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Cheats » Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter N » Neopets: The Darkest Faerie - Strategy Guide (Page 02)

                             --WAIT FOR THE COUNCIL--
 You would think after all that, the council would be finished. Apparently not.
Anyways, from where you saved the Harris, head into the nearest door. You'll be
in the grand library...blah blah blah. Seradar is in the middle, and what
better oppurtunity then now to ask for some magic training? So, when you speak
to him, he agrees, but GREAT you left your wand back at home. But, since this
game is so totally unpredictable, you are already ready. You should be. You 
have all the "ingredients" to make a makeshift wand, and once you do, you'll
start your magic training.

                               --MAGIC TRAINING--	
 Luckily for us, Act 2 is notoriously short due to the fact we don't have to
save anybody or do annoying chores. Ey, she is a princess after all. However,
the game does not refer to her as Princess Roberta. =]
 You should follow along with the instructions; they are quite similar to Tor's
sword controls, to make things easier. Once done with everything, one of the
scholars comes in and says that Fyora is finally done with her council. A scene
will automatically play showing you what you talk about and all. Yeah...

                               --A BRIEF RESPITE--
 When the council is over, take the stairs where the painter is. Past the tree
where you got your wand handle, head into the building. Once inside, climb the
steps, through the halls, til you meet Kekou. He will show you to your room;
follow him. If you wander off/slow down, he will wait for you until you start
following him again, so you won't get lost. When you reach your room, save,
then go to sleep. A scene will occur; what is the Darkest Faerie planning to do
here? You're about to find out.
 Head into the room across from yours and speak to Seradar. He's under the 
curse...OH NO! Run out of there; you're still too weak to fight the minions. Go
down the hall until you hard someone's voice.

                            --WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?--
 From where you were, go left and into the rightmost door. Keep going until you
come to a room with a table. Climb the boxes to the metal grating. Here you see
the Darkest Faerie (I'm just going to abbreviate her DF from now on) with the 
Old Aisha, getting ready to torture her. We have to help her; she's a bigger
help to us then you might know.

                             --MAKE A DISTRACTION--
 Go back the way you came in and down the steps. Use the map to help find where
you need to go next. Enter the door; you'll be in the Clocktower. Go down the
stairs. In front of you should be a block thingy; go up to it and pull it over
the circle on the floor. Go over to the other side and do the same. Now, go up
the stairs closest to you. There are 3 blocks; drag them all to the pulleys.
Once done, the bells will start to chime. Hurry back to the leftmost room where
the Old Aisha is. A scene will occur where Roberta saves the Aisha. However, 
she says you must find the one with the identical amulet. Anywho, we have to
escape, and quick.

                           --ESCAPE FROM FAERIELAND--
 If you remember how to get to the West Staircase, hooray. If not...go right
and to the left doorway. Go all the way to the stairs, but GREAT an overweight
skeith crashes and blocks your path.
 We have to leave via the Endless Staircase. Go back all the way, and use your
map if you get lost. If you come to a room with a save point, you know you're
right on track. Another scene occurs where the DF returns the room, and quite
frankly, she ain't a happy camper at this point.
 Navigating the Endless Staircase can be a pain if you have no idea what you're
doing. Simply reach the 2nd Quiggle stature. If he is pointing up, go up. If he
is pointing down, then continue going down. Continue this process until you
come to a door. Leave the library. A scene're running for your 
life and outcomes the DF, trying to stop you, but you jump onto Solarin's back
just on time. I seriously have no idea how those humongous skeiths get to fly
like that, but they end up knocking poor Roberta from Solarin's back, and she
falls a long way down.

                             *Act 3: Heroes United

 Here we welcome Act 3. Finally an Act with some challenge to it! A scene shows
Roberta falling from the sky right when Tor washes up on the shore. Some luck,
huh? There's a first for everything...we now get to play as both Tormund and
Roberta. The minions seem to have followed Roberta, meaning we're going to
have to use Tor's and Roberta's abilities to defeat this bunch.
 First of all, equip water mote to sword, and fire to shield and armour. Tor
should get the Brute, and Roberta should get the minions (do the same to wand
and robes). My advice to you; use Tor for land-based monsters OR ones that have
a hell lot of health. Use Roberta for flying monsters, missile based monsters,
or to weaken an enemy and then let Tor finish it off.
 After defeating these monsters, a scene shows were they realize they have the
identical amulets (Coincidence, no?) and they talk some more...and finally
join forces to venture to King Hagan. Scour the area for treasures, and leave
via the steppes.

