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Cheats » Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter M » Megaman Battle Network - Strategy Guide (Page 04)

Scenario 4

4-1:  Water panic
        Talk to Mom.
        Go to school.

4-2:  Official Netbattler Chaud
        Go to SciLab and meet Chaud.
        Get the licence card from Dad's lab coat.
        Get into the Water Works facility and talk to Chaud again.
		Talk to Dr. Froid.

4-3:  Lunch time!
        Wait in Dad's lab for lunch time.
        Jack into the Water Works facility network with the water cooler next to the
        blue elevator.

4-4:  ProtoMan
        Meet ProtoMan and continue your way.
        Turn on and off pipes to access deeper areas.

4-5:  Cold Bears
        At the fourth section, you'll fight the Cold Bears and unfreeze the network.

4-6:  Poison water
        Go back to school and see a poisoned man.
        Get the the Metroline and read your mail.
        Check the car next to the school to free the boy and get the Handle program.

4-7: Figure skating
        Jack into the Water Works facility network again and use the Handle on
        the faucet that didn't have one to access the fifth section.
        Don't forget to get the Power Up hidden below the large iced area.

4-8: IceMan
        Fight IceMan.
        IceMan moves a lot, and you should do the same when he shoots his bombs.

Scenario 5

5-1:  Mayl's mail
        Meet Roll by jacking into your computer and send back an E-mail by logging
        into Mayl's computer via the Internet.

5-2:  Den Town
        Get to Den Town with the Metroline and visit the city's summer class in
        Den Block 4.
        Get to Den Block 2 and enter Miyu's shop.
        Fight SkullMan to get Miyu's link for Internet-4.
        Go to ACDC Town to meet Mayl and get Roll2.
        Go back to Den Town.

5-3:  Den Block 1
        Get to Den Block 1 and see the trafic lights go crazy.
        Jack into Den Town's network with the light post.
        Travel trough the puzzled network until you solve the problem.

5-4:  Madd
        Jack out and meet Madd in Central Den.
        Get to Den Block 4 and jack in again.
        Get a message from Mayl and jack into Den Block 2.
        Repeat the process with Den Block 3.
        Get to Central Den and jack in again.
        Finally, jack into the bus to stop ColorMan.

5-5:  ColorMan
        Fight ColorMan.
        ColorMan does not attack much, but has two penguins to complicate matters.

Scenario 6

6-1:  Let's party!
        Get a mail from Dad.
        Talk to Mom about the party.
        Go back to SciLab and meet Chaud.
        WALK into the lobby in front of the TV, do not run if you want to access the
        next part.

6-2:  Restaurant
        Meet Dad and Mom and get to the restaurant.
        Talk to everyone and Count Zap will shut off the lights.
        Get out the restaurant and get into the Dust bin.
        Visit the power plant, talk to everybody twice to access the console in the
        last room.

6-3:  Jack-in!
        Jack into the power plant's network.
        If you deplete all MegaMan's energy, you'll have to use a small generator.
        Half of the way is invisible, try to find your way in the dark.
        Meet a little guy that will give you batteries.
        Try to place the batteries in the good sockets and turn on the switch to
        make appear a way.
        If you batteries are dead, talk to the little guy again to recharge them.
        If you need help for the batteries, go to the FAQ section.

6-4:  Shut the power
        Meet ElecMan and try to fight him.
        Go to the next room and shut down the power.
        Fight ElecMan.
        ElecMan moves a lot, but try to stay in the middle.

6-5:  ProtoMan attack!
        After you beat ElecMan, ProtoMan will challenge you.
        ProtoMan is a pushover: Wait for five moves and use a powerful attack when he
        is right in your face, repeat.

Scenario 7

7-1:  Search for clues
        Talk the scientific next to the red elevator at SciLab.
        Meet Chaud in Central Den.
        Back to Higsby's, get behind the counter and talk to Higsby.
        He will give you Hig Memo, for Internet-5

7-2:  Internet accesses
        Fight at the Internet-5 access.

7-3:  Get the Link Memos
        Get Higsby's E-mail and talk to three people:
        A scientific in the lobby of SciLab. (Lab memo, Internet-6)
        The teacher of the Den Town's summer class. (Yuri memo, Internet-7)
        An old man in ACDC Town. (Pa's memo, Internet-8)

7-4:  Deeper in the 'net
        Use the three Link Memos to access Internet areas 6, 7 and 8.
        Fight BombMan.
        BombMan moves and hides himself behind bombs, use long range chips.

