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Cheats » Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) Cheat Codes » Games Starting with the Letter X » Xenosaga: Episode 2 - Strategy Guide (Page 04)

That is all you can do on the Elsa for now, so head to the bridge and talk to
Captain Matthews to fly back to Second Miltia.

Head to Sector One of the Second Miltia Central City and enter Ballet Award at
the top of the stairs. Go up to the second floor and talk to Kate to start GS
mission 14. You cannot finish it until after Labyrinthos however.

Head back outside and enter Other Professor's Lab. Talk to Janet to start GS
mission 18. Now head to the Hospital and talk to Luty to start mission 10. You
will need to find her some seeds and fertilizer to help her grow flowers. You
will find these while you travel around finishing the other GS missions. Talk
to the old woman, Padma, further inside the hospital for some Hyper Fertilizer.

Head to Sector Two and talk to Carlos, who is standing just down the ramp east
of the escalators to start mission 34. Head into the Publishing Agency and talk
to Hammond in the southeast corner of the building for a Winter Seed.

Head back outside and go to Moby Dick's Cafe. Enter the kitchen and talk to
Chop with a female character in the lead. Offer to help him create his special
dish to start mission 6. Chop will name the buttons that you need to press to
put specific seasonings in the dish. Press the buttons he calls in the right
order within the 90 second timelimit to finish this mission succesfully! As a
reward, you will obtain Decoder 17 and a Curry Recipe (?).

Leave the kitchen through the staff entrance to the south and talk to Carlos
again. Tell him to take his date to Second Miltia to finish mission 34. Leave
the area and come back to talk to Carlos. It seems his date was a success! He
will give you your reward: Double Attack "Lion Heart" for Jin and Shion.

Head for the sewer entrance where you helped out Ciaran on disk 1. Talk to Ray
this time to start mission 12. Head down into the sewer again and run to the
northeast corner. Take the elevator down a level to reach the area for the new
puzzle, Water Tank A.

Go to the northwest corner of the area and examine the valve. Rotate the right
analog stick 15 times to open Valve 1. You will know that your rotation is at
the right speed because the controller will vibrate.

When you are done, head all the way east and go down the stairs into the water.
Head south and pass underneath the two transparent tubes, then head west to the
stairs. Go up the stairs and head to the northwest corner. Open Valve 2.

Straight south of Valve 2 is Valve 3. Open that one as well. Head back east and
this time go south past the stairs to a platform with a blinking red button.
Activate the hover platform to reach the southeast corner of the room. Just to
the southeast you will find Valve 4. Open it.

Go down the stairs to the northwest into the shallow water and cross to the
south, going up a set of stairs and heading west to Valve 5. When you are done
with it, head back southeast to Valve 6. Open the last water gate to finish up.

Go north to the stairs and through the shallow water. Go back up on the stairs
and walk northwest to a red button to create a bridge to the other part of the
room. Retrace your steps back to the elevator. Return to Ray for your reward:
Secret Key 12, which opens up the skill Safety Level (3/A/2).

Leave the Central City area and head to Vector's Second Division building. Talk
to Woody, the guy in overalls to the southeast for your first clue on ZAZA's
whereabouts. Enter the room near the elevators and talk to Narcissus, the blond
guy in the flashy outfit, for a Power Battery.

Head to the Second Miltia space port and once there, talk to the old woman near
the savepoint, Rosa, for some Hyper Fertilizer. Talk to Atash, the guy next to
her for a Summer Seed.

Board the Elsa and head into the Men's Living Room (the eastern one) and talk
to KINGSTON for a Hyper Fertilizer. Head into the Women's Living Room and talk
to DUBONNET for the Spring Seed.

Take the elevator to B1 and examine the monitor next to PANACHE. You can use
the Power Battery five times to make the image appear. Every time you use it,
one of the possible eight colors will be selected randomly. If the color has
not been picked before yet, it will be removed from the picture. Keep repeating
until the Hyper Battery runs out of charges.

Head back to Narcissus at the Vector's Second Division building to recharge it.
Keep using the battery on the monitor until the entire picture is visible. Most
likely you will have to return to Narcissus at least one more time. You will
receive a reward from PANACHE for clearing the picture out: Double Attack
"Fiery Ritornelle" for Ziggy and Jr.