 Once you come to a road, Roberta mentions that she's from Brightvale and to 
get there all you need to do is follow the right road all the way, which is
what you should do, since you might wander off to dig up some treasure or 
 For the first time, light appears once you come upon Brightvale. Enter the
main gate to get into Brightvale. A scene shows the DF hiring the Gelert 
Assassin to kill Roberta and Tormund. When you delve a bit deeper into the game
you can tell that he becomes a quiet a pest rather than a threat.
                           --AUDIENCE WITH THE KING--
 We have to meet with Hagan, but hey, let's explore a bit, shall we? Go to
the armoury and pick up both the shield and robes for a total of 3,500 NP. If
you don't have that much, go to the obstacle course and win. (My advice to
winning: The first round is 3 minutes. Use this time to collect the clover here
and position the box so in future rounds, you won't have to reposition it) Try
your luck at the wheel while in this area. Pick up the 2 side quests: speak to
the little kau near the wheel. Apparently she wants a little noil. Next, the
food shop owner wants to her from her sister in Bogshot. That can wait for now.
Once you're done exploring, head into the castle. 
 Go straight into the King's Courtroom and watch the scene where Roberta and
Tor tell Hagan of what has happened in both Meridell and Faerieland. It seems
that Hagan has given up, but then our heroes persuade Hagan into letting them
fight the DF's forces. Leave the court, and another scene occurs explaining
that we have to do some research to learn more about the DF. However, we have a
couple of things to do.
 Head up the right set of stairs and do not leave this area until you have done
the following: Given the princess her rose, getting a red negg, and finding
Roberta's Training Wand. After that, you can finish getting any treasures. Go
back downstairs and into the library.

                                --NEED RESEARCH--
 We need to get to the topmost books, because that is where all our information
we need is. But how? Head right and on the floor is a white tile. Step on it 
and some shelves will move. Head straight and climb the ladder on the shelf.
Jump from shelf to shelf and read the book. This one talks about the DF and a
place called Altador.
 Jump down and go to the leftmost shelves from the entrance. Behind the shelf 
is the ladder, so climb it and go from shelf to shelf to the next book. This
one explains how Fyora fought the DF, but with the power of Fyora's Rod.
 Head over to the set of shelves in the far right back corner. This book
explains how Fyora gave the wand to a Meridell King, meaning her wand is in
Meridell. Try to hump to the shelf from here, or climb the same ladder you used
to get to the final book. Finally we can summarize what we have learned...
 The DF once tried to take over a place called Altador that existed 1,000 years
ago. Too late to stop her, Queen Fyora had to defeat her in hand-to-hand combat
with the help of her Rod. After defeating the DF, she gave the Rod to the King
of Meridell back at that time as a gift. The King put the wand in the Meridell
Treasure Vault, which is now somewhere deep, deep, DEEP under Meridell Castle.

