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Cheats » Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter N » Neopets: The Darkest Faerie - Strategy Guide (Page 01)


                        Neopets: The Darkest Faerie for PS2
                            Release Date: November 2005
                     Version 3.0 (Last Updated March 30, 2006)
                          Copyright (c) 2006 Cisee Prince
                             --Table of Contents--
1. Contact Information
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. The Story 
5. Controls
6. Characters
   *Important Characters
   *Somewhat Important Characters
   *Altadorian Characters
7. Walkthrough
   *Act 1: Tormund's Story
   *Act 2: Roberta's Story 
   *Act 3: Heroes United
8. Side Quests
9. Petpets
10. Monsters
11. Bosses
    *Juppie Monster (Act 1)
    *Ixi Chieftan (Act 1)
    *Plauge Serpent
    *Werelupe King
12. Items 
    *Regular Items
13. Money Making
14. Shops
15. Equipment
16. Treasure Maps
17. Hints & Tips
18. Coming Soon
19. Credits/Sites
20. Copyright Information

                             --1. Contact Information--

*Email ONLY for the following...suggestions, error spotting,
NICE comments, or the idea of something being "stolen" work
*Neomail me at the username princisee ONLY to discuss anything situated around
TDF, such as plot speculation


                               --2. Version History--

*Version 1.0 March 7, 2006
 --First version completed, still missing alot of components. Sections 1-6 are 
complete, walkthrough finished up until close of Act 1. Sections 8-13 are 
started, and everything else is done.

*Version 1.1 March 9, 2006
 --Added more equipment, monsters, and started Act 2. Edited some info on 
several sections. Added new section, "Coming Soon". The somewhat new section
Credits/Sites has some sites of interest, such as 
 --Some info may be a little off in the walkthrough. I have to start a new game
so that I get the info right. Don't expect a new update for at least a week or

*Version 2.0 March 12, 2006
 --With many new additions, I just had to make it version 2.0. =]
 --Made new sections, Shops and Treasure Maps
 --Made new sub-section, Altadorian Characters
 --Walkthrough up until the first meet with the Gelert Assassin.
 --Added/edited several sections including Equipment, Monsters, and Petpets

*Version 3.0 March 30, 2006
 --Sorry for the long wait, but I made sure it was worth it!
 --New section: Side Quests, to make the walkthrough very straightforward w/o 
any "interruptions" (Side quests featured in the walkthrough have moved to 
this section). 
 --New Section: Money Making--ways to make the most money
 --Walkthrough updated, through saving Bogshot and Werelupe Woods
 --Added more bosses, monsters, treasure maps, mostly all sections.
 --Ooh missed a credit or two. Updated.
 --Yeah I'm missing a lot of stuff on a number of sections, but I just wanted
to update it...=]] Please do not email me saying I am missing some stuff, I am
trying my best to find some time to update this guide.


                               --3. Introduction--

        "The Darkest Faerie has escaped and all of Neopia is in peril!"

This game is based on the upcoming plot "The Darkest Faerie" on If
you do not know anything about neopets, then obviously this game will be hard 
to understand. But hopefully, with this guide to walk you through the whole way
(HINT: Walkthrough =), you will be on your way to understanding Neopia and its 
contents without even seeing HOORAY.

ON A MORE PERSONAL NOTE: I'm still in the process of adding, editing, and 
deleting some stuff. This means I might add more sections, depending on your
emails. This also means I might take out some useless stuff to make this a 
shorter, simpler guide. This is my first guide, so I'm always up for 

There are plenty of plot spoilers if you read the entire guide. This is just a
heads-up, so I won't be drowning in a pool of complaints.


                                  --4. The Story--

                           BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER...
       This section contains plot spoilers, so continue at your own risk!

It all started a long time ago, about 1,000 years, in an ancient land called
Altador. Altador had 12 protectors, all with different positions in life. They 
all helped rule Altador and maintain its friendliness. But, one protector that
had gained so much power, tried to overthrow Altador and its protectors.
                             Of course, she had failed.
This protector of Altador was none other than the Darkest Faerie (her name is 
not known). I have no idea as to why Altador had a Dark Faerie become one of 
their protectors, but, they learned their mistakes AFTER what she had tried to 
It was said that she has destroyed Altador, but the truth was that she had put
it under a curse of some sort, and the legendary protectors were put into some
kind of deep sleep. That is, but only some of them. In order to hide it from 
the current world, it was either the King of Altador made it vanish from the 
world, or the Darkest Faerie.
Too late to come and defend Altador, Queen Fyora had to fight the Darkest 
Faerie herself. She trapped the Darkest Faerie's soul or something in Jerdana's 
Orb, for an eternity. However, an eternity DOESN'T last for ever. It was more 
like 1,000 years. =O
The Darkest Faerie had been trapped under the sea for a thousand years, and 
that was just about enough time to plan her revenge. She has many minions to 
serve her into taking Neopia once and for all!
                   But can she be stopped by two young heroes?