When you are ready, head back up to the bridge and talk to Captain Matthews.
Tell him that you want to go to the Foundation, because that is where a lot of
the new GS missionstake place. Once you reach the Durandal, board the shuttle
down to the Kukai Foundation.

Talk to Theodore, the young kid walking around the Launch Area, to obtain a
Hyper Fertilizer. Talk to Hugo near the stairs to start mission 33.

Once on the Foundation map, head to the Fishing Lab and put one of your male
characters in the lead. Talk to the little girl, Mika, to obtain ZAZA's Clue 2.
Then talk to the man psyching up at the counter, Butch, to start mission 29.

What you need to do is find a spot on the dock, toss your line with the CIRCLE
button and then reel it back in at a certain pace by rotating the right analog
stick. The controller will vibrate if you do it correctly. This mission is
mostly based on luck, so just keep trying until you get the fish that Butch
wants. Once you have it, Butch will award you with Decoder 16 and a Red Eye
Fish Print (?).

When you are done, head to the urban area. Enter the Ironman bar and talk to
Vimala twice for some clues. Talk to Althea, the chatty girl in the skirt next
to the counter for another Hyper Fertilizer.

Head back outside and enter the Our Treasure Inn. Go behind the counter and put
either MOMO or Jr. in the lead before talking to Layla. This will start mission
31. Head upstairs and climb up the ladder to the attic. Talk to Kino to obtain
the Autumn Seed. Examine the picture on the wall to learn the name of the

Climb back down and talk to Kramer near the stairs to start mission 20. You
will need to wipe a bunch of windows using the now familiar method of rotating
the right analog stick. Vibration will mean you are doing it correctly. Wipe
all 9 windows within the time limit of two windows to obtain your reward: 
King's Key.

Head into the westernmost room of the inn to find Mallory. Talk to her to start
mission 15. Can you believe she lost her wedding ring AGAIN?!

Head outside and west to Sector 27. Go inside the East 6 Warehouse and head all
the way to the control panel in the back at the top of the stairs. Examine the
key item "King's Key" in your inventory to find the secret code. Enter it and
talk to the guy to find a hidden corridor with a treasure chest at the end
containing Skill Upgrade D x5!

Talk to Clive just to the south of the control panel where you entered the code
to start mission 30. He wants you to find new homes for King's new kittens.
Pick up the five kittens from the repair shop before you head out.

Go up to the fountain in the back of Sector 27. You will find Bonny the thief
here. Talk to her about the stolen Captain's Log. Offer to help her find a job
to start mission 17.

Go back down and enter the Lavare laundry store. Talk to the old woman Kagari
to give her one of King's kittens. Right next to her is Mallory's lost wedding
ring, so pick it as Match and pick it up. Talk to Nikita near the laundry
machines for a pink maid uniform for Bonny.

Go back outside and down the stairs, then blow up the car blocking the Parking
Area. In the back is a guy, Darrel, who will give you the Statue Blueprint to
take back to Janet.

Go save at the savepoint in Sector 37 to the east, then come back to the Smile
Bakery and talk to Johnny to start mission 22. If you mess up, you can reload
the game from that point.

You need to talk to 12 people in the area and play rock-paper-scissors with
them. You do not need to win every game, but unless you win enough, you will
fail the mission. Just the people outside is enough. You do not need to talk
with anyone inside or outside the area. When you are done, return to Johnny.
If you have had enough wins, he will reward you with Double Attack "Cross Fist"
for Ziggy and KOS-MOS.

Head east and go back into Our Treasure Inn. Return the wedding ring to Mallory
to finish her mission and obtain your reward: Secret Key 17 which unlocks the
skill "Break B15" (3/F/2).

Head all the way east past the stairs, into the storage room. Blow up the empty
book case to reveal a path into the Ironman bar. Talk to the little boy,
Adelaide, to obtain the book "Rules of High Society" for Bonny. Head to the
Ironman bar and talk to the owner behind the counter to finish the mission. He
will teach you the Double Attack "Dual Spell Ray" for Shion and chaos. Talk to
Nastya near the piano to dump another of King's kittens.

