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Cheats » Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter X » Xenosaga: Episode 2 - Strategy Guide (Page 01)

|                        Xenosaga Gurus Complete Guide                        |
|                                     for                                     |
|             Xenosaga: Episode 2  Jenseits von Gut und Böse (US)             |
|                                                                             |
|                     Author:  Tomas                                          |
|                     E-mail:                     |
|                     Website:                  |
|                                                                             |
|                          Version:     0.8                                   |
|                          Last update: March 2 2005                          |

This guide is copyrighted (C) 2005 Tomas Liem & The Gurus Network and may not
be reproduced electronically, written, in print or through any other means,
partially or completely, under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of the
copyright and therefore the rights of the copyright holders.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

<> Section 1: FAQ Information <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><

//// 1.1 Index ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

NOTE: Due to the FAQ still being written as of this time, a lot of sections are
      still empty. Finished sections will be marked with a *.

Section 1: FAQ Information
   1.1 Index
   1.2 Introduction
   1.3 Conventions
   1.4 Version History
   1.5 Frequently Asked Questions
   1.6 Contact Information

Section 2: Game Information (incomplete)
   2.1 The Story
   2.2 Characters
   2.3 Gameplay

Section 3: Walkthrough (partially complete)
   --disk 1--
   3.1 Old Miltia*
       3.1.1 Before starting*
       3.1.2 Landing on Old Miltia*
       3.1.3 Familiar Faces*
   3.2 Second Miltia*
       3.2.1 The Chase is On*
       3.2.2 Exploring the City*
   3.3 The Encephalon*
       3.3.1 Subconscious Domain (Summer)*
       3.3.2 Subconscious Domain (Winter)*
   --disk 2--
   3.4 The Dämmerung*
       3.4.1 Research Block*
       3.4.2 Elsa*
   3.5 Ormus Stronghold*
       3.5.1 Fortress Surface*
       3.5.2 Inside the Stronghold*
   3.6 Intermission*
   3.7 Submerged City*
   3.8 Labyrinthos*
   3.9 Intermission*
   3.10 Omega System*
   3.11 Space-time Anomaly*

Section 4: Complete Information (incomplete)
   4.1 Skills
      4.1.1 Ethers
      4.1.2 Learnable
      4.1.3 Equippable
      4.1.4 Other?
   4.2 Tech Attacks
      4.2.1 Single Techs
      4.2.2 Double Techs
   4.3 E.S. Attacks
   4.4 Items
      4.4.1 Items
      4.4.2 Special Items
      4.4.3 Accessories
   4.4 Bestiary
   4.5 Segment Addresses & Decoder Keys
   4.6 Global Samaritan Campaign

//// 1.2 Introduction /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (from this point on just Episode
2 or Xenosaga 2) is the sequel to Namco's Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur
Macht (February 2003). That game introduced us to the researcher Shion, battle
android KOS-MOS, the enigmatic chaos, the cute Realian MOMO, her guardian
cyborg Ziggy, and the mysterious gunslinging Jr.

As they made their way through disaster after disaster, not much was revealed
about their purpose, except for their destination: the planet of Second Miltia.
Before they could get there, a lot of things happened however, and Xenosaga 1's
story ended as our heroes descended to Second Miltia on the spaceship Elsa.
That is where Xenosaga 2 begins.

The intention of this guide is to help you make your way throughout the game,
past the difficult points and with all the extras that have been hidden all
throughout the game.

If you do not want the game spoiled for you in any way, do not use the guide
until you have finished the game at least once. Although spoilers are being
kept to a minimum, it is impossible to ensure that they will not ruin your
gaming experience. If you have no qualms about that, you should find the
walkthrough a useful assistant to get you through the game with as many of the
secrets as possible.

//// 1.3 Conventions //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In this guide several conventions are used so that the reader/player can find
his/her way through the game with the help of this guide.

Directions are described as the four compass directions (or a combination
thereof). Assuming the character is in the middle of your screen, north means
pushing the directional button (or left analog stick) upwards so that the the
character will walk further into the background. South means pushing the pad or
stick downwards, causing the character to approach the front and bottom of the
screen. West and east are synonyms for the left and right side of the screen

The four buttons are described by the image on top of them, i.e. TRIANGLE,
CIRCLE, X and SQUARE. They will always be capitalized to avoid confusion. The
same for the START and SELECT buttons, or the R1, R2 and L1 buttons.