                               --5. Controls--

*Menu Controls
 --Start/Pause Game/Access Pause Men...Select Button
 --Highlight Menu Item...Left analog stick or directional buttons
 --Select Menu Item...X button
 --Previous Menu...Triangle button

 --Move...Left analog stick
 --Camera Rotate/Pan/Tilt...Right Analog Stick
 --Jump...X button
 --Run...R1 (Hold)
 --Sneak...Hold the Square button
 --Strafe...L2 (Hold)

 --Attack...o button
 --Block with Shield...L1 (Hold) Must first have a shield. Only with Tormund
 --Jump Attack... X,o
 --Combo Attack...o,o,o -Watch for the flashes, or count 1-2-3 when pressing
 --Rapid Attack...o -Press repeatedly    
 --Spin Attack...Rotate left analog in a full circle then press the o button
 --Dash Attack...Left analog stick down away from enemy, then up and o button
 --Power-Up Attack...Hold the o button and wait for the flash on the weapon
before releasing (Uses up the power of the mote if assigned, or 100 of it)
 --Aimed Attack...R2 (Use to fire while looking around with the right analog

*Other Actions
 --Use Activated Item...Triangle button (Activate an item through the Quick 
Select menu)
 --Talk/Feed/Use...Square Button
 --Switch Heroes...L1+R1 (Both heroes have to be consious or active)
 --Show Map Info...Left directional button
 --View Quest Log...Right directional button
 --Quick Inventory...Up directional button
 --Mote Inventory...Down directional button
 --Show HUD...L3 (press the left analog stick)
 --Orient Camera Behind Hero...R3 (press the right analog stick)
 --Fire RopeGun...R2 (Can only fire at valid RopeGun points, and ONLY when you 
recieve from Tor's Dad)

*Quick Inventory
 --Select Item...Any directional button
 --Use Item...X button
 --Activate Item...Square Button
 --Close Quick Inventory...Triangle Button

*Mote Inventory
 --Select Mote...Any directional Button
 --Assign Mote to Weapon...o button
 --Assign mote to Armor...X button
 --Assign Mote to Shield...Square button
 --Close Mote Inventory...Triangle button

 --Display inventory...Start button
 --Select/Highlight Inventory Item...Left analog stick or any directional 
 --Cycle Inventory Menu...L1 and R1
 --Use Inventory Item...X button
 --Activate Inventory Item...o button
 --Exit Inventory...Triangle button


                              --6. Characters--

  A brief description of characters to be mentioned. They are explained more
   descriptively in the walkthrough. I paraphrased some info here from the 
                             instruction booklet.

*Important Characters
 --Tormund, The Lupe Knight...
        Tormund is one of the main characters you get to play. He wounds up
becoming a knight for Meridell after delivering a package for his father. What
he didn't know was that he was going to become more then just a knight.
 --Roberta, The Acara Sorceress...
	Roberta is niece to King Hagan and King Skarl. She is secretly skilled
in becoming a sorceress, guided by King Hagan's Royal Sorcerer. She is the 
other main character you get to play.
 --King Skarl...
	Rough around the edges, King Skarl is the king who would choose brons
over brains. He rules over the Kingdom of Meridell with much pride, despite the
fact it falls to the Darkest Faerie's rule.
 --King Hagan...
	All around knowledge-loving skeith, King Hagan is the king that would
choose brains over brons. It is shown in the game that brains had triumphed 
over brons, but this is only because of distance. He rules over the Kingdom of
Brightvale, and unlike Skarl, is well liked by his people.
 --Illusen, The Earth Faerie...
	This powerful Earth Faerie has made her home in the Lightwater Forest,
coming to Meridell's aid in many a time. She has a long time rivalry with the
Werelupe King, and is a great help in your quest.
 --Queen Fyora...
	Ruler of all the Faeries, she resides in Faerieland watching all that
goes on below her in Neopia.
 --The Darkest Faerie...
	The whole cause of this game, she was banished from Neopia for a 1,000
years; but she was actually under the sea. Whatever her crime was, you have to
stop her evil deeds!