Head outside and save at the savepoint. Access the UMN through the EVS plate
and go to Subconscious Domain (Summer).

Go into the outhouse of the abandoned gas station (blow away the poster if you
had not done so before already) and examine the wall for Hugo's note. Run all
the way north to the truck and check the box next to the billboard for the
first protection to disarm.

Head south and go east to the next area. The patch with red flowers conceals
Protection 02. Head two areas eastwards to the log that you can walk down. At
the bottom you will find a patch of white flowers and the third protection
as well.

Take the path to the right and cross the log across the river (you did blow it
up back on disk 1, right?) and exit the area to the north. Cross the river by
blowing up the log at the first rock, and head to the cave to the north where
the river comes out of. Examine the wall for Protection 04.

Exit the area to the north and look for a patch of blue flowers. Examine the
tree to the north of the patch to find Protection 05.

Use the shortcut in the canyon to return to the entrance and head to the
Forbidden Encephalon Device. Remember how there used to be a shed standing
there? Examine the nearby boulder for Protection 06.

Head back to the area with the floating log and check the broken hollow log
near the path at the south entrance of the area for Protection 07.

Head north to the next area and examine the mushrooms north of the two logs
crossing the chasm for Protection 08.

Return to the area with the floating log and blow up the first three rocks to
have the log float to the easternmost point of the area. Check the rock there
for protection 09! Almost done!

Head south, back to the area with the white flowers. When you enter the area,
head southwest a bit until you encounter a rock you can blow up with a large
tree in the background. Examine it to disarm the final protection!

Hugo will appear and give you Secret Key 18, which unlocks the skill "Rare +30"
(3/F/4). Exit the UMN and head to the Foundation Launch Area. Talk to Hugo
there to finish up the mission.

Take the shuttle back to the Durandal and board the Elsa to return to Second
Miltia. When you return at the space sport, look for Marcela to the south. One
more kitten gone!

Head to Sector One of the Central City and visit Janet at the Other Professor's
Lab. You will receive the Unlock Code to the statue which you will put to use
later on.

Go back outside and visit Luty at the hospital. Examine the purple-ringed
device nearby to plant a seed. Pick the Spring Seed and use Hyper Fertilizers
until the seed grows out to a big blue flower. Talk to Luty for your reward:
Secret Key 15 which opens up the skill "Last Revenge" (3/C/4).

Head to Sector Two and visit the Publishing Agency. Talk to Augusta for more
information about Layla's parents. Talk to the little kid Agnese to hand out
another kitten. Lastly, talk to Lorraine at the computers to learn about ZAZA.

Go back outside and head to Moby Dick's Cafe. Talk to Valentino to give him the
final kitten.

You are done on Second Miltia for now. Head to the Durandal and go to the Park
Area. Talk to the Naive Mass-Produced 100 Series and choose the second option
to obtain Decoder 11 from her. Then talk to Sean to obtain another clue about
ZAZA's whereabouts.

Back to Second Miltia you go, this time to Yolanda in Sector Two. She is
standing near the ramp down to the sewer entrance. Another clue about ZAZA, and
off to the Foundation this time...

When you reach the Foundation, go to the urban area and visit Layla at the Our
Treasure Inn. Talk to her to receive the Vault Key. Examine it in your key
items list for the access code (0813). Use the key and access code to open the
vault west of the counter. Inside you will find a treasure chest with med Kit
DX x4.

Head to King's East 6 Warehouse and talk to Clive to finish the kitten mission.
Your reward: Double Attack "Cross Hilbert" for KOS-MOS and MOMO!

Go back outside and examine the Unlock Code item in your key items list for the
unlock code for the statue down below (3859). Use it on the statue to reveal
Segment Address No. 11! Since you picked up the Decoder from the Realian in
the Durandal earlier, you can open it up. Inside is Secret Key 23, which will
unlock the skill EP Half (3/H/3). If you can afford the huge Skill Point cost,
teach this to your Ether users like MOMO and Shion.

Talk to Jessica, the old woman east of the fountain for another ZAZA clue. Head
back to Second Miltia and visit the UMN Control Center. Talk to Sylvia in the
room where Dr. Mizrahi worked on Ziggy for the last ZAZA clue.