The guide is divided into several main sections, each of which are divided into
subsections and have been numbered to make locating a specific section much

//// 1.4 Version History //////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Version 0.1  : - Old Miltia Walkthrough completed
 02/15/2005    - Second Miltia Walkthrough completed

Version 0.2  : - Encephalon Walkthrough completed
 02/18/2005    - Disk One completed

Version 0.3  : - Dämmerung Walkthrough completed
 02/19/2005    - Ormus Stronghold Walkthrough completed
               - Intermission Walkthrough started

Version 0.4  : - Intermission Walkthrough completed

Version 0.5  : - Submerged City Walkthrough completed
 02/22/2005    - Labyrinthos Walkthrough completed

Version 0.6  : - Intermission #2 Walkthrough completed
 02/26/2005    - Omega System Walkthrough started

Version 0.7  : - Omega System Walkthrough continued

Version 0.8  : - Omega System Walkthrough completed
 03/02/2005    - Space-time Anomaly Walkthrough completed

//// 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions ///////////////////////////////////////////

Send an email with your question to the email address listed under Contact
Information and if it is something unanswered, it will be added here.

//// 1.6 Contact Information //////////////////////////////////////////////////


Make sure to put "Xenosaga Guide" in the topic, and no attachments, or the mail
filter will delete your email as spam.

<> Section 3: Walkthrough <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><

------------------------------[ DISK ONE ]-------------------------------------

//// 3.1 Old Miltia ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

--+ 3.1.1 Before starting +----------------------------------------------------

When you start a new game, the first thing you will be asked is whether or not
you want to load a Clear Game savegame file from Xenosaga Episode 1. If you
have completed Episode 1 before and saved the Clear Game save file as you were
prompted, then loading this at the start of Episode 2 will get you a few very
useful extras.

First of all, loading a Clear Game save will give you the Swimsuit skill for
KOS-MOS and Ziggy, which is unavailable for them in the game in any other way.
This skill will increase the amount of Skill Points (S.Pts) after a fight. It
will also increase your Agility by 1. And last but not least it will increase
the damage you deal as well. You will also gain the Geriatric Swimsuit
(Allen's?), but the purpose of this item is unknown right now.

Second, each of your six Xenosaga characters will gain an amount of Skill
Points based on the level that character had after finishing Episode 1. This
will help immensely in the first stages of the game, as some of the skills you
can get early on with these points are lifesavers. The formula for this is:

S.Pts = 600 + (character level * 30)

So basically every level that one of your Episode 1 characters has will give
him/her 30 extra Skill Points to spend at the start of the game.

If you do not have an Episode 1 Clear Game save, you can still play the game
without too many problems, but you may need to spend some more time in random
battles to earn some extra Skill Points to earn specific skills.

--+ 3.1.2 Landing on Old Miltia +----------------------------------------------

Enemies:                 Weak zone:
Stole Marine             N/A
Kfuga Lily               N/A

After the introduction and a spectacular aerial combat cutscene, you will find
yourself controlling E.S. Asher. It has just landed in a commercial district on
Old Miltia. The next few screens will mainly be used by the game to explain
the controls and combat concepts of the game. If this is your first time
playing this game, or even if you are a veteran Episode 1 player, make sure to
read the tutorials thoroughly. The knowledge acquired here will make the
battles go a lot easier.

Once you are ready, move southwest and you will encounter a yellow save point.
chaos will explain how it works. When you move over it, you will hear a sound
and you can then press the CIRCLE button to access the save menu and save your
game. You will also gain full HP and EP if you touch one, so keep this in mind
for when you are low on HP/EP and there is a save point nearby. Feel free to
save at this point.

Head southwest into the next screen and continue moving in that direction until
you encounter a large truck blocking your path. Canaan will explain how to
destroy objects such as these. Use the SQUARE button as he tells you to blow up
the truck. Move further down the road and blow up all the other objects you
encounter. When you get a little further, Canaan will explain how to blow up
multiple items and how to change which one you are targeting.