*Somewhat Important Characters
	The Royal White Uni which King Hagan had entrusted into the upmost 
safety of Roberta, and if it wasn't for him, Roberta and Tor would've never met
 --Gelert Assassin (AKA The Assassin)...
	Hired by the Darkest Faerie to deal with Tor and Roberta, he does not 
really appreciate the fact that she sent him after children. But before he 
actually kills them, he makes their quest even more difficult.
 --Sophie the Swamp Witch
	Found in Werelupe Woods, the Werelupes leave her alone for fear of her 
creepy powers. Although a villain in her TCG card, she is actually a big help 
in assissting our heroes to defeat the Werelupe King.
	Tor's little sister, she is actually a very nice. If she didn't wander 
off into Shadowglen Woods, Tor maybe would've never been one of our heroes.
 --Heermedjet and Meerouladen...
	WHAT?! Yes, the thieves that stole the package from you are actually
a big help. They tell you the way to Meridell's Treasure Vault, but they didn't 
say it was going to take a LONG time. And of course, they want something in 
return, so they are really a pain to deal with.
	The Royal Sorcerer of Brightvale. He is the advisor to the throne-loyal 
and honoroable to a fault. He has sensed great magical potential in the King's 
niece, Roberta, and has been secretly tutoring her in the mystical arts

*Altadorian Characters
                         BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER...
    This sub-section contains plot spoilers, so continue at your own risk!
  --King Altador...
	Obviously the King of Altador, since that is his name. He helps our
young heroes along the way in their quest to stop the Darkest Faerie. His true
identity is the Old Knight who had given Tor advice once so many times.
	Once a ruler of Altador, her name was first brought into Neopia in the
first TCG deck. However, it was first known as Talador. She allowed Fyora to 
use her powerful orb to keep the Darkest Faerie within it for an eternity. She
is seen as the Old Aisha who had given Roberta the amulet, and to the DF, only
a slight memory. She is perhaps the protector with the most responsibilites.
	AKA Gord the Merchant, he is seen on roads between the two kingdoms
selling his goods. His true identity is the treasurer of Altador; no surprise
there. He becomes a bigger role once you get to Act 4, only because he is one
of the 12 protectors.
	Here we meet Faun the head maid servant lady, who is none mistakly very
gentle hearted. This shows in your squire chore, when she says calls Miamice
little darlings. Just like Gordos, she is a protector too.
	It seems Neopets has been planning this for quite sometime now; Torakar
AKA Grarrl Gladiator (TCG)had also first shown up in Neopia in 2003, 2 years 
ago. If you haven't guessed by now, he is your Master-At-Arms Torak. He also
becomes more involved in the story, Act 4.
	You might not see him at first in the game, but he is the old techo you
first come upon in Act 1. Since Tor's and Roberta's amulets are "siblings", 
Kelland and Jerdana must've been some kind of close aqcuintances, as the two
amulets seem to ward off powerful Dark magic. 
	"Cleverly" disguised as Florindil, he is found in Illusen's Glade Negg
Shop. He doesn't show much importance at first, but becomes more important in
Act 4, when you have to awaken him. Just like all other "disguised" characters,
they all hide when dark clouds come over the area they were in, explaining why
his shop was no longer open when the dark clouds first appeared.

*Note how only the legends you have to awaken are in the game, with the 
exception of King Altador and Jerdana.


                             --7. Walkthrough--
                        BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER...
      This section contains plot spoilers, so continue at your own risk!

                            *Act 1: Tormund's Story
 A short scene shows you and your sister playing as Lord Darigan and a 
Meridell knight. Smooth move, genius. While trying to brag, you accidentally 
free the Whinnies. Your first quest ever! Hooray. It's never a bad thing to
practice. And YES, herding Whinnies does come useful in the future.

                             --HERDING WHINNIES--
 'Herd the three Winnies back into their corral.' Sounds simple enough, right? 
WRONG. They tend to run away from you, but eventually they go back into the 
corral. Just chase them around a bit by walking behind them and they should go 
into the corral. After you are done, your 'mum' calls you for some help. Walk 
over to her in the garden patch to see what she wants, located behind your 

                              --DRAWING WATER--
 She wants you to get some water for her plants. You'll need the bucket, which 
is found on your house's porch. After you get the empty bucket, you're going to
have to go fill it up. DUH. Go up to the barn and on the left side is the water
pump. Pressing the square button will automatically fill it up. But lucky for 
you, you BREAK THE PUMP. Another smooth move. Or maybe it's just your dad that 
doesn't know how to fix things. Anyway, you got your water, so head back to 

                           --FIXING THE WATER PUMP--
 Lucky for you, you don't actually have to fix it. All you need to do is get 
the tool for it. Mmkay, so go back to the barn, and enter it. Your dad is in 
there, so talk to him. The pliers are on top of the barn. Oh wow that's a good 
place to keep them. Reading the on screen tutorial tells you what to do next, 
so this is a no brainer. Climb up the ladder, and follow the wood beams to the 
upper part of the barn. Jump across the gap with the X button, and climb up the
ladder. Walk over to the weather vane, and on the right side of it is the 
pliers. Although it is never a smart idea to jump from a rooftop, go ahead and 
jump down to give the pliers to your dad. He'll fix them and mention he has 
a "special" job for you. Go into your house, and talk to him. Surely you know 
the way to your own house...right?