                              --THE DARKEST FAERIE--
 OK, so now we know how it all happened, and we got our plan underway, so let's
get the hell out of here. Once you leave Brightvale, a scene occurs where our
heroes first encounter the Assassin. Now, this battle doesn't really count as a
boss battle since we don't defeat him, so just continue on your way after the
scence that shows his fleeing.
 Use your map to follow the Meridell crests. OHNO. Once you get to the bridge,
it comes apparent that it's broken, and there is no way you can cross it. We
have to go to Bogshot, where Bridge Builder Brendel is. Go back towards Bright-
vale. In Crossroads, the road before Brightvale will take you to Bogshot. Take
this road, and then the right (when you reach the forked path) You'll soon come
upon Bogshot Village.
 Enter Brendel and Sons Bridge Repair Service (the hammer). Speak to Brendel,
and he says he's not doing a thing unless you find a cure for the Swamp Plague.
So, head on over to the Apothecary. The shop owner says you need 3 bogberries,
found in the swamp. Hey, whateer it takes to get the bridge repaired. Using 
your map, leave the village to the south. (NOTE: Try to remember this-dark
green water=bad, light green water=good)
 Find the square in the middle of you map (refer to the controls list, as I'm
going to use the controls a lot). We will now call it homebase. Now, looking at
the map, you should go to the bottom middle part. Once you leave homebase, the
Gelert Assassin appears, but as usual, doesn't really do anything. Find your
way through this part of the swamp, until you come upon a small islet.
 Here are the White Bogberries! OoooHHhhh...what's that lurking in the water?
We're going to find out soon enough. Return to homebase, and go to the upper
middle section. Once again, work your way to the next islet.
 Whoo hoo, Red Bogberries! We're almost done-just Black ones and we're all set
here. But seriously, what is watching us? I dunno bout you...but I don't like
the look of it. Now, check your map for one last time-the top right corner is
your next destination. WARNING: SAVE YOUR GAME!!!
 So jump from pieces of wood to pieces of wood until you you come upon the 
center of rocks. Well...looky here. I guess this Plauge Serpent is holding the
last Bogberries we need. What luck you have, huh? Refer to the Bosses section
on how to kill him.
 After the battle, a scene occurs showing that the clouds have cleared, meaning
the boss in the area was causing the clouds. So, the get rid of the clouds, we
need to get rid of the creator. Ha. Anywho, collect the Black Bogberries. Feel
free to explore the rest of the swamp, or leave the way you entered.
 Speak to the Apothecary owner. You'll have most of them cured. Go back to 
Brendel. He says he feels so much better now that you had him cured/healed. He
also mentions that he's going to ge to work on the Brightvale Bridge.
 Leave the village, and if you're smart, head back to Meridell. Purple clouds
block your way; a scene occurs where the Gelert Assassin note that you won't be
able to get through Dark Magic just by walking through it. Sucks really...
 So, this is what we need to do--first, we get into Werelupe Woods, find where
the Werelupe King is residing, get to him, and get Illusen's Charm back. A good
plan; better then nothing. =] And then we have to get to Illusen in her Glade,
and hopefully, the charm will revive her. And hopefully she'll have a way to 
get into Meridell. Let's take a trip to Werelupe Woods!

                         --GET ILLUSEN'S CHARM-- 
 Once you emerge from the tunnel (use your map if you got lost along the way).
Use your map once you're in the actual woods to help you find the shop in the
middle. Hey, it's Sophie the Swamp Witch! And there's more...speak to her. She
knows you're looking for the Werelupe King--not a very good idea. She mentions
a giant skull guarding the entrance to the WK's lair. She'll tell you, for a
 Back outside, wade through the water and look for some bubbles-these are the
entrances to the sinkholes. Check the map here. The southwestern part is where
you can find some Raw Wartroot, if I'm not mistaken. Find an exit (some vines)
and back to Sophie.
 She tells a story of how she made this necklace to get into the Werelupe 
Burrows for this young kid. He used this necklace to try and steal the Werelupe
King's treasue; he got buried alive...Tor asks her to make another one, but she
says you can just use the old one. And guess where it's at...buried with the
dead guy in his crypt! MWAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Anyways.
 Find the entrance to the Graveyard. Now, let me get this out of the way. There
are 4 crypts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the charm is in the Crypt of the
Fallen (feel free to visit the other crypts for treasures after getting the
charm). Once you enter the graveyard from the save point, a scene occurs where
the Gelert Assassin had been waiting for you (STALKER). Again, he doesn't do
anything, so just enter the gates nearest the save point. On your way to the 
Crypt, there reads a tombstone saying 'Neoschools'. Did Neopets really change
their mind about Neoschools? =[
 So, here we are...step on the blue pedestal to open the door. Go straight...
you'll come to a pretty empty room. Move the block to the yellow pedestal. Go
to the yellow room, and move this block to the yellow. Back in the main room,
move the block to the purple. Head into the leftmost room on that side. Now,
move the block to the green. Explore these rooms, then go down the stairs. Move
the block to the blue. (Yes my directions sound completely lost, but if you're
playing the game at the same time, you'll get it)
 Fully explore this crypt before heading into the main blue room. You'll be 
fighting a Death Knight. He'll drop the necklace. Leave the crypt and the
graveyard. Now, use your map to find your way to the giant skull. Walk towards
it, and it'll open.
 After your first couple steps, Tor and Roberta decide to split up. You'll be
playing Roberta first. Explore this upper area. Then go up the ramp. If you see
a wall of bones, you'll know you're in the right place. Keep going forward. 
Once you come to some water, jump in and reach for the charm. Unfortunately, it
turns out to be a trap =[
 After this, you come to play Tor. From the save point, head right. Soon enough
you'll end up in the Middle part. Go through the bone archway in the middle, to
the big room (INTHEMIDDLE), and take the topmost part. Find the Earth Treasure
Chest, open it, and then backtrack to go straight. Take the right side path,
save your game again, and contine on to the Lower Part. From here, go left and
through the bone archway. (I know, I know, my directions suck, but sorry, that
is the best I can explain it). Take a look at your map; if you're lost, aim to
get at the northwest corner.
 A scene occurs when you meet him. He says he's going to eat you!!! Anywho, he
remembers you from Illusen's Glade...Prepare to battle! Scroll down to Bosses
Section...=]. When you're done here, he falls, and all the Werelupes run away,
scared. ha. Exit through the waterfall. When you get out, the skull will close.
Leave here, but make sure to buy the now lower priced wand from Sophie.