Now go further west and destroy the big tank to the north. Blow up the two
pieces of debris behind it to uncover a treasure chest with a Power Shield, an
accessory for your E.S. If you equip it on E.S. Asher, you will gain 20% extra
damage reduction when defending. To do this, bring up the game menu with the
TRIANGLE button and use the R2 button to go to the Status menu. Use the CIRCLE
button and the directional pad or left analog stick to move the cursor to E.S.
Asher, and thenselect it with the CIRCLE button. You will find the Power Shield
in the list of available accessories. Now equip it by selecting it and pressing
the CIRCLE button. Press the TRIANGLE button again to return to the game.

Continue further southwest down the path, destroying any debris on the way. You
will see another cutscene, after which you will enter combat with an enemy
A.M.W.S. Read the tutorial to understand the basics of E.S. combat. Other than
using boost when the tutorial tells you to, feel free to kill the enemies in
any way you want.

As you will notice after the battle, in Xenosaga 2, even S.E. units will gain
experience! This will raise their stats, making them more powerful. They do not
have any skills however, so there is no need to time enemy deaths on turns
where the Skill Point boost event is active.

Continue further west and you will encounter the first colored trap. Blowing
these up before engaging the enemy next to them will give you a certain edge
during the battle. The yellow trap will give you some free Stock energy, which
means you can pull off a special attack on your first turn. Blow it up before
the enemy spots you, then while it is stunned from the explosion, run into the
enemy to begin combat. Always be sure the trap has blown up before you engage,
or you may enter combat without said effect.

You will notice that almost every enemy you defeat will drop an item. This can
be anything from a consumeable item to recover HP to an accessory you can equip
on your character or E.S. Be careful when using recovery items, as they cannot
be bought from stores in this game.

After defeating the enemy, move north into the parking lot and blow up the cars
and tanks to uncover a Nano Repair A and a Nano Sphere. Then continue west,
destroying the A.M.W.S. unit, and blow up the debris to uncover another Nano
Repair A. Walk north and blow up the red trap, which will give you a filled up
Boost Bar when fighting the nearby enemy. Once you defeat it, move northeast
into the next area for another cutscene.

--+ 3.1.3 Familiar Faces +-----------------------------------------------------

Enemies:                 Weak zone:
U-TIC Soldier A          BB
U-TIC Soldier B          CB
E2 Hauser                CC

Your party will now consist of chaos and Jin Uzuki. Canaan is also part of your
party but he is not an active participant in combat. Use the status menu to
check up on your two partymembers. Jin will be level 5 and start off with 600
Command Points (C.Pts) and 600 Skill Points (S.Pts). chaos will be level 4 and
by default he will also have 600 C.Pts and 600 S.Pts. If you loaded a Clear
Game file from Episode 1 however, he will probably have about 2000 S.Pts,
depending on his level in your Clear Game file. Note that Jin will not be
affected by this, as he is a new character introduced in Episode 2.

Since you already have some S.Pts, now is a good time to have your characters
learn a few useful skills for the upcoming battles. Compared to Episode 1
however, the skill system has had a major overhaul. The skill tree is made up
of four levels, each of which is divided into eight or less classes. Each of
these classes contains four skills you can learn by spending Skill Points
(S.Pts), but you need to spend a certain amount of Class Points (C.Pts) first
to make a specific class available.

For starters, teach chaos the Medica skill by selecting Level 1, moving right,
selecting class A, and then pressing the CIRCLE button to spend 300 C.Pts to
make class A accessible. Now move right again to see the list of skills
available in class A. Press the CIRCLE button when Medica is selected to spend
200 S.Pts to teach chaos the Medica ether. Do the same thing to teach him
Refresh L, which is an ether to heal L status effects.

From this point on the location of skills in the skill tree will be referred to
by level/link/skill. For Medica this means 1/A/1, for Refresh L this means
1/A/2. Now teach chaos the STR+2 (1/B/3) and VIT+2 (1/B/4) skills. You will
probably have noticed the different icons next to the skills. The green icon
with the blue drop represents ether skills which can be used in combat. The red
icon with a person in it represents skills that once learned are always active.
The red icon with a golden ring is for skills that can be equipped in the
Status menu. STR+2 and VIT+2 are two such skills, so go to the Status menu to
equip them on chaos.