                             --A JOB FROM DAD?--
 Guess what. He wants you to deliver a package. Well, it may not be exciting 
for you, but it's exciting for Tor. He gets to go to Meridell, and not Farmer 
Addison's! Oh well, but still. He gives you the key to the chest up-stairs, and
inside is none other then the wonderful and oh-so-powerful wooden sword! 
Remember, it is NOT a toy. Ha. Like it can do anything but give you splinters.
Head downstairs and look closely at the fireplace. Walk up to it, and you get 
a Fire Mote! Motes are very useful items because they are needed in order to 
win. You don't need to equip it now, so just keep it for a while. Talk to your
father to recieve the package. You are now well on the way to becoming a squire
but we need to find some treasure. TREASURE =)
 After your parents bid you good luck and all, go down the left lane from your 
home. On the fork pathed, go right and through the corn fields. You can cut 
some down for some extra NP, but just continue until you get to the green part.
There are some harmless Flower Monsters here, so defeat them for fun. There is 
some golden grass here, and whenever there's golden grass, that means money! 
And sometimes a good bunch of it, too. However, it's only 44 NP, but it's 
better then nothing. Head back to the forked path, and this time, go on the 
other path. The garden of your mum's has some juppie plants, so go ahead and 
chop them up. Juppie plants are found everywhere, so get used to identifying 
them. Sometimes they won't have any, and sometimes they'll have a load of em. 
Continue up the path into another corn field. On the end there is a shed with a
treasure. 103 NP, and counting. Back to the road to your house, go straight and
there is another corn field with another treasure! Head down the hole, and 
within the treasure is about 101 NP. Jump up the ledges, sidle on the little 
ledge, and climb up the vines. Behind the tree when you climb out is a Leaf 
Mote! Yay, we're done collecting items, so let's finally set out for Meridell!

                          --DELIVER THE PACKAGE--
 Go straight from the path leading to your house, through the gate. Use the 
save altar to save your game, as I would. Continue down the path and you'll 
witness a short scene were bandits are trying to rob a poor old begger...why
would you rob a beggar? Honestly, that's pretty sad, so go in and save the old
man! Attack only one, since there's no point in getting all of them.
 The beggar thanks you, and in return gives you a special amulet. What does it 
do? HA. You're going to have to wait a little while to figure out. He also 
gives you a Light Mote, very useful since a lot of monsters are dark. Equip it 
now, and fight off the thieves. Be wary of fighting with thieves, since some of
their attacks let change come out of you.
 Welcome to the Farm Road, a road...with farms! There are a few side quests to 
complete, so make sure you are ready. By the way, let me tell you the different
kinds of quests. Open up your quest log, and when you recieve new quests, such 
as the ones you are about to do now, they will be marked with a medal. A gold 
medal symobolizes a must do quest, a silver medal indicates a completely 
optional side-quest, and a bronze medal is a treasure map, marked with its 
 After you're all done with that, continue down the path. After what may
seem a long time, you'll come across a Gelert Prince (He's pretty ugly) Kill
the Crokabeks, and speak to him. It seems that thieves took his precious Golden
Rose for his beloved, so just let that quest wait for now. Continue on the 
small road to his left, and you should come to a lillypad in the water. Don't
jump off it, because you'll end up back on land. Only jump from lillypad to
lillypad, and from it to land. You'll come to a clover patch, run around it a
bit, and a 4-leaf clover will pop up. Go back to the road, and over to the
broken bridge. Cross the zipline, go down, and jump on the under part of the 
bridge. Before climbing the ladder, go to the right of it and climb up the 
vines to claim the Fog Mote. Climb up the ladder, and walk off the bridge. 
Continue down to the forked path.
 Welcome to Meridell! Home to King Skarl and all of his knights and peasants 
and other stuff. Upon your arrival, two speeding meercas bump into you making 
you drop your package! Well, there's no surprise, because they are none other 
then Heermedjet and Meerouladen. Shoot, you're not going to let them get away, 
right? Well you better go get them! Chase the meerca until he stops in a dark 
alleyway. Oh, yeah the perfect place. Strangely enough, it reminds me of the 
Thieves District. Anywho, a mysterious knight comes to your rescue, saving you 
and your package. All this for a package and you don't even know what it's 
contents are. The knight inspires Tor to become a knight even more.
 Check you map, and where that kind of circlish part is where you will get your
first ever shield, for free! Of course, you can always buy it, but this is the 
fun way. =) The arena has a thief defending it's 3rd place, so quickly dispatch
him and claim your shield. Or you could always get it for 400 NP. But, like I 
said, this IS the easier way. The only thing is, you can't use any healing or 
magic items, so make sure youre ready for this. He's a bit hard, so make sure 
you know your battle strategies. Remember, there is no loss here, but only of 
the motes if you use any. If you can't defeat him, then just wait a little bit.
We'll come back for our shield once we have a better sword. Go down the road, 
and a shady kacheek will sell you treasure maps. Get every one of them, as they 
come in use later on. Make sure you have 500 NP, as you have to buy a sword! 
Back on the main road, to the the Recruitment Centre. What's this? He thinks 
you want to be a squire? Well, Tor really cannot hold back, so you now have a 
new quest!