Time to finish up. Head back to the Elsa and go to the Foundation. Take the
shuttle from the Durandal to the Kukai Foundation and at the Launch Area you
will find a scrap heap, formerly named ZAZA. Talk to it and enter the code
you found on the ZAZA clues: 2587643.

Return to the Elsa and talk to SPUMONI to finish this mission. Your reward:
Skill Upgrade D x20 and a Rejuvenator E.

Now that you are done with all the missions (except 14 which cannot be comleted
at this point, and 32 which requires a lot of valuable items), it is time to
continue with the main story. Go back up to the Bridge and tell Captain
Matthews to head back to Old Miltia.

//// 3.7 Submerged City ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Enemies:                 Weak zone:
Kfuga Valy               N/A
Leviat                   N/A
Auto Intercept Pod       N/A
Leviat Officer           N/A
O-88 Delphinus           N/A

First of all, be sure to equip our main attacking E.S. with the EMAX300
accessory you stole from E.S. Issachar. This very useful item will let that
E.S. use the ultra-powerful 300% Stock attacks. This includes X-BUSTER and Iron
Blade for Dinah, Odin Buster and Moonlight Blade for Asher, and Aird and Meteor
Blast for Zebulun. Since Zebulun is usually too busy healing, stick it on Asher
or Dinah. You will be able to obtain another EMAX300 accessory soon, so that
you can have both your combat E.S. units use their strongest special attacks.
Remember to steal from the enemies here to obtain new accessories for your E.S.

From the spot where the Elsa landed, head west into the next area. Destroy the
block that is obstructing your path and engage the enemy. Attack the road in
front of you to create a ramp. Destroy the rubble to continue onwards and fight
the enemy a little further down the road.

At the fork go west and move to the red door where you can choose to disembark
from your E.S. Examine the red door to find Segment Address No. 10! Approach
your E.S. to get back on.

Head back east and destroy the truck for G Blind Guard. Head northeast into the
next area. Go down the ramp and take out the enemy you encounter. Head further
northeast and blow up the rubble to reveal a G Weak Guard accessory. Head west
onto the ramp and blow up the wall at the end to reveal a treasure chest
containing a Quick Charge accessory.

Head further norheast and engage the Leviats. Blow up the rubble at the end of
the road and continue into the next area.

Head east, destroy the rubble and take out the Kfuga Valy, then proceed east
where you can disembark on another ledge. Blow up the rocks to reach Segment
Address No. 18. Since you acquired the key on the Dämmerung, go inside to find
Secret Key 16, which unlocks the skill First Combo (3/E/4). Head outside and
board your E.S.

Go back west and engage the Kfuga Valy units again. Go south and blow up the
rubble for a Nano Repair Z and a Nano Repair A. Keep heading east, taking out
the enemies on the way. Blow up the rubble to clear a path and leave the area
by the northeastern exit.

In the next area you will encounter a new enemy type. It seems to be closely
related to the one you fought back on Second Miltia while you were being chased
by U-TIC. Be sure to steal its G Power Charge item and use Aura and Slash
attacks to take it out quickly. If you were using Dinah, switch it out with
Asher, as this enemy absorbs beam attacks! Wings of Light is very useful here.

When you defeat it, save at the nearby savepoint. Head east and destroy the
crates there for a Nano Repair A. Climb the ramp and blow up the elevated road
to create a way across. Follow the road into the next area.

Head southwest, destroying all the rubble in your path. Fight the enemies that
appear and continue on, destroying more rubble for a Nano Repair Z. Keep going
west and move up the ramp where you have to fight another O-88 Delphinus. Blow
up the nearby rubble to reveal a treasure chest containing Decoder 08.

Go back down and take out the rubble to the north for Nano Sphere x2. Engage
the nearby enemy. To the east is the Toy Universe building that you saw when
you visited Old Miltia at the beginning of the game. You will be offered the
choice to disembark, but just stay in your E.S. You will come here some other
time. Head west and engage another enemy, then exit to the next area.