You will notice that making class A and B accessible has used up all your
C.Pts. Unlike S.Pts which you will receive after every character battle, you
can only get more C.Pts by having a character be in your battle party for a
boss fight, or by having a character learn all skills in one of the classes you
already have access to. In other words, try not to learn skills from too many
different classes at once, or you will need to spend a considerable amount of
S.Pts to get new C.Pts to access new classes.

In a similar way, the higher levels will not be accessible until you master
several classes in each level. Take all this into account when teaching your
characters new skills. Some skills in the tree are unavailable until you have
acquired certain items in the game.

If you have some extra S.Pts left on chaos from the Clear Game bonus, go ahead
and teach chaos Poison Guard (1/A/3) and Blind Guard (1/A/4) to finish up with
class A. Doing so will earn chaos 450 C.Pts and make the level 2 skill branch
available. There is no point learning those yet however, as they require a lot
more S.Pts than you have at this time. Having the extra S.Pts bonus from the
Clear Game save will really help you out here, as you will have enough S.Pts to
learn some of the more helpful skills like Medica 2.

If you have the necessary S.Pts, you may want to consider teaching chaos
Analyze (1/C/1) and Memory (1/C/2). The first one will let you see more
information about the enemy you are fighting, and the second skill will let you
remember so-called Break Zones, which will make defeating enemies considerably

Jin comes with Medica and Refresh L already learned, which saves you some S.Pts
for other skills. Teach him STR+2 and VIT+2 and equip them. Also, if you have
not taught chaos Memory, go ahead and teach it to Jin. Make sure at least one
of them has the skill before you go into battle. Teach Jin the Poison Guard and
Blind Guard skills as well to round up class A so he has more C.Pts and can
learn level 2 skills. Since they are always active, learning them is never a

There is a save point nearby which you should use to save your game at this
point. Redoing all the skill customizing can be a pain if you happen to die.

Explore the area slightly to the east, destroying all the rubble to uncover a
chest with a Revive S. Now go fight the U-TIC soldier a little to the north.
The battle will start with another tutorial which you should pay close
attention to because understanding the battlesystem is the key to winning a lot
of the much tougher battles later on. The U-TIC Soldier A enemy has weak zone
BB. Having learned Memory, any known enemy weak zones will be displayed when
fighting an enemy of that same type, so make sure at least one member of your
party always has this skill! For more information about weak zones and the
combat system, see the the Gameplay section.

Once you win the battle continue further east to the next screen. The treasure
chest is unreachable right now, you will come back for it later. On the next
screen, destroy the car and the nearby wall panel to uncover Segment Address
No. 14! Examine it to have it added to your Segment File. You will come back
here later once you find the appropriate Decoder.

Continue further down the road and fight another U-TIC Soldier. This one is of
a different type than before and also has a different weak zone, CB. The E2
Hauser enemy has weak zone CC. This battle has another tutorial that will
explain about the Stock command, boosting and Double Attacks. Note that Jin
and chaos can use the Ice Brand Double Attack together.

Once you have defeated the enemies, climb the ladder and go all the way west,
then destroy the rubble at the end of the path for Skill Upgrade D x3. Climb
back down and go east to the next area. Fight the U-TIC soldier and move on
until you reach the four moving green rings. Blow up all of them to obtain a
Bio Sphere.

Go further east and use the trap to make the fight against the U-TIC soldiers a
little easier. Ignore the door to the north for now and move on.

After the cutscene, save at the save point and destroy the ad towers further
down the road. Move into the next area for another cutscene and a boss fight.

| BOSS 01 | Margulis                                                          |
| HP:        1000 | STR:   24 | DEX:  23 | Item:      Revive DX               |
| E.Pts:     2500 | VIT:   11 | EVA:   0 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
| C.Pts:      400 | EATK:  34 | AGL:  10 |                                    |
| S.Pts:      150 | EDEF:  18 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  CB                                                              |
| Weakness:   physical attacks, ice, slash                                    |
| Other:      counter boost                                                   |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Dakshina Marg (Slash) - Slash damage vs one character                    |
| 2. Amavasya (Slash) - Slash damage vs one character                         |
| 3. Brahma - Increase Aim - Raises Margulis' accuracy                        |
| 4. Matrika Shakti - Break Block: prevents break status for six attack turns |
| 5. Coercion (Strike) - Ether damage vs all characters                       |

Look who we have here, an old friend! Although he may look rather intimidating,
Margulis is just the first boss of the game and fairly easy to defeat, even
with just two partymembers. His attacks do 30 to 70 damage per hit, and he gets
a turn in between each of your characters' turns, so keeping yourself healed up
is important.