                                 --NEED A SHIELD--
 Mmkay there are two ways--you can buy a shield for 400 NP, or win one from the
arena. I would take the arena, but that's just me. Mmkay, just buy a Squire 
Sword to fit you better. It's 500 NP, and if you haven't gone on a shopping 
spree, you should have enough NP. Go back to the arena to finally get the 
shield. Once you have your shield, head back to the Recruitment Center for the 
next phase of becoming a squire. (You can continue and fight in the arena for
extra change. The next challenger is an Ixi Spearman, aligned Earth) There is a
save portal in the middle of Meridell, so use it often if you think you are 
going to die all of a sudden. 

                                --NEED A SPONSOR--
 So you need someone to sponsor you. For all I care, you could sign the papers 
yourself! LoLz you can't really do that, so let's head over to the tavern! It's
on a culdasac, so follow the road to the Blacksmith, and go all the way past it
For my sake, use your map. Once there, talk to the sitting blue grarrl. And 
whaddayano? The fool breaks his sword. Eh, but he HAS to sign those papers, so 
might as well help him. Go over to the drawbridge guards, standing guard 
outside Meridell Castle. 
 Oooh, you have to go find those pieces. Go right from here, and there are 
pieces of wood called scaffolding. Climb up those and across the rope to 
retrieve all the pieces. Once you are done, go back to Recruitment Centre for
the hilt (the handle) of the sword. 
 Go through the little walkway on the rightside and talk to the thief. He said 
he'll give you the hilt for either 100 NP or your sword. Trust me on this one, 
try to give him the sword. The guard will take it as him stealing the sword 
from you, so he gives it back to you. See? You just saved 100 NP. =) OK, you 
can't just show up with a pieces of broken sword, so head over to the Smith to 
have it re-forged. Now that you have that done, deliver it to Master Torak, and
BOOM! You got your papers signed!

                              --BECOMING A SQUIRE--
 Now you got your papers, head back to the Officer! Oh, but wait. You need your
letter of consent, signed by your parents. Well, just hope they'll be willing 
to have you become a squire!

                         --NEED PARENT'S PERMISSION--
 Head out of Meridell Village the way you came first came in, and head all the 
way back to the now fixed bridge. The mysterious old knight is there again to 
talk to you about being responsible to prove to your parents that you are 
capable of gaining their trust. After talking to him, continue down the road, 
through Farm Roads, and back to Ellis Family Farm.
 Upon your arrival, your parents say that your little sister Lucy has wandered 
off in hopes of beginning her own adventure. And where to? The so called 
haunted Shadowglen Woods. Not a very good place to start your adventure.
 After you're done speaking to your parents, head all the way past Farm Road, 
and back at Meridell Outskirts. This time, take the left path all the way up 
until you reach a tunnel. After emerging from the tunnel, you will be in
Shadowglen Woods. I would save my game at the save altar to be on the safe side
Continue down the path to complete a side quest. (HINT:Cut down mushrooms
for juppies and coins)

                              --FIND YOUR SISTER!--
 Continue on this dirt path until you come to a bridge made up of trees. Jump 
across them, and from where you landed, head up the path. Defeat the Spore 
Monster or Gunner, and walk across the river. If you look close enough, there 
will be a small little cave enclosed with tree branches. Smash them away, and 
in the mini island is a plant contains a starry negg, increasing your magic 
meter! Open the magic treasure chest with a dark mote. Exit the mini cave, and 
cross the rope. Defeat all the monsters in this area, but do not cross any 
other ropes. Continue up the ramp to the right, and defeat the monsters in this
area. Go all the way left to a large clearing. Somewhere there should be a 
12-leaf clover. Take it, and make your way to a little cave enclosed with tree 
branches (use your map to help you find your way). You should find a Nova mote, 
aligned with all magic =). Go back to your original place, and if you look 
around you should see some climbable vines on top of some elevated land. Defeat 
the monster here, and climb the vines. From where you stand, head left on the 
road and smash away the branches. In this cave are Ergyfruit plants; once done, 
return outside and head straight. Follow the path, up the stairs, and collect 
some juppies from the plants. Quickly cross the fallen log and take out the 
monsters. Cross the rope, and go on. There should be some golden grass. Defeat 
any monsters, and collect a 4-leaf clover. Under the waterfall and near the 
edge of the cliff are 2 motes. Press forward to the save altar. Now comes the 
fun part =)
 Go through the cave and walk forward. A short scene occurs where sister is 
shown being trapped by a Juppie Monster! Quick, you must save her! Lazy at it 
may seem, I am not going to re-explain how to defeat this boss. Scroll down, if
you would =P. Once defeated, you are reunited with your sister, so go through 
the tunnel and you'll find yourself in you farm. Cut down the bush here for a 
Red Negg, increasing your health! Return back to your house to have your 
parents sign the form!
 A scene will occur where you sister shows how brave you were. Luckily
for you, that was just the thing to prove to your parents you were brave enough
They sign the letter, and you're on your way! Return to the Meridell Army
Recruitment Centre to recieve your armor!