Engage the Delphinus, then clear away the rubble to proceed further up. Make
your way to the huge metal balls and push them into the water. Go back down and
blow them up. You will now be able to use the savepoint further down. Equip the
EMAX300 accessory on Dinah and set the copilot to Shion so you can use X-BUSTER
for the upcoming battle. When you are ready, head northeast...

| BOSS 09 | Naglfar Cannons                                                   |
| HP:  35200+6000 | POW:  400 | DEX:  40 | Item:      Charge Clean            |
| E.Pts:    15000 | ARM:   50 | EVA:   0 | Rare item: EMAX300                 |
| C.Pts:        - | EATK: 500 | AGL:   6 |                                    |
| S.Pts:        - | EDEF:  50 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
| Weakness:   beam, aura, thunder, fire, ice, pierce, slash, strike           |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Defense Shield - All damage reduced                                      |
| 2. Transporting Autotechs - Summons more Kfuga Valy units                   |
| 3. Defense Shield at 50% - Status message                                   |
| 4. Defense Shied Down - Damage reduction gone                               |
| 5. Engine Room Damaged - Unable to use ethers                               |
| 6. Engine Room Repaired - Ether use re-enabled                              |
| 7. Readying Cannon - Status message                                         |
| 8. Energy Load at 50% - Status message                                      |
| 9. (cannon firing)                                                          |

At the start of the battle the Naglfar Cannons will set their Defense Shield.
It has to recharge every four turns, meaning its power will drop in the turn
indicated. Be sure to use this to your advantage by attacking will full power
in that turn. Also be sure to steal the EMAX300 item from the Cannons as soon
as possible.

The Naglfar Cannons will summon Kfuga Valy units to support it every now and
then. Be sure to take them out so that you do not waste too many turns healing
from their attacks. Use Dinah's X-BUSTER attack to take them all out at the
same time if possible.

The cannons are weak against all types of attacks, so just hammer away at it,
and try to keep your HP up at all times because occasionally the cannons will
fire, dealing some serious damage. Taking out the Kfuga Valy units will also
save you some time, because the Naglfar Cannons will waste a turn resummoning

Once you ake out the Naglfar Cannons' main shield, it will have 6000 HP left.
Unleash your strongest attacks to take it out quickly. If you handle this well,
you will not even get fired upon by the main cannons once.

After the battle, continue east. Blow up the truck for a Nano Repair A. Head
northwest, blowing up the gate and crates for a chest with a G ST Double
accessory. Blow up the security gate and you will find a place to disembark
your E.S. units. Choose to do so and climb down the ladder to enter the U-TIC
organization's Labyrinthos.

//// 3.8 Labyrinthos //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Enemies:                 Weak zone:
O-78 Grisly 2            CB
Revised Cornicos I       CC
P.S.S. - P2              BB
P.S.S. - B2              BC
Revised Testud           CC
P.S.S. - F               BC
Vive II Revised          BB
Calx II Revised          CB
P.S.S. - S               CC

Save at the savepoint that you encounter when you enter. Head west along the
waterway to a bridge. Cross it and head south where you can destroy the crates
to obtain Med Kit S x2. Go down the stairs and take out the enemies to proceed.

Go north and climb the ladder back to the upper level. Blow up the door to find
another enemy and a treasure chest containing Secret Key 13, which unlocks the
skill Limiter Up (3/A/4). Head southwest to the control panel to open up the
red gate.

Climb back down the ladder, go up the stairs, and this time go down the stairs
to the west through the gate you just opened. You will end up in a new area
with another puzzle for you to solve.

First examine the console numbered 6 to lower the water level on the right side
and raise it on the left side. Now examine both panels 2 and 5 on the right
side to raise the water level by 7. Lower it again by 6, then raise it by 2 to
set the water level on both sides to 0.

When the water level has been set to 0 on both sides, go down the stairs to the
west and follow the path all the way to the exit on the east side.

Follow the path and take the stairs down into the water. Head southeast back
up the stairs, climb the ladder, and blow up the metal containers to reveal an
enemy. Head through the door for a cutscene.

Head through the door to the north and go east. If you encounter any of the
U-DO webs, blow them up to pass through. Blow up the boxes at the fork in the
path for Skill Upgrade A x5.