7-5:  No access?
        Jack out and talk to Dad at SciLab.
        Sleep at home.

Scenario 8

8-1:  WWW's attack
        Wake up and look at the WWW leader on TV.
        Go to Higsby's and get the Metroline pass on the counter.
        Talk to the Metroline employees.
        Search behind the statue in front of the school entrance.
        Try to enter the Metroline and trigger the alarm.

8-2:  Hack the card
        Go see Dad to make him modify your pass.
        Get to WWW's lair and free the people tied up.

8-3:  Floor locks
        Jack into the first locked door:
        Revisit FireMan's lair until you reach the lock.
        Get Roll3 from Yai.
        Jack into the second locked door:
        Revisit NumberMan's lair until you reach the lock.
        Jack into the third locked door:
        Revisit IceMan's lair until you reach the lock.
        Jack into the fourth locked door:
        Revisit ColorMan's lair until you reach the lock.

8-4: WWW leader's picture
        Enter the room and jack into the picture:
        Revisit ElecMan's lair until you reach a little guy.
        WARNING! Point of no return! Save your game before going beyond the
        little guy because you will not be able to save after MagicMan!
		BUT, the money, items or Chips you collect will be saved when you finish
        the game.

8-5: MagicMan
        Fight MagicMan.
        MagicMan does not move, but summons other enemies to complicate matters.

8-6: Hacking Rocket
        Get the hub.bat program from Chaud.
        Enter the passage behind the picture and talk to the bad guy.
        Fight Life Virus.
        Life Virus does not move, but has a 100-points shield and summons allies.
        Don't stay close to him when he's done charging.


For those who don't know Japanese, here's what the menu is used for:

Folder:  Choose your deck of Battle Chips between your deck (left)
         and your sack (right).
Library: See which of the 175 chips you got and which you didn't.
MegaMan: See your stats, install Power Ups, change armor.
Email:   Read your mail, use often.
Items:   Show the items you have, almost useless.
Network: Exchange Battle Chips or battle using a game link.
Save:    Save your game.
Return:  Close the window.

Cleaning Chip Folder
Organizing your Battle Chips in your Chip Folder can be tedious if you forget this.
While in your Chip Folder (Right or Left side), press Start and you will be able to
sort them in six ways:

1- By ID. (Order in your Chip Library)
2- By Alphabatical Order. (In Japanese version, Katakana order)
3- By Code. (The letter in the lower-right corner of the chip)
4- By Attack.
5- By Element. (None, Elec, Fire, Water, Wood)
6- By Quantity. (Number of chips you have for the same chip)

And if you choose the same type again, the order will be reversed.

Important Items

HP Memory:    Adds 20 permanent points to your HP. (Rise your level by 1)
Power Up:     Upgrades your buster gun up to five points for each stats. (Level + 4)
              (Don't forget to equip once you have them and they are permanent)
              Attack: Adds a point of damage for each shot.
              Rapid:  Speeds up your shooting.
              Charge: Speeds up your charging. (You need at least two to charge)
Armor:        Armor you can equip to protect you from attacks. (Level + 8)
              Aqua Armor: Protects from fire attacks.
              Fire Armor: Protects from wood attacks.
              Wood Armor: Protects from electric attacks.
Mystery Data: Those crystals are found in the cyberspace and contain zennies or
              Battle Chips. Some of them are random and return every time you jack-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm stucked! What do I have to do next?
A: This is a RPG: Talk to everyone, check every area again, check your e-mail often.

Q: I cannot find the password to unlock the door in NumberMan's lair.
A: This is tricky if you have the Japanese version: the password changes
   every five times.
   On the middle of the first line you can see a Japanese character that can be
   either "small" or "big".
   "Small" is a vertical line with one small line on each side: the password is too
   "Big" is a horizontal line and a vertical one crossing it and separating in two
   in the middle: the password is too big.

Q: I cannot open the last door to NumberMan in the school's network
A: If you're playing on emulator, I have heard you cannot go any further, sorry...
   Play the real game!