                             --BECOMING A SQUIRE--
 After recieving your armor, head for the castle. Once inside, speak to Master 
Torak. Your official training will start tomorrow,so get some sleep. Save your 
game. Take the left corridor, then turn right, left again, and your bed is the 
last one on the right. You will witness a short scene were you see the Darkest 
Faerie emerging from the sea.

                               --SQUIRE CHORES--
 After talking to Grayson, head out the door close to your bed. Go through the 
archway to your left, and you should spot Master Torak from a distance.	Speak 
to him, and let the training begin!

                              --WEAPON TRAINING--
 This training is very important if 1) you have never played before, or 2)you
have trouble defeating opponents. Listen to Master Torak's battle tips, and
you'll learn how to chain attacks. Or as I did it, count 1-2-3 for every time
you attacked. Once done with that, head back to the castle for your first chore

 Head back to the front of the castle. Go straight, or if you're facing the way
you came in, take the right corridor. Open the left door, and follow the carpet
on the left side. The last room on your right is where you will find Faun.

                            --CATCH THE MIAMICE--
 Catching them is very simple. When they are not facing you, sneak up from be-
hind, pushing down the square button, and pressing it again. Drop them in the 
cage close to the door. Once you are done catching all 5, exit through th door
on you right. Head on the left path, all the way back to the training grounds.
Save your game if you wish to.

                           --MORE WEAPON TRAINING--
 To me, this is easier then last time. Rotate your left analog stick then 
strike all 3 dummies at once. After that, head back into the castle for your
next chore.

                                 --CLOG DUTY--
 Head back to the hallway, and when you intersect with the corridor, head right
Take the right door, and speak to the draik in the adjoining room. Go through
the door on your left. Smash up any barrels for juppies, and open the hatch to
the sewers. Enter the hole, and equip the proper mote for the enemies. Scour
the area here for items and motes, and press forward.
 Go to the room in the rightward direction, collect the motes, and head back to
your original starting point. Head straight, and keep going straight. Go 
through the tunnel, jump down, and climb up the ladder. Destroy the clog, and
continue forward to the treasure chest. Open it, and search the area for a 
lever. The path is pretty straight forward, so continue until you come to your 
next clog. Destroy it, and use, the lever to open ip the metal grate. Jump down
and go straight, left, defeat the monsters here and jump down again to defeat
more monsters. Destroy the clog to your right. Climb the ladder, go straight,
climb another ladder, and destroy the clog. Defeat the slorg, and collect your
mote. Use the lever, take the left tunnel, and go left again to destroy the 
last clog. Once done, exit the sewer. Head back outside to the training area.

                               --MOTE TRAINING--
 Attach the fire mote to your sword, and attack the dummy. Charge up and attack
the dummy again. Once done with that, head back inside the castly for your next
chore. Head up any set of stairs in the front of the castle, and speak to the 
neopet standing in the middle of everything.

                               --CROKABEK NESTS--
 Yes, we al hate those overgrown crows, and well, if you want to be promoted to
a knight, this is a good opportunity to have your name be heard. Anyways, head
downstairds, and back to the courtyard through any exit.
 From here, I will tell you how to get to all locations counter-clockwise
starting from the farthest right (use your map). In a fenced area there will be
a turtum. Hit it, jump on its shell, and wait for it to launch you up to the
rooftops. Destroy the Crokabek and its nest on the other side of the rooftop.
Over at the next location, climb the scaffolding and destroy the nest. To reach
the next location, you have to climb the vines next to the door. The next place
is where you had your previous training. Jump from roof to roof to reach the
nest. The place where Grayson is has a ladder. Distract the Crokabek, and then
climb the ladder to destroy the last nest. Head back to the castle to tell 
Lazlo, and then back to Torak. 