                           --FREE ILLUSEN'S VILLAGE--
 Now, we are one step closer to helping Illusen and her Glade. Once out of the
Woods, I don't care how, just get to Illusen. Find/fight you way to the pulley,
but hey, who is that? Oh yeah. It's my good ol' buddy Mr. Gelert Assassin. He
cuts the rope for us, yay, meaning more walking around looking for a way to get
up there. Leave the Glade. We'll talk to our "little buddy" later, after a talk
with Hubert. Hubert?, you may wonder. Yes...Tor's Dad.


                               --8. Side Quests--

 This section was created to make the walkthrough simpler, without any worries 
 of missing a side quest. I organized by which act you could get them in.

*Act 1
 --Farm Road
	Hide and Seek
 This doesn't count as a side quest, but, I'm putting it for fun. Across the
lake is a small aisha who is willing to play hide-and-seek for a prize, which 
is a mote. She is in a number of places, including behind the house with the 
swamp-like garden, behind the tower, and several other places. It's random when
she gives out prizes, so don't be mad if she doesn't give you anything.
	Dangerous Weeds
 Continue on the main path towards the farmhouse on your left and speak to the
aisha. Sheesh these farmers don't really care about your life, huh? Oh well. Go
through the opening in the trees and you should see some walking plant thing,
which is the dangerous weed. It is a little toughie, because it can slow you 
down and send out little Flower Monsters on the ground to throw out nasty...
blobs. Just keep attacking, and finish off the monsters he left behind. Go back 
and speak to the aisha to claim your reward, a 4-leaf clover. 4-leaf clovers 
increase your luck, and you can check how many you have in your inventory 
	Noises in the Root Cellar
 Another quest where you are risking your life for simple farmers. OK, so walk 
up to the root cellar door and enter it. The place is pretty straight-forward, 
so walk forward. To this day, I still am not sure what alignment Spyders are, 
so just attack them recklessly. You can also bust up barrels and pots for items
and neopoints. However, if you do get lost, press the left directional button 
to check your map. Since this place is small, make sure to fully explore it. 
You know your job is done when you defeat the Giant Spyder and its little 
cronies. Using the Air Mote you recieved from the Giant Spyder, equip it to 
your sword and bust open that fancy looking chest. If you get poisoned, eat a 
Bagguss. EW. Work your way out of the cellar the way you came in, and talk to 
the farmer. He gives you 100 NP for a job well done. 
	Protect Boggs' Field
 The last house before the road leaves...the Farm Road, is the next side quest.
All you have to do is defeat the Crokabeks, the crow like petpets. After 
raiding his field if there are any Chokatos left, go back to talk to him to 
recieve a chokato.
 --Meridell Outskirts
	The Gelert Prince
 Kill the Crokabeks, and speak to him. It seems that thieves took his precious 
Golden Rose for his beloved, so let's take it back from them. Take the left 
road and jump down. Continue down the path, and you'll come to a cave. Best to 
equip your sword with a Light Mote and your armor with a Dark Mote. The guys 
with the clubs take more effort to defeat them then regular thieves, so put up
a strong fight. Work your way until you come to the middle of the cave with 
lots of Clubmen. That's not their real name, but I prefer to call them that. 
Once you are done there, go into the room on the right side. Fight all the 
thieves here, and when you are done, climb up the box to fight the ones on the
woodbeams. Jump from chest to chest to claim the sitting Sun Mote. Jump down 
and open the brown chest for a random mote or item. Continue up the path to a 
shaky bridge. If you run across it, you will fall through to a den with 
Drackonacks. You are no match for them, so just run away from them. Go back up 
and open the chests with your newly acquired Sun Mote. Jump across the bridge 
and back to the middle of the cave. This time, take the other room on the left 
