if
                you can afford him.

            5.	Witch Doctor: Support unit

                Cost to unlock: 120 souls
                Cost to recruit: 12 souls

                Combat: Poor
                Toughness: Excellent
                Attack: Soul
                Bonus: Chance to steal souls

                My Opinion: He doesnt provide much in the way of combat damage,
                but the extra souls are always nice. Always take one along,
                unless you have a lot of soul fountains and more souls than you


            1.	Damage:
                -First level: 60 gold
                -Second level: 90 gold
                -Third level: 130 gold

            2.	Armor:
                -First level: 40 gold
                -Second level: 90 gold
                -Third level: 120 gold

            3.	Soul steal (Witch doctor):
                -First level: 20 souls, 30 gold
                -Second level: 20 souls, 60 gold
                -Third level: 20 souls, 90 gold

        Nighthorde Turret: Soul Vortex

             Cost: 40 souls, 20 gold
             Description: This portal to the netherworld sucks the soul out of
                          enemy units.

        Nighthorde Titan: Battle Ball

             Cost: ?
             Description: Metal ball with sharp spikes that can explode and
                          jump through the air.
             Unique controls:
                 X: Jump
                 S: Detonate
                 To attack an enemy unit or structure, ram into it.
                             VI.	Structures

Throughout the many lands in Goblin Commander, there are several buildings with
several functions:

1.	Clanshrine

Each clan has its own clanshrine. You have one in your base for each
clan under your command. Inside of these buildings, you may unlock
and/or recruit goblins of the clanshrine's clan, and you may purchase
upgrades for those goblins. Clanshrines can be destroyed.

2.	Hall of the Titans

You have only one Hall of the Titans in your base. In it, you may
purchase a clan's Titan or Turret, as long as that clan is under your
control. The Hall of the Titans can be destroyed.

3.      Turret (Defensive Structure)

The turret is a defensive structure that can be bought in the Hall of Titans. 
To build one, select it in the Hall of Titans, choose a strategic spot on the 
ground, and press X. It will then be automatically built in that spot. When 
enemy units come within range of the turret, it will fire upon them until 
either they are dead or they destroy the tower. For a description of the 
turrets, look in section "v. The Clans." Under each clan is a description of
their turret.

4.	Observatory

Once you have captured it, you may buy Moonstones from the
Observatory. Moonstones enhance the fighting capabilities of their
corresponding clan for a short duration. You may buy as many
moonstones as you want, provided you have the gold and the enemy does
not recapture the Observatory. Also, you may only have two items at
once. Observatories cannot be destroyed.

5.	Alchemist's Shop

Once captured, the Alchemist's shop provides you with inexpensive
runestones. Each runestone has a different effect. You may buy as
many as you want, provided you have enough gold and the enemy does
not recapture the Alchemist's shop. Also, you may only have two items
at once. Alchemist's Shops cannot be destroyed.

6.	Soul fountain

Once captured, the soul fountain provides you with a flow of souls.
At first the flow of souls is relatively fast, but later it slows
down. The more soul fountains under your control, the more souls you
steadily get. Soul fountains can be recaptured, but not destroyed.

7.	Scout Tower

Once captured, scout towers provide a wide range of sight in their
area. They can be recaptured, but not destroyed.

8.      Moon Gate and Master Moon Gate

In some maps there are several structures called moongates, which are all tied
to their master moongate. Once captured, the master moongate allows you to
teleport to all moongates with its color and symbol on the map. They can be 
recaptured, but not destroyed.

                        VII.      Strategies

Phred-Burt offers his help for a stormbringer level:

 "I have a strategy for the level where you have to find the 4 soul fountains 
  and secure them to choke the stormbringer:

  After seeing the cutscene of your gunners sniping the patrol, make sure you 
  rebuild your clanhalls. Send your 20 goblin party of 10 melee stonekrushers, 
  and 6 hellfire gunners and 4 hellfire bombaders to the west teleporter from 
  your base. You should secure the observatory and soul spring in the area. 
  work your way north until you get to the soul spring there by the warp and 
  secure it.

  Go to the northeast corner and secure the soul spring there. Go down and 
  there should be the last soul spring at the bottom right part of the map. If 
  any of your springs have be captured by now, leave your hellfires at the 4th 
  spring and warp to the first teleporter in the begining of the strategy and 
  work your way north securing the springs that have been captured.

  Finally, if the northeast spring was captured, send your Melee gobs to 
  gaurd the green enemy portal in between the northern spring and the north 
  east spring and your hellfires to take back the final springs (having your 
  melee gobs gaurd the green portal ensures no more enemies will slip by and 
  recapture another spring while you work. I had to go back and forth about 3 
  times before i did this)."

              VIII.	Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: How do I capture a structure?
A: Easy. Kill all enemies around it, then stand a unit close to it for a while.
A green ping will appear on the mini-map signifying its capture.