At the beginning of the fight have both of your characters use Stock until they
both have a full Stock gauge, then do regular attacks (weak zone is CB) until
Margulis has 500 HP left. At this point he will use Matrika Shakti, which will
prevent you from doing a Break on him for six consecutive attacks. Instead of
doing a break chain, hit him with a few more regular attacks to get his HP down
to about 450. Make sure both your characters have more than 50 HP left or heal
up first.

During your next turn, try to time it to the Boost bonus event, boost up
your other character and use Jin and chaos's Ice Brand Double Attack, which
should hit Margulis for almost 500 damage. Just as he goes down, Margulis will
use his Coercion attack to hit both characters for about 40 damage, but that
should not matter much at this point. Once he has done his final attack, he
will die in the Boost bonus turn.

After a very energetic cutscene, the flashback will end and you will be given
the option to save. Note that this usually means that there will be a lot more
long cutscenes following, so saving is usually a good idea.

//// 3.2 Second Miltia ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

--+ 3.2.1 The Chase is On +----------------------------------------------------

Enemies:                 Weak zone:
O-78 Grisly              CB
U-TIC Soldier B          CB
U-TIC Soldier A          BB
Revised E2 Houser        CC
Executus Sagitto         N/A
PSS - P                  BB
PSS - B                  BC
Rotus TI Mk II           N/A
VOS Testud               CC
Cornicos I               CC

Once you arrive at Second Miltia and finish with the cutscenes, feel free to
explore the spaceport. The booth where Ziggy made his call can be used to look
up useful battle tactics and a short summary of the Episode 1 story. There is
also a robot to the northeast that mentions Captain Matthews' debt and lets you
help him pay it off by selling items. Ignore it for now as you will most likely
need every item you can find, since there is no such thing as money or a shop
in this game. When you come back for this later in the game and pay off the
debt, you will get some very nice rewards.

Once you are ready, save at the savepoint and exit the spaceport for another
action-packed cutscene. When it is done, you will find yourself in a new area.

For starters, have your characters learn a few helpful skills. All characters
should learn Medica (1/A/1) and Refresh L (1/A/2). Ziggy and Jr should also
learn and equip STR+2 (1/B/3) and VIT+2 (1/B/4). For MOMO, EATK+2 (1/C/3) and
VIT+2 is a good idea since ethers are her forte and she has low defense. Once
again, be sure at least one person in your party has Memory (1/C/2). If MOMO
has a lot of S.Pts remaining, you may want to invest them in some ethers in
class E to G. Since she does not have a lot of EP yet though, you may want to
wait till she has gained a few levels.

Save at the savepoint, then try to go up the ramp. A new enemy will appear to
ambush you. Its weak zone is CB, and taking it out should be easy now that you
have three characters. Once it is dead, go up the ramp and reach the exit by
blowing up all the crates.

Outside, go down the stairs to the west and blow up the crate to obtain Skill
Upgrade A x5. Then go back east and down the stairs to reach the streaming
water. Go north and keep running, eventually some U-TIC soldiers will catch up
with you. Their weak zone is CB and BB, but you should already know that since
you already fought them on Old Miltia.

Blow up the grate blocking you from going down further, and drop down only to
crash into another enemy. The weak zone of the Revised E2 Houser is CC. Climb
up the ladder and blow up the crates for an Antidote L. Continue up the ladders
and exit back outside for another cutscene.

Once you have control back, blow up the gate and head further down the path.
Blow up the container for an Ether Pack S, then head onwards. Occasionally an
enemy will catch up with you as you run. Blow up another container for Revive S
x2. At the end of the path is another trap that may help you fend off the last
soldier that is chasing you.