side. Defeat the thief in here and claim the Golden Rose in the brown chest. 
Make your way out of the cave and back to the Prince. He gives you 350 NP, and 
asks you to deliver the rose to his beloved back in Brightvale. This quest has 
to wait for now, since the bridge to Brightvale is broken right now.
 --Shadowglen Woods
	The Arbendus Flower
 Upon coming on the bottom of the road, there will be some steppes to the left 
of you, with a couple of Flower Monsters. Defeat them, and continue up the 
steppes. If you go deep into the area, there will be a Plant Gunner. After 
that, continue to the right, up the ramp and more monsters await you. Defeat 
the Spore Monster, and any Flower Monsters it might have unleashed. Continue
up the path, and when you hit the rope, go right bewteen the two rocks and 
there will be a hidden path. Defeat any monsters along the way, and jump down
to the little island. Jump across the next one, and in the middle of all the
baggusses will be the Arbendus Flower. From there, go up the fallen tree trunk,
and take the Light Mote. (HINT: When bagguss plants open, a poisonous gas will
unleash. Be wary of this, but the effect will die soon, and usually little 
damage is taken). Return to Angus' Apothecary and get your reward of 500 NP.
 --Drackon Ridge
	Spyder Venom
 Before crossing the bridge to Cogham, go a little beyond that to some rocks
with some poisonous spyders. Kill 5 to get the 5 vials of their poison. Back
at the Curious Wonders shop, Gamon will give you 500 NP
 --Cogham Steppes
	Growth Pod
 If you happened to get one of these in the first couple steppes, talk to the 
food shoppe owner in the village. She'll give you a Red Negg if you do! If you 
haven't, dont freak; we'll come back, Act 3. 
 --Meridell Plains
	Magic Skull
 You'll be out in Meridell Plains. Use your map to help find your way toward
Brightvale. Cross after a bridge, and you'll come to a sign. Head past it, and
a little along the way to Brightvale are some steppes. Climb them, and on top 
is a zipline rope thing. After the long cross, head into the Haunted Tomb. Head
down the stairs, and save your game. The path here on is straightforward, so
I'm not going to fully explain it. However, when you come across a Skeleton 
Archer, you'll defeat it for the Magic Skull. You don't need to go any further
after that, however, I do recommend it since you'll get a Red Negg and a 4-leaf
clover if you fully explore the tomb. After emerging from here, head back to
Meridell real quickly since you might not have another chance in a long time.
Morag will give you 750 NP in return for the skull.

*Act 2
	Harris Rescue
 From where the old aisha is, head over to the library entrance. There are some 
vines you can climb to reach the tree branch. After doing so, walk over to the 
Harris. Even if you fall from the tree after talking to the Harris, you will 
still get it. The Old Aisha gives you a potion of power in return.

                                 --9. Petpets--

Petpets are very useful, from restoring your health to powering up your attacks
  You have to feed them any kind of food in order for them to be "activated".
     Other petpets are monsters, parts of quests, and just...decoration.

 --These adorable little dog-foxes increase your attack power.
 --These dragonlike things help increase your defense/armor.
 --These one eyed kitties slowly increase restore magic. They also reveal 
hidden things.(HINT:HIDDEN TOWER!) 
 --These mice are used for quests, meaning you have to catch them.
 --Do you have to kiss them, or what? =]
 --These little lions slowly increase restore health.
 --Every petpet in one! Although it excludes the Turtum, Miamouse, and Whinny,
they are the best petpet to have, which is why they are rare.
 --Used to jump to higher ground. Hit shell, jump onto it, and wait for it to
 --These horselike things are used for quests; you have to round them up.


                                 --10. Monsters--

Monsters are the enemies that appear more then once. They are listed by their
   magic alignment. Air vs Earth, Dark vs Light, and Fire vs Water. It is 
    essential to have the right mote attached to defeat them easily. 