Head north, destroying the U-DO webs and the soldiers you encounter. Head north
past the fork in the road and follow the road north, curving east. Follow it
east and then south, taking out the U-DO webs and enemies you encounter. Blow
up the crates at the dead end for Antidote H x2. And right next to you is
Segment Address No. 5! Unfortunately, you do not have the key yet at this point
so come back later.

Head back to the last crossing and this time take the stairs on the west side.
Fight the enemy at the bottom and take out the U-DO webs behind it. Go through
the large door into the next area.

Save at the savepoint, then go downstairs and step into the train. Climb up the
stairs and take out the containers there for a Med Kit S. Exit the area through
the door to the northeast. You will arrive at the Labyrinthos Core!

Head east and take the door to the southeast. You will enter a large room full
of crates. Blow up the first few crates and climb the ladder up a level. Take
out the crates to the west for an Antidote L.

Destroy the two crates to the east and get ambushed by an enemy. Blow up the
other two crates as well for a Med Kit M. Climb the ladder down all the way to
the bottom and destroy all the crates in northeastern direction to reveal a
treasure chest with a Rejuvenator DX.

Use the nearby ladder to climb up two levels and destroy the three containers
for another ambush. Behind the third one you will find the exit.

In the next room you need to rotate the walls by hitting the switches on the
transparent floor above. Numbering them from 1 to 5, from left to right, top to
bottom, like this:

1 2
4 5

Climb up the stairs and hit them in the following order:

5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 3

This will allow you to reach the treasure chest to the southwest, which will
give you Class Upgrade B x6. Now go back up and hit the following switches:

2, 2, 2, 3

Go and grab the Boost Max from the treasure chest on the northeastern side. To
finish with the puzzle, hit the switches like this:

4, 4, 3, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2, 2, 3

You can now reach the exit to the northeast.

Go through the corridor and you will reach the large core room where you came
in earlier, except you are now one level higher. The elevator is inactive at
the moment, so ignore it.

Head southeast and take out the enemy on the way. At the end of the path you
will find a control panel that unlocks one of the barriers of the main core
elevator, while also activating the elevator nearby. Get on board and take it
down a level where you can defeat another enemy to get to the treasure chest
containing Decoder 05! Save at the savepoint if you wish.

Leave the room through the southwest exit. Head up the stairs and use the trap
to make the next fight easier. You might remember these enemies from Ormus, and
this time they are even stronger!

Destroy the boxes to the south for a Boost Max, then climb the stairs to the
north and press the button to raise the bridge. Continue underneath the
second one and kill the enemy near the yellow trap. To the northwest is a
treasure chest containing a Rejuvenator E.

Pass underneath the second bridge again and lower it with the button on the
eastern side. Head underneath the first one, climb the stairs and lower it with
the button you find up there.

Cross bridge 1 and 2 and fight the enemy you encounter. Cross the third bridge,
press the switch to raise it, then proceed to the fourth bridge, where you can
blow up the crates for a Bio Sphere.

Operate the panel to lower the fourth bridge. Cross it, go down the stairs and
pass underneath bridge 3 into the next area. Time for another puzzle.

The blocks are laid out like this:

 C     E        C = chest    E = exit   L = ladder
|       |       1 = 2 crates high
+       +       2 = 2 crates high
|1 2    |       3 = 3 crates high
+       +       4 = 2 crates high
|      3|       5 = 3 crates high
+       +       6 = 3 crates high
|       |
+       +
|  4 5  |       The idea is to form a bridge by pushing these stacks of crates
+       +       onto their sides. Start by pushing stack 1 and 3 so they topple
|6      |       to the north. Push stack 2, 4 and 6 south. Finally, push stack
+       +       5 north and your bridge is complete.
|       |
+ +-+-+ +       Open the chest to the northwest which contains Skill Upgrade D
| |L L| |       x5. Then proceed to the exit at the northeastern side of the
+-+   +-+       room.

Make your way to the main shaft of Labyrinthos. Move south to the second
control panel, removing the final barrier and activating the elevator you just
passed. Take the elevator down and save at the save point. Then get on board
the main shaft elevator.

Exit through the door to the north and a scene will occur once you enter. Get
on the elevator to the northwest and once at the top use the control panel
there to raise the terminal structure.