In the next area as you run down the path, a large mech will follow you. Just
stop and fight it, because it will eventually overtake you anyway. Executus
Sagitto is more like a mini-boss because you do not get any C.Pts from this
battle, nor is it very hard.

The enemy is slow and weak against ether attacks, making MOMO your primary
attacker for this battle. There is no weak zone, and because you were being
chased, your characters start with their back to the enemy, making them very
vulnerable. To remedy this have MOMO move behind the enemy and have your other
two characters attack on their first turn to have them face the enemy. From
then on just have MOMO stock to full and let her full attack chain unleash once
she is ready. Once again, remember to do this during a Skill Points bonus event

Once Executus Sagitto is defeated, head up the stairs at the end of the road.
At this point you will probably want to replace MOMO in your party with your
reserve member because the next few enemies hit very hard.

As soon as you run into the area, you will be engaged by a chopper and some new
soldier enemies with very nasty attacks. Focus on taking them out one at a time
and heal when needed because you will be dead before you know it. Also try to
take out enemies on one side first, because you will be suffering from a lot of
back hits in this battle, which can kill your party pretty quickly.

Once the battle is over, immediately run over to the northwest before the net
catches up with you. If it touches you, you will be forced into another battle,
which is probably not a good idea since you will be heavily wounded. Blow up
the object on the north side of the road for Revive S x2, then cross over to
the southern side for Skill Upgrade A x5. Cross over to the western side and go
north where you can blow up the gate to reach another savepoint. Be sure to
heal up here and save. If you feel weak, you can fight some battles by running
in to the nets for some extra experience and S.Pts.

When you are ready, go back to the save point and take the elevator up. Destroy
the objects along your path, receiving Bio Sphere x2 in the process. Once you
reach the open area, you will enter another boss fight.

| BOSS 02 | O-88 Libro                                                        |
| HP:        3360 | POW:   40 | DEX:  20 | Item:      Auxiliary Armor B       |
| E.Pts:     5800 | ARM:   24 | EVA:  18 | Rare item: G ST Double             |
| C.Pts:      600 | EATK:  42 | AGL:   7 |                                    |
| S.Pts:      450 | EDEF:  10 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  AA                                                              |
| Weakness:   ether attacks, thunder, pierce                                  |
| Other:      boost                                                           |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Octo Ray (Beam) - Beam damage vs one character                           |
| 2. Sonic Boom (Strike) - Physical damage vs all characters                  |
| 3. ASM 1229 (Strike/Fire) - Fire damage vs all characters                   |

First things first in this battle is the new type of weak zone. AA can only be
performed by characters with ranged attacks, in this case Jr. and MOMO. To
accomplish this, they will need to perform two CIRCLE attacks in a row, meaning
they will need at least one Stock. To benefit the most from this weakness, use
both MOMO and Jr., have them charge to full stock and then do a full CIRCLE
attack chain, boost the other character into it and unleash all his/her CIRCLE
attacks as well. That should already pretty much kill the boss. If that is not
enough, just rinse and repeat.

What you need to be careful of in this battle is the boss's area attack, ASM
1229, which has a wide arc of damage that will hit three characters standing
right next to eachother. What is special in this fight is that there is a
fourth character slot to the left that you can move a character to. Move either
your leftmost or middle character there as soon as possible to prevent all
characteres from getting hit simultaneously.

Once the boss has been hit a few times by AA attacks, it will mention breaking
its monitor, after which it will be able to use the Sonic Boom attack. Be sure
to keep HP up at all times as this can quickly wipe out your party.

After the battle, target the crane and destroy the lock on it to form a bridge
to the other side. Cross over and go into the next area.

Blow up the barrier blocking your way and a new type of enemy will ambush you.
Its weakness is CC, so put that to good advantage. Further down the path you
will find four objects which can be destroyed. The one on the top left contains
another enemy, while the one bottom right contains Revive S x2.