 --Minion Archer (Blue)
 --Minion Grunt (Blue)
 --Mountain Crokabek
 --Swamp Crokabek
 --Flower Monster
 --Flower Monster (Walking)
 --Ixi Spearman
 --Ixi Archer
 --Ixi Henchman
 --Minion Archer (Yellow)
 --Minion Brute (Yellow)
 --Minion Warrior (Light Blue)
 --Plant Gunner
 --Poison Flower Monster
 --Poison Flower Monster (Walking)
 --Poison Spyder
 --Spore Monster
 --Dumb Skeleton
 --Poisonous Spyder
 --Skeleton Wizard
 --Skeleton Fighter
 --Giant Drackonack
 --Minion Archer (Red)
 --Minion Artillery
 --Minion Brute (Red)
 --Minion Magician (Red)
 --Werelupe Basher
 --Werelupe Bone Thrower
 --Werelupe Elite
 --Minion Magician (Yellow)
 --Minion Brute (Blue)
 --Swamp Tentacle

*NOTE: A lot of monsters' alignments are not known, so please email me telling
me the right alignment. Also, I have trouble remembering the Minions' names
and alignments. (EX. Minion Archer:Fire?) And another thing. I am missing a lot
of monsters, so please do not hesitate to email me.


                                --11. Bosses--  

 This section contains info on each boss in the game, and how to defeat them
                      without using so much as 10 juppies.

*Juppie Monster (Act 1)
 --Location: Shadowglen Woods
 --Difficulty: Easy
 --Alignment: Earth (Use an Air Mote on your Sword and Earth for both Shield
and Armor)
 --How to Defeat: For every tentacle you defeat, a juppie from the ceiling 
falls. The Juppie Monster doesn't really like his precious gigantic juppies
falling, so he attacks you everytime you get near it or stand on top of it.
When he does attack you, quickly run away and he'll be the one to smash the
juppies. He'll be stunned, so quickly attack him. Hit him several times before
he regains his power. Everytime you get the chance to hit him, he'll get faster
and send more tentacles. Juppie plants are located near the entrance in which
you came through, so get them if you're running low on magic or health.

*Ixi Chieftan (Act 1)
 --Location: Cogham Steppes
 --Difficulty: Easy
 --Alignment: Earth (Use an Air Mote on your Sword and Earth for both Shield 
and Armor)
 --How to Defeat: The two henchman that reported to him in Cogham Village will
be his first defense, so quickly defeat them. He really is weak, so just attack 
him when he's not really trying to attack you or when he's powering up. You
should know when it's a good time to go and attack him, and when not to. Some-
time in the battle he'll send some Ixi Archers out to come and help him, but if
you're constantly moving, they won't be able to get a clear shot at you. He is
no big deal, so finish him off quickly. Congrats, you defeated your 2nd boss!

 --Location: Illusen's Glade/Lightwater Forest
 --Difficulty: Medium
 --Alignment: Fire (Use a Water Mote on your Sword and Fire for both Shield and
 --How to Defeat: Gnarfas is a bit tricky to defeat. It's hard to try and hit 
him, since he is barely open for attacks. He'll jump up to the trees and try to
jump on you, and whip you with his chains when you get too close to him. The 
only time you'll get to hit him is when he is stunned. If you take too long to
kill Gnarfas, the Werelupe King will attack you with his boomerang. Some point
in your battle, the Old Knight will try to aid you, but falls to the Werelupe
King. This devastates Tor, but makes no difference to your battle.

*Plague Serpent
 --Location: Bogshot Swamp
 --Difficulty: Medium
 --Alignment: Water (Use a Fire Mote on your sword/wand and a Water Mote for
Shield and Robes/Armor)
 --How to Defeat: Now the only reasons why his difficulty is medium is 1)He
takes a hell lot of time to kill and 2)He is just plain tedious. Otherwise then
that, he would be easy. Anywho, climb one of the platforms, preferably the
highest one possible. He'll dive in the water, appear in the front or behind
you. Now, the only attacks you should run away from is the poison breath and
hypnosis. However, when he's about to headbutt you, use your shield, but if
you do it too early, he'll use another attack (obviously you won't be using
Roberta here). Once he falls from the blow, jump down and attack at him until
he goes back up. The more health you cut from him, the more platforms will
get crushed. After like 5 hours, he'll fall =]

*Werelupe King
 --Location: Werelupe Burrows
 --Difficulty: Easy
 --Alignment: Fire (Use a Water Mote on your sword and Fire for both Shield and 
 --How to Defeat: You would think the Werelupe King, King of all Werelupes,
would know a few tricks up his sleeve. Surprisingly, he is actually a lot like
the Ixi Chieftan. He is no challenge, really; the only thing difficult is well
he...actually I can't think of anything. Although Torak told you not to, 
hacking recklessly at him might be a good strategy. I said MIGHT.