                          --ADVANCED MOTE TRAINING--
 Equip the fire mote to your shield, stand in the charred spot, and deflect the
fireballs that will come at you. Once done, head into the castle and get some
 Upon your awake, Grayson will announce that Master Torak calls you. Head to 
the main hall and speak to him. 

                            --MISSION TO COGHAM--
 Apparently, you've been chosen to aid a rescue mission in a village called 
Cogham. Anyways, in the Dining Hall, look for the green grarrl. He's not going 
to fight with you because he's offended, so you're going to have to head off to
Cogham by yourself. The regular old squire would never do this, but since you 
are the hero and all...exit the castle, and leave Meridell through the southern
exit near the Recruitment Centre.
 Make your way through the winding path, and take the left one. You should come
across a mote shop. If you speak to the shopowner, she gives you a side quest
to have all 12 regular motes. If you don't already, you can either return later
when you do have them all, or buy them in her shop. Once you get them all, she
rewards you with a nova mote.
 Go back outside and continue down the road. It would be wise to open up any 
treasure chests that are in the area. Once done with all that, cross the bridge 
and get ready for battle!

                                 --IXI RAIDERS--
 Work your way around the village defeating the Ixi Raiders. They are all earth
aligned, so use an air mote. Once done, climb up the steppes and defeat the 2
ones next to the mayor's house. Some guards will run off to tell the chief what
happened. Well, kinda sucks, because the mayor wants you to drive them away
TOTALLY. So, head past him into the cave. The path from here is pretty much
straight-forward, so continue on until you get to the steppes with the 1st 
archer. Climb up the ladder to your right to get a mote. Keep going until you
get to your next ladder for the next treasure.
 Go down the steppes, and watch out that you don't fall into the river. After
crossing a bridge next to a waterfall, you will come across a hidden mine(HINT:
Look for the golden grass to reach this place) Loot the area of its numerous
treasures, and destroy the gems and barrels for some extra NP.
 Back outside, continue your way through the steppes. Save your game, then 
climb the series of ladders. After making it to the top, continue forward and
jump to the platform. Defeat the Crokabeks after jumping to the platform with
the Air Mote. Once done, head left to the next platform, and to the lowest 
steppe to your right. Climb up the ramps, and defeat the 2 archers. Continue 
along the path, and climb the ladder. Pull the lever to operate the windmill.
Head all the way back to where you had defeated the Crokabeks, and climb the 
 Defeat all Ixis in this area. Ignore the mine for now, and continue towards 
the watermill. Wait for the moving platform to come, and jump on top. Contine
forward, and climb up the steppes for a mote if you like. Back on the main path
jump across the broken bridge, and you'll come to a railroad track. The cart on
the hill is stopped by some 'clogs'. Destroy the clog and the cart will break
the wood for you to continue on.
 Emerge from the tunnel and defeat the Ixi. Climb up the ladder, and defeat the
remaining Ixis. Cross the bridge, ascend the ladder, climb the steppes, ascend
another ladder, and jump to the platform. I would try to get the floating mote.
Get the Sun Mote, and cross over to other platform. Save your game, and proceed
to the Boss! (Just as usual, scroll down to the bosses section to see how to 
defeat him)
 When you're done, collect the eye patch sitting on the ground. On your way out
open the treasure chest. Save your game, and "fly" down the steppes. You could
fall into the river and end up closer to the village, but you might die/lose
some health. I dunno. Some parts of the river kill you. 
 Anyways, back at the village, the mayor rewards you with a red negg, meaning
more health! By now you should have more then enough NP to buy new equipment,
meaning a new sword and shield! As to what Tor's TCG card says, "Each sword he
held and suit of armour was shinier and more impressive than the last", it is
really true. =) Also, buy any treasure maps, and the Starry Negg in the gift
shop for 800 NP, raising your magic.Once done here, leave Cogham, and straight 
back to Meridell!

                           --AUDIENCE WITH THE KING--
 Back at the castle, head straight into the King's Court. A scene will occur
where King Skarl promotes Tormund to a knight! All thanks to you, his dreams
have finally come true! When leaving the court, another scene occurs where a 
peasant claims that the Werelupe King has attacked Illusen and her Glade. Well,
guess who has a mission? Oh well, we'll see tomorrow. Head back to the barracks
and get some sleep. Another scene occurs, one showing the Darkest Faerie with
that evil laugh of hers. Ooh...scary.

                                --LEFT BEHIND--
 Looks like you weren't chosen to aid the rescue mission. The halls are quite
empty, but not the entrance hall. The Old Knight is there once more, and quite
frankly, he is worried about the knights. He says YOU must help aid them! I
dunno bout you, but this guy is right. As knight, we must help defend our King-
dom! Save your game, and leave Meridell from the northern exit.