Further down the road you will encounter a new type of crab mech with weak zone
CC. It is accompanied by another chopper, so use Jr., chaos and Ziggy to take
on the crabs before switching MOMO back in to have her and Jr. take out the

Go inside the building and save. Then examine the red sign in the back. Exit to
the west then run up the stairs. A group of crabs will follow you up the stairs
so run as fast as you can. You can fight them if you want, but this will leave
you wounded for the upcoming boss fight. As soon as you go outside, you will
encounter your next two enemies...

| BOSS 03a | Scutum                                                           |
| HP:        4800 | POW:   50 | DEX:  20 | Item:      Auxiliary Armor B       |
| E.Pts:     6800 | ARM:   24 | EVA:   8 | Rare item: Charge Boost            |
| C.Pts:      150 | EATK:  22 | AGL:   4 |                                    |
| S.Pts:      500 | EDEF:   5 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
| Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, aura, thunder, pierce                      |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Fine Ray (Beam) - Beam damage vs one character                           |
| 2. Lightning's Grace - Adds Thunder damage-type to attacks                  |
| 3. Armor Field - Raises ARM                                                 |
| 4. Medica - Recovers a minor amount of HP                                   |
| 5. Refresh L - Removes an L-type status effect                              |
| 6. Sentenza (Strike, L Slow) - Physical damage vs one character, induces    |
|                                L Slow                                       |
| 7. Down Dex () - Lowers target character's DEX                              |
| 8. ??                                                                       |
| BOSS 03b | Pilum                                                            |
| HP:        3360 | POW:   40 | DEX:  30 | Item:      EF Circuit B            |
| E.Pts:     6200 | ARM:   16 | EVA:  12 | Rare item: Tuned Circuit           |
| C.Pts:      450 | EATK:  35 | AGL:   5 |                                    |
| S.Pts:      400 | EDEF:  22 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
| Weakness:   physical attacks, beam, aura, thunder, pierce                   |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Impulsion (Pierce, L Weak) - Pierce damage vs one character, induces     |
|                                 L Weak effect                               |
| 2. Transfer Additional Ammo - Enables Egalite Launcher                      |
| 3. Attacker - Raises POW, lowers ARM                                        |
| 4. Egalite Launcher (Fire) - Fire damage vs all characters                  |

During this battle you will be facing two A.M.W.S. units at the same time.
Scutum is the large, bulky A.M.W.S. and your primary target. Pilum has less HP,
but Scutum's ability to heal means it needs to be taken out first. The pilots
of both units will waste several turns talking to you, so that gives you a good
chance to raise your Stock to maximum.

For this battle be sure to include MOMO, as she will do massive damage against
both enemies. Have her charge up Stock to full and unleash the full 4x CIRCLE
combo on Scutum, preferably in a Critical event turn. This will do a good 1000
to 1500 damage at once. While you do this have the other characters heal or
attack. Be sure to use Refresh L to remove the L Weak effect that Pilum keeps
inflicting with his Impulsion attack.

Once Scutum drops to about 2400 HP, it will start using Lightning's Grace and
Armor Field to boost its defense and attacks. When it does this try to kill it
quickly with more CIRCLE combos from MOMO, because it will hit a lot harder

Once Scutum is dead, concentrate all fire on Pilum. Halfway through the battle
Pilum will enable its Egalite Launcher attack and raise its POW for more damage
with the Attacker skill. This will also lower its armor strength however, so
use that to finish it off quickly before it can use its Egalite Launcher attack
more than once.

--+ 3.2.2 - Exploring the City +-----------------------------------------------

After the battle you will see another series of cutscenes. You will then be in
control of Shion on the Second Miltia city map, which is layed out like this:

            U.M.N. Control Center
              /       |       \
             /        |        \
            /         |         \
Jin's house+----------+----------+Government office
           |\         |         /|
           | \        |        / |
           |  Central City Area  |
           | /                 \ |
           |/                   \|

Feel free to explore the areas. When you are ready, head to the Central Area.
The city district is divided into two areas with several buildings you can

         SECTOR ONE
|             |                   |
|             > Research Lab      |
|             | Doctor's Office   |
|             +-------------------+
|                                  > to second area
|             +  +----------------+
|             |  |                |
|             |  |                |
|             |  |                |
|             |  > Other Professor|
|             |  |                |
|             |  +----------------+
|             |  > Ballet Award   |
|             |  |                |
|             +  |                |
|                |                |
|             +--+-----------+----+
|                 UMN  Save  |
|                            |
|             +--------------+
|             |
  to city map

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