                                --12. Items--

*Regular Items
 --Health Restoration Items
	Red Juppie...
Restores a small amount of health. Very common.
Restores a large amount of health. Somewhat uncommon.
Restores a huge amount of health. A little rare.
	Kauvara's Potion...
Restores all lost health and prevents you from taking damage for a little while
"The most rare potion"

 --Magic Restoration Items
	Purple Juppie...
Restores a small amount of magic. Very common.
Restores a large amount of magic. Somewhat uncommon.
Restores a huge amount of magic. A little rare.	
	Fyora's Potion...
Restores all lost magic and regenerates magic energy for a little while. Very

 --Curative Items
Cures poison...but tastes nasty!
	Spyder Juice Elixir...
Use for temporary immunity to poisons.
	Dispelling Potion...
Removes all curses, and temporarily makes you impervious to new ones.
	Ointment of Curing...
Use of temporary immunity to slow-down effects.
	Unguent of Curing...
Instantly cures poisons, curses, and slow-down effects.

	Speckled Negg...
Rejuvanates a small amount of health and magic
	Striped Negg...
Rejuvanates a large amount of health and magic
	Silver Negg...
Rejuvanates all lost health and magic!
	Red Negg...
Increases maximum amount of health (Used automatically)
	Starry Negg...
Increases maximum amount of magic (Used automatically)
	Golden Negg...
Increases both magic and health (Used automatically)

 --Other Potions
	Potion of Revival...
Use to immediately revive a fainted hero
	Potion of Heroism...
All attacks will do more damage instantly
	Potion of Meerca Speed...
Use to run as fast as a speeding meerca

	Leaf Mote/Rock Mote
Found basically everywhere where there is land, used for poisonous magic toxins
	Fog Mote/Wind Mote
Mostly in mountainous areas, used to push with force and shocking effects
	Smoke Mote/Shadow Mote
Hidden or dark places is where it's at, used to absorb energy from enemies
	Light Mote/Sun Mote
Wherever there is light is where it's found, used to cause confusion
	Fire Mote/Lava Mote
As long as it's warm, it's out there, used to set things on fire
	Bubble Mote/Water Mote
Rivers, Lakes, and watery places, this is used to freeze things
 --Every Alignment
	Nova Mote/Supernova Mote
Rare and very valuable, this is every mote in one!

                             --13. Money Making--
  Money makes the world go round! Literally. It actually keeps it in tact. Or
whatever you spell it. Yes, it buys your sword, juppie, negg, mote, courage...
                       ha! That should already be there.
                        Places of interest to try out...
 --Meridell Arena
	1) Rogue: Wooden Shield
	2) Ixi Henchman: 500 NP
	3) Sludgy: 750 NP
	4) Skeleton Fighter: 1,000 NP
	5) Werelupe Elite: 2,000 NP
 --Wheel of Chance
 	Spin the wheel to earn the grand prize of 170 NP? Time your stops. I
find it much easier to stop the wheel after the first spin.


                                 --14. Shops--

*Bogshot Village
 --Sunnyfields Fine Foods
	Red Juppie: 28 NP
	Purple Juppie: 22 NP	
	Ergyfruit: 125 NP
	Speckled Negg: 100 NP
	Bagguss: 25 NP
 --Curios Curios
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map: 375 NP
	Red Negg: 1,000 NP
	Starlight Potion: 300 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map: 200 NP
	Tone of Warding: 2,500 NP
 --Bogshot Apothecary
 	Spyder Juice Elixir: 150 NP
	Potion of Revival: 100 NP
 --Fruits of Brightvale
	Bagguss: 50 NP
	Red Juppie: 25 NP
	Purple Juppie: 20 NP
	Starberry: 40 NP
	Chokato: 60 NP
 --Brightvale Motery
	Smoke Mote: 120 NP
	Light Mote: 130 NP
	Fire Mote: 110 NP
	Wind Mote: 80 NP
	Leaf Mote: 90 NP
	Nova Mote: 400 NP
 --Matkin's Maps
	Bogshot Treasure Map: 220 NP
	Brightvale Treasure Map: 200 NP
	Brightvale Road Treasure Map: 240 NP
	Crossroads Treasure Map: 280 NP
	Werelupe Woods Treasure Map: 300 NP
 --The Royal Potionry
	Spyder Juice Elixir: 150 NP
	Potion of Power: 400 NP
 --Brightvale Armoury
	Knight's Shield: 1,500 NP
	Magic Robes: 2,000 NP