Go back down and head underneath the terminal structure. Press the button there
to undo Lock A. Take the elevator back up, go across and use the control panel
to lower the terminal down again. Take the stairs down and move southwest to
the door you just opened into the terminal.

After the cutscenes use the control panel located behind Canaan to undo Lock B
in the main room. Exit the terminal and take the elevator to the east back down
to the bottom. Go through the door to the north that is now unlocked and take
the large elevator down to the Zohar Isolation Area. Blow up the cabinets on
the eastern side for a Bio Sphere and the ones to the west for an Antidote H.

Save at the savepoint, then head through the large door to the north. You will
encounter a new enemy every time you open a door. Engage all three enemies,
then when they are defeated, head back to the savepoint to heal up (save if you
wish). When you are ready, head all the way north for another boss battle...

| BOSS 10a | Margulis                                                         |
| HP:       20800 | STR:  100 | DEX:  60 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
| E.Pts:    36000 | VIT:   27 | EVA:  64 | Rare item: Awakening III           |
| C.Pts:     2400 | EATK: 110 | AGL:  10 |                                    |
| S.Pts:     2400 | EDEF:  38 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  CBCB                                                            |
| Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, pierce                                     |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Shakti (Slash/Pierce) - physical damage vs one character                 |
| 2. Shiva (Slash/Pierce/Fire) - physical + fire ether damage vs one character|
| 3. Summon Chaaya - summons a shadow                                         |
| 4. Kalagnirudra (Strike) - physical damage vs all characters                |
| 5. Suppress Chaaya - erases Margulis' shadow                                |
| 6. Syama (Thunder) - thunder ether damage vs all characters                 |
| 7. Krita-Yuga - 3 turns left till H Stop                                    |
| BOSS 10b | Margulis (Shadow)                                                |
| HP:         650 | STR:  100 | DEX:  60 | Item:      Skill Upgrade E         |
| E.Pts:    36000 | VIT:   27 | EVA:  64 | Rare item: Awakening III           |
| C.Pts:     2400 | EATK:  90 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
| S.Pts:     2400 | EDEF:  38 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  N/A                                                             |
| Weakness:   ether attacks, beam, pierce                                     |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |

For this battle you will be in control of Jin and the first two partymembers of
your original party. Since Margulis is weak against piercing and ether attacks,
be sure to include MOMO and someone like Jr.

First of all, steal Awakening III from Margulis. Stock up and keep pounding
Margulis with regular attacks. Because you are attacking him from both sides,
you can do a lot of damage using Back attacks.

At a certain point Margulis will use Summon Chaaya to summon a shadow of
himself to make this a 3 versus 2 battle. The interesting part is that each of
his shadows ALSO has the Skill Upgrade E and Awakening III items, so you can
actually steal multiple of them in this battle. Be sure to do so, as these
items will make it considerably easier to pay off Captain Matthews' debt later

Instead of fighting the shadow, concentrate on the real Margulis. Keep your HP
up at all times, and other than that just keep hitting him over and over. After
a while he will erase his shadow. Then at a certain point around a third of his
HP he will resummon it again.

When he finally erases his second shadow, stock up to full as quickly as you
can and fill your boost bar, because Margulis will use Krita-Yuga, which means
that after three of his attacks, he will do a H Stop attack on all of your
characters, causing an instant Game Over. Boost up all your characters and kill
him off before he can do so.

After a series of amazing cutscenes you will be asked to save. Go ahead and do

//// 3.9 Intermission /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

After more cutscenes, you will be in control of your party on the Durandal. Use
the Awakening III item you stole from Margulis to learn Phoenix Blade for Shion
and Jin.

At this point in the game there are a few things that need doing before going
to the Omega System. First of all enter the Elsa and tell Captain Matthews to
fly to Second Miltia.

Once there, sell your extra Awakening III items to K-2 to help lower Captain
Matthews' debt. Sell him any of your Junked Circuits and Scrap Iron as well.
Now head to Jin's house and open Segment Address No. 9 with the Decoder you got
earlier. Inside you will find Secret Key 4, which unlocks the skill EP Regen

Head back to the Elsa and use the EVS plate to return to Labyrinthos. Head west
across the catwalks and down the stairs leading west, underneaththe gate you
opened when you were here earlier.