                               --ILLUSEN'S GLADE--
 In Meridell Plains, cross the bridge once more and take the left path leading 
to Illusen's Glade. Along the way is a Negg shop. After crossing a bridge, save 
your game and continue on the main path, defeating any and every Werelupe Basher
in your path. Just try to focus on heading straight or north ormwhatever, and 
don't take any fork paths. After a while you will see your Master Torak in a 
cage guarded by a Werelupe. Defeat it, and destroy the lock. He says you must 
save the other knights, so let's get to it.

                             --RESCUE THE KNIGHTS--
 From where the cage was, head left and over the two bridges. Head left past
the tree in front of you, and the ledges/tree stump. The little cave to your
right is where you will find your first knight. Kill the Werelupe, save the
knight, and jump down. Go back to the tree stump, climb the steppe then the
vines. Jump to the little area of land, defeat the Werelupe, and save knight 
#2. From a distance you can see the little island with the save point; head 
over there and go right. Near a small ledge is your next knight saving point,
in the cave. After defeating the 2 Werelupes, head back to the little island
where Torak's cage was, and over to the little island on your left.

                             --ILLUSEN'S GLADE--
 Defeat the Werelupe here, and climb into the little transportation thingy to
get into the treetops (where Torak is). There are a couple of pick-me-ups in
this treetop village, so don't feel like you're completely lost. It's straight-
forward, so when you get to a save point, you know that you are on course. Head 
straight, and watch a scene where the Werelupe King defies Tor, and sends out 
Gnarfas against him! (Scroll down to Bosses section to see how to defeat 
 After another scene, you will see the Werelupe King snatch Illusen's Charm. 
Head over to Illusen for another scene. Once that is done, you can defeat the
Archers, or not, race out of the Glade. The rest of Meridell is in complete
darkness, but we must inform Skarl of the takeover, if he hasn't seen it him-

                              --INFORM THE KING--
 The village is empty, dark, and well, scary. Just run into the castle and 
avoid all the minions. The castle is filled with Dark Knights, so just ignore
them and head up the right set of stairs. In this room, look for the switch to
open the door to the Court Room. Go out the room on your left, and over to the
balcony. Yet another scene occurs, and this one is a particularly bad one.

                             --ESCAPE THE CASTLE--
 This is your first encounter with the Darkest Faerie. And well, third time's
a charm. So, that mean's you're not going to win. But you're not going to lose doesn't make sense...ANYWAYS.
 Try to attack the faeries, but you should know that force doesn't stand a 
chance against magic. A little scene explains that to you, saying you have to
RUN. So, if they haven't already, wait for the faeries to blast the door open
and run out. Fires will block your path, so wait for them to break some columns
down. Once done, climb the columns and jump over to the other side of the fire.
Run out to main hall, and you'll be surrounded by more barriers. Wait for them
to break the columns, and then climb over to jump over the fire. You'll be in
the dining hall, and they block the exits. Stand where the kitchen "windows" 
are, and they should blast one of them. Run out of there to where you helped 
save the Miamice for the maid. A scene will occur showing you the conclusion of
Tor's Story. Congratz on getting through Act 1, and prepare for Act 2!

                            *Act 2: Roberta's Story

 A scene occurs showing Solarin the Uni driving the cart holding our other
main character Roberta, and Seradar. After landing, Roberta complains about 
having to be a scholar and wanting to be a sorceress and all, and Seradar just
says what every elderly person would before play.
 Yes, we already have a quest to do, but we need to get some stuff needed for
some later quests. After crossing the save point, head into the rightmost maze.
Not to difficult to navigate, you should come across a Stone of Illumination
soon enough. Once done, head over to the other maze and find the Meowclops. 
Feed it a juppie; we'll need it later. Head up the stairs, and when you cross
over the little bridge, head over to the scholarly looking people. He says
a court is already in process, so we're going to have to wait a little while.
Something of old aisha gives you this mysterious amulet. Sound
 Anyways, take the leftmost staircase. On top of the stairs is a painter. He
needs some faerie dust to complete his painting, but we won't be getting it 
just yet. Descend the stairs the other way, and over to the gardens. There 
should be a circlish area, and if you have the Meowclops, you'll witness the
Hidden Tower being revealed. You can go in if you like; everything is too
expensive to buy.
 Now, find the tree here. Climbable vines are on the tree; climb it and one of
the branches is a Faerie Wood Stick, also used for a later quest. After doing
all of this, go back to the stairs with the painter and over to the other set
of stairs.
                              --FAERIE DUST PAINT--
 After descending from the other side of the stairs, take the main path and
then over a cobblestone path to where there will be some kind of altar holding
some Faerie Dust. Just walk up to it and your bottle will automatically be 
filled with the Dust. 

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