Q: What is the maximum number of units I can have?
A: You may have 10 regular goblin units (including support units) from each
clan at a time, and you may only control 3 clans at a time. You may also have
one titan and three turrets at a time. So, that's 34 units total, unless you 
count turrets as units (I don't), in which case the max would be 37.

Q: I need hints/cheats/tips on Act(insert roman numeral here) Level (insert 
   number here)!!!
A: As I haven't memorized the exact level number for each mission, if the above
   is all you send me in an e-mail, I won't have a clue which mission you need
   help on. So, to help remind me, please send me the following:

   -The mission objectives for the mission
   -Which clans you control during the mision

   -Why you are having trouble with the mission
   -Any other info about the level that will help remind me which one it is and
    how I beat it.

   UPDATE: I STILL seem to be getting e-mails simply stating the Act and Level 
           numbers. I have always responded by asking the sender to send me the
           above info. However, I am getting sick of it. From now on, if I 
           reply at all to e-mails like this, it will simply say "refer to the 
           FAQ" or something similar. It's getting annoying, folks.

There will be more frequently asked questions as soon as more questions are
asked -- frequently! =) See "Help Needed" for how to contact me.

                         IX.    Cheats

If you are having trouble beating the game (although in my opinion it is quite
easy anyway), simply use the following cheats. I have never used them, so it is
just a guess when I say they probably don't work in the multiplayer skirmish.

Please note that these are the cheats for the PlayStaion 2 version of the game.

Please also note that in order to use the cheats you must first hold 
L1+R1+Triangle+Down for 3 seconds in order to enable the cheats:

L1, R1, R1, R1, R1, L1, Triangle, L1, L1, L1               +100 Gold 

R1, L1, L1, L1, L1, R1, Triangle, R1, R1, R1               +100 Souls 

R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, L1, L1   +1000 Gold and Souls 

R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, L1, Triangle, Triangle, L1, R1         Disable Fog of War 

R1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle, R1               God Mode 

Triangle,Triangle,Triangle, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L1, R1, 
R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, 
L1, R1, R1, Triangle,Triangle,Triangle                     Level Select 

L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, 
Triangle, R1                                               Slow Down 

R1, R1, R1, R1, R1, L1, Triangle, R1, R1, R1               Speed Up 

R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle   Instant Victory 

                          X. 	Help Needed

I can't do it all by myself! These are the things I need, and anyone who sends
in helpful information will get their name posted in the Credits section:

    1.	I need more tips for the "Managing your troops" section

    2.	I need player strategies for indidual or multiple levels.

    3.	I need more questions for the Frequently Asked Questions section. I
        would prefer it if you guys made sure the question isn't answered
        somewhere else in the FAQ, but if enough silly folks ask the same
        silly question, I'll post under Frequently Asked Questions.

    4.	Any other information you think this FAQ could use. If it's about
        Goblin Commander, and will help people beat or understand the game,
        it will most likely end up in the FAQ

If you have something that could help this FAQ grow more complete, send it to MAKE SURE that the subject has "Goblin Commander" or
something VERY similar to that in it, so I can easily sort through all the junk
I get. Please include your alias (what you want to be listed in the credits as)
somewhere in the e-mail.

Please note that unless I have been struck with lazy, most submissions will be
"cleaned up," meaning that spelling and some grammar will be corrected. The 
meaning of a sentence will not be changed, the sentence will just be changed to
make it look neat. I want to keep the FAQ looking great! =) 

I thank you all in advance for your help!!

                         XI.	Legal Crap

Sigh. this part is so boring. Anyway, here it goes:

This document is copyright 2003-2004 by Patrick Fortune. This document may not 
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may 
not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

In short: Don't use my FAQ unless you just want to use it to beat the game, or 
unless you've gotten my permission first.

The following websites have my permission to post my FAQ: (Will ALWAYS have the MOST UPDATED version of my FAQ; other 
websites probably will not update it.)

NOTE: While transferring data from my old computer to my new one, I lost a list
of sites I was planning to list here in the next update. So, if you see my FAQ
on a site not on this list, send me an e-mail with the URL and I'll check to 
see if I gave them permission or not. Thanks!

                              XII.	Credits

The following folks have helped get this FAQ to where it is now, and I would
like to thank them =) :

GameFaqs, for hosting my site.                 

Jaleco Entertainment, for making such a cool game

Me, PJ688, for making this guide =)

Starky27, for submitting the cheats to GameFaqs so I could steal them =P

Perfect-Light, for the awesome ASCII title. You rock!

Info Contributors:
   MadMonk:        - Gave a list of the functions of the runes
                   - Reminded me to include moon gates in the "structures" 
                     section. Silly me! =)

   Phred-Burt:     -Submitted a strategy for a stormbringer level

   Justin Rasnic:  -Submitted 2 general tips for the "Managing your Troops" 

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