In the room with the water levels go down the stairs to the left and circle the
room clockwise to reach the exit to the east. Head down into the water and take
the stairs to the southeast back up. Climb the ladder and destroy the boxes to
fight the enemy hiding behind them. Exit through the door.

Head north into the hallway with all the U-DO webs (which are now gone). At the
first fork head right and at the next few forks keep heading north until the
path curves east. At the end you will find Segment Address 5. Use the Decoder
you found in Labyrinthos earlier to open it up. Inside you will find Secret Key
20, which unlocks the skill "Skill Up 10" (3/H/1). If you can afford the very
high cost of this skill, be sure to learn it as soon as possible.

When you are done, either kill some more enemies for experience and S.Pts, or
return to the Elsa through the U.M.N. Menu.

If you choose to skip GS missions, at this point you can head on over to the
next section to continue with the main story. If that is not the case, read on
to finish the last few available GS missions before the last dungeon.

Missions now available at this point:

14. Kate        - Second Miltia Sector One, Ballet Award
16. Margoyles   - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, second floor
26. Pitt        - Kukai Foundation, Launch Area
35. Camille     - Kukai Foundation, Our Treasure Inn, on the roof

First of all fly the Elsa back to the Kukai Foundation. Board the shuttle down
to the Kukai Foundation, and when you arrive, talk to the panicky man near the
gate, Pitt, to start mission 26. Head up the stairs to exit to the Kukai
Foundation worldmap.

Head to the Urban Area and enter the Our Treasure Inn. Head up to the second
floor and talk to Margoyles, the old man in the room west of the stairs, to
start mission 16.

Now put a male character in the lead, go back into the hallway and climb the
ladder to reach the attic. Head outside through the window to the south and
talk to Camille, the woman in green to start mission 35.

Talk to her again to begin. Look for the cracks in the roof and use the CIRCLE
button to fix all of them within 60 seconds time. Your reward: Decoder 13!

Head west and go down the ramp to fall to the street level. Head west into the
next area and enter the East 6 Warehouse. Talk to the guy, Riggs, underneath
the car to obtain the Music Box.

Head back to Margoyles in the Our Treasure Inn. Give him the Music Box to get
the Iron 4 Music Sheet. Head down into the Ironman Bar and play the Theme Song
on the piano to uncover Segment Address No. 16! Inside you will find Decoder 03
and Robot Part Righ Leg!

Head outside, save at the saveplate and use the EVS plate to return to Old
Miltia (14 years ago). Go southwest into the next area, blow up the big blocks
that prevent access to the HHH building, and head up the stairs to the west, to
reach the catwalk across the next area.

Go down the ladder and blow up the car at the bottom to find a Gnosis-type
enemy just to the west. Engage it with Ziggy, chaos and a third character of
your choice, like KOS-MOS.

| GS 14 BOSS | Rod Blondel                                                    |
| HP:       17600 | STR:   75 | DEX:  52 | Item:      Skill Upgrade D         |
| E.Pts:    24000 | VIT:   40 | EVA:  44 | Rare item: Skill Upgrade E         |
| C.Pts:     1200 | EATK:  90 | AGL:   8 |                                    |
| S.Pts:     1200 | EDEF:  26 |          |                                    |
| Weak zone:  BBC                                                             |
| Weakness:   beam, aura, fire                                                |
| Other:      boost, counter boost                                            |
| Special Attacks:                                                            |
| 1. Venom Touch (Strike/L Poison) - physical damage vs one characer, induces |
|                                    L Poison                                 |
| 2. Hedo ????? (Strike/L Poison) - physical damage vs all characters, induces|
|                                   L Poison                                  |

Rod Blondel is weak against beam, aura and fire attacks, so be sure to use
chaos, Ziggy and someone like KOS-MOS. Rod Blondel is not very strong, but he
uses a lot of poison attacks which can inflict some serious damage on your
party if you do not use Refresh L to get rid of it quickly. Use Double Refresh
L (combining the ether using Boost) to remove the poison effect from your whole
party if more than one member has it to save time.

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