Q: I have trouble with the batteries in Elec Man's lair.
A: S = Switch
   ABCDE = Batteries
   X = Nothing

   1st set:
   S  X

   2nd set:
      A  X
   S  X  X
      X  B

   3rd set:
      X  X  X
      X  D  X
   S  C  X  E

   4th set:
      A  X  B
   S  X  X  X
      X  X  X
   (Keep one battery)

   5th set:
      A  X  X
      X  B  X
      X  X  C
   (1-Place battery C and go back to take batteries A&B)
   (2-Place batteries A&B and take back battery C)

   6th set:
   S  X  X  A  X
      X  X  X  X
      C  X  B  X
   (1-Place battery C and go back to take batteries A&B)
   (2-Place batteries A&B and take back battery C)

   7th set:
   There's only one socket.

   8th set:
   S  X  X  X  A
      B  X  X  X
      X  X  X  C

Q: Where is  Version 2 or Version 3?
A: The Version 2 bosses (FireMan, StoneMan, ElecMan, BombMan, ColorMan, MagicMan,
   PharoMan, ShadoMan) are always hidden in dead-ends on the Internet.
   As for the Version3, they are random on the Internet, but Version2 need to be found first.

Q: PharoMan and ShadoMan are nowhere to be found, what gives?
A: You need to be at level 70 or more to see PharoMan and you need to have at
   least 140 different Battle Chips in your Library for ShadoMan

Q: Where is Bass?
A: You need to:
   Have a star next to "continue" (i.e. beaten the game at least once)
   Have 174 Battle Chips in your Library
   Be over level 70
   Find Bass ramdomly in Internet-16

Q: Can I get Bass? (Battle Chip #176)
A: As far as I know, you can only get Bass at special events from Capcom or Nintendo.
   (As with "Mew" in "Pokémon")

Q: I cannot enter Internet areas 11 to 16.
A: Those areas need a special condition to be entered.
   For Internet-14, you need to collect at least 10 chips from Internet-13.
   Some areas can be accessed if you had a good Busting Level or didn't escape in
   the previous area, if you fail, you need to return to the beginning of the area.
   Check the Internet section for more details.

Q: I cannot get the Battle Chip I want in battle, what can I do?
A: Some Battle Chips need a Busting Level of 10 or S. (see section 11)
   But even if you don't move, get no damage and delete your enemy in a second,
   you will get a maximum level of 9 . The trick is to defeat your enemy at the same
   time as another one in the same battle. This will rise your Busting Level.

Q: I have trouble defeating enemies, can you give me tips?
A: Sure!
   1- Charge your Buster, fire, then use an offensive Battle Chip right after for
   maximum damage. The Buster-Sword or Buster-Cannon combos are very effective.
   2- Also, there's a trick for evading the "wave-type" attacks:
   For example, when a Gaia does its explosion wave attack, try to walk THROUGH
   the wave and if you time it correctly, you will not take damage!
   3- Try to keep a balanced deck of Battle Chips by having long-range attacks,
   multiple enemies attacks, direct attacks, shields and effects chips.

Q: What are the Mystery Data that says it cannot be decoded?
A: Those are Battle Chips you already have. Don't bother trying to get them.

Q: How can I got money fast?
A: Although I do not recommend it because of damage you could inflict to your
   cartridge, save just before you take a Mystery Data and if you don't have a good
   amount of money, then reset. (Start,Select,B,A)

Q: How can I fight a specific enemy in random places?
A: Same thing as in the previous question: save, run around and if you don't like
   the enemy, then reset. (Start, Select,B,A) It's very good for fighting random
   bosses on Internet. The same Battle Chips often return that way, so exchange them
   with powerful one!

Q: How can I get the Battle Chip I want in the Chip Trader Machines?
A: Ditto. Look previous question.


This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mega Boy.
Please do not put on the web without contacting me first
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Rockman EXE, MegaMan Battle Network, Rockman, MegaMan and all related
characters and names are trademarks of Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
This guide was not tested on animals and is printed on recycled paper.

Special thanks to: Korokoro Comic, for publishing the
"Battle Network Rockman EXE Perfect Navigation Guide" from which
I have taken most of the information. (ISBN 4-09-102869-1)
Special thanks to: Pixelboy, for correcting my poor English.

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