*Cogham Village
 --The Peachpa Hut
	Purple Juppie: 20 NP
	Red Juppie: 25 NP
	Peachpa: 150 NP
 --Brennan's Anvil
	Knight's Sword: 1,500 NP
	Enchanter's Wand: 2,000 NP
 --Treasures and Trinkets
	Starlight Potion: 300 NP
	Potion of Revival: 100 NP
	Starry Negg: 800 NP
	Shadowglen Treasure Map: 225 NP
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map: 260 NP
 --Ingmar's Armoury
	Iron Shield: 800 NP

*Drackon Ridge
 --Motara's Marvelous Motes
	Sun Mote: 280 NP
	Lava Mote: 260 NP
	Shadow Mote: 240 NP
	Wind Mote: 250 NP
	Rock Mote: 230 NP
	Wizard's Gown: 6,000 NP

 --Potionmaker Fizlar
	Potion of Meerca Speed: 500 NP
	Dispelling Potion: 180 NP
	Spyder Juice Elixir: 150 NP
 --Shopkeep Visal
	Purple Juppie: 20 NP
	Speckled Negg: 75 NP
	Starberry: 40 NP
	Red Juppie: 25 NP
	Chokato: 60 NP
 --Hidden Tower
	Sorcerer's Wand: 7,000 NP
	Faerie Dress: 8,000 NP
	Golden Shield: 4,000 NP
	Silver Negg: 1,500 NP
	Golden Negg: 5,000 NP
	Fyora's Potion: 1,500 NP
	Kauvara's Potion: 2,000 NP

*Illusen's Glade
 --Nothin but Neggs!
	Speckled Negg: 75 NP
	Silver Negg: 600 NP
	Golden Negg: 2,000 NP
	Striped Negg: 250 NP

*Gord the Merchant
 Starberry: 50 NP
 Bagguss: 60 NP
 Striped Negg: 300 NP
 Bogshot Treasure Map x2: 200, 250 NP
 Chokato: 75 NP
 4-Leaf Clover: 500 NP
 Potion of Revival: 150 NP
 Starlight Potion: 400 NP
 Meriload Mine Treasure Map: 250 NP
 Meridell Farms Treasure Map: 250 NP
 Steppe Plateau Treasure Map: 300 NP
 Lightwater Treasure Map: 400 NP
 Bogshot Swamp Treasure Map: 300 NP
 Brightvale Treasure Map: 300 NP
 Crossroads Treasure Map: 400 NP
 Brightvale Road Treasure Map: 300 NP

 --Rory the Shady Guy
	Drackon Ridge Treasure Map x2: 200 NP
	Meridell Plains Treasure Map: 200 NP
	Meri Acres Farm Treasure Map: 200 NP
	Illusen's Glade Treasure Map: 300 NP
	Meridell Farms Treasure Map: 200 NP
 --Angus' Apothecary
	Spyder Juice Elixir: 125 NP
	Potion of Power: 400 NP
	Potion of Meerca Speed: 500 NP
 --Meridell Food 'n Slop
	Red Juppie: 22 NP
	Starberry: 40 NP
	Bagguss: 40 NP
	Chokato: 50 NP
	Purple Juppie: 20 NP
 --Mistress Morag's Magical Merchandise
	Light Mote: 130 NP
	Fire Mote: 110 NP
	Smoke Mote: 120 NP
	Bubble Mote: 80 NP
	Leaf Mote: 90 NP
	Sorcerer's Wand: 7,000 NP
 --Meridell Smithy
	Squire Sword: 500 NP
 --The Village Armoury
	Wooden Shield: 400 NP
 --Shoppe of Curious Wonders
	Speckled Negg: 70 NP
	Ointment of Quickness: 125 NP
	Dispelling Potion: 125 NP
	Meridell Castle Treasure Map: 200 NP

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