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Cheats » Sony Playstation One (PSX) » Games Starting with the Letter B » Brigandine: The Legend Of Forsena - Strategy Guide (Page 09)


PS: I have found out there are a total of 3000+ codes for Brigandine
    found in a website. There is so many and I won't be bother to 
    write them down. They are found at the following address:

/ 10.0 \________________________________________________________________

These are observed in different difficulty levels.

1.    The nations become smarter in their attacks and defense. They 
      will not leave the key castles such as Camelford undefended and
      will only advance cautinously.

2.    During battlefields, the enemies will stay in place and would not
      rushes forward towards your troops, unless you approach them OR
      they got attacked. Normally, you need to get as close as 4 hex 
      towards opposition army, before you can start to fight them.

3.    The snake of chaos' interval will be changed based on the level 

4.    At hard diffculty mode, you can fight Bulnoil after defeating ALL 
      countries, if you met the below requirements. He is rather tough 
      as he has one of the most deadly spells plus Cador on his side. So 
      be prepared for a tough fight. 

5.    Esgares will always have their lord along with Soleil [well, for
      my case, Esgares always use Soleil to defend their last castle due
      to his High Rune Power.]

Proof and Requirements
- Bulnoil's class is known as Claimer [LV 30!] and this is proven by 
  gameshark. How? Refer to the Gameshark codes section for more 

- It is possible if you had defeat Esgares Empire last. [Remember the
  time where he always attacks the ruler after the fall of Esgares?]

- Incidents:

  New Almekia - Sequence after Halley decide to left. It is possible to
                combat him before Halley leaves you.
              - Upon defeating Esgares last
              - After the quest sequence, where Halley visits his 
                boyfriend's grave. [this gives you additional sequence/
                special ending, BTW, Halley must meet up with Cador in
                combat] (applies to after defeating Esgares). You may
                get the chance to see Iria if Halley has encounter Iria
                during her one-year service.
              - Upon meeting up with Iria, Halley has stumbled. Halley
                and Iria must be meet during battle.

  Norgard     - Upon defeating Esgares last.
              - the attempt to assassinate Vaynard and Brangien at 
                Flogeru cementary.

  Leonia      - Upon defeating Esgares last. 
              - the attempt to assasinate Lyonesse at the hall of Damas.

  Caerleon    - Upon defeating Esgares last 
              - the attempt to kidnap Merriot by Cador. Merriot will
                stays wounded until you win a country.     

  Iscalio     - Upon defeating Esgares last
              - Iria got "brain-washed" by Bulnoil and attempts to kill
              - Bulnoil reveals Iria regarding her starring past.
              - Iria has a short conversation with Shooting Star Halley.

The name of the place where Bulnoil summons the Snake of Chaos, 
Ouroboros is known as Dolorousgard, which is found at Logres. Remember 
the place where Cador has a speech in persauding Zemeckis for 
/ 10.1 \________________________________________________________________
Bulnoil Information

A man of endless desire. He is the person, who has instigate Zemeckis
to betray King Henguist, Lance's father. At the battle of Lidney, he
has stopped King Doremiditt, Brangien's father. As you defeat Esgares,
he will appear and tries to kill the ruler. It seems to me that Cador
will leave Zemeckis if Esgares is down to one castle. Bulnoil will
fight you in the final battle, along with Cador on his side, so be
prepared for a tough fight....

I myself have battled against Bulnoil when using Norgard and Iscalio. 
I have defeated the Hard mode with New Almekia, Leonia and Caerleon but 
there is still no sign of fighting against Bulnoil.

Okay, here is the "suggested" possible steps to battle Bulnoil:
[it is still not confirmed yet..]

1) You must encountered all the necessary sequences (mentioned above)
2) The Ruler must reach LV 30. [I have check my previous saved game 
   files where I have seen my LV 30 Vaynard and LV 30 Dryst (he has 
   acquired Super Tryant!) and that's the reason while I fought him.
   The best stats that I could reached with Lance is Level 22 [that's
   without gameshark]
3) You must defeat all countries.
4) You must defeat Esgares last (?). If you defeat Esgares last, you 
   can forget about the sequences mentioned above.
/ 10.2 \________________________________________________________________
Cador Information
A man who is already dead and was ressurrected by Bulnoil. Cador's
actual name is Leland, Halley's boyfriend. Halley has been searching
for Bulnoil whom has killed her boyfriend. Towards the end, Halley
will take the sword from Leland's grave and finally fight the last
battle. Leland regains consicious and instigate Halley to break the
mask ....... [applies if Halley meet Cador in combat]
/ 10.3 \________________________________________________________________
Special Rune Knights
NOTE: The following Rune Knights can't be recruited.

Shred:   Shred was in jail under the Main Castle until it was overtook,
         When the empire retook the castle he has no choice but to join
         the Empires army. Level 20 Champion. Equip: Ogre Knuckle.
         Rune Power: 160. Age: 34.

More about Shred:
I don't think that you can use him as Esgares. Shred was one of the 
generals that against the rebellion and was captured by Cador. Upon the
fall of Logres [Cador left the country when it is under 3 castles], 
Shred will be released and hence joins the Empires replacing Cador as 
one of the top four generals. Shred will join another country when 
Esgares Empire falls.
[This information was sent by Frank Mantis.]

Helrato: Level 20 Avenger, An one-eyed Avenger whom seeks revenge on
         Layoneil and has a mean sword. Equip: Tyrhung. Age: 32
         Rune Power: 190. Joins another country along with 2 Fenrirs
         He has a rant sequence when he meets Layoneil in a battle.

Kazan:   Level 15 Ninja. Fellow disciple of Shiraha. Joins another
         country after Shiraha joins you. Rune Power: 179. Age: 24
         Join the other country with a Bronze Golem and a Dao. Equip:
         AntiMagic Ring. 

"SPOILERS!" - Why Kazan joins the war!
If you have him fight with Shiraha, you will get this rant. Kazan wants
to kill Shiraha as he has causes the death of their fellow disciple,
Sakura and that's the reason why Shiraha wants to end the war.

/ 10.4 \________________________________________________________________
My Letter Box
A new section delicated to those whom have been sending me mails about
the FAQ, thus giving a lot of hints about the game. If you have any 
hints, strategies, questions, feel free to contact me at:


All these letters has been heavily edited by me for gramatic errors and
spelling errors, however the meaning still remains intact.

1. Useful stuff from Michael Lo (

I just started playing Brigandine and my choice is Leonia (didn't know 
that the country was the weakest of all). Starting off was really slow
going because I got intimidated by high level Rune Knights and monsters
like Dryst and his Bahamut (Iscalio), Vaynard and his White Dragon 
(Nogard) and Cai along with his pal, Dinadan (Caerleon). Seeing their
18+ levels had me retreating constantly. Levels of the monsters/Rune
Knights alone does not matter that much, it was the stats that count. 
This sounds kinda basic but I found that even a low level monster can
outfight a high level knight on the strength of good stats and numbers.

For Golems, avoid fighting monsters that have 30 or more agility points 
as they will miss most of the attacks. Halo increases the chance of 
hitting to 100% though besides the big experience bonus. This applies to 
other low agility monsters. 

I have discovered a way of kidnapping enemy monsters with a 100% success
rate (so far as I've seen). I have managed to kidnapped the Vampire Lord
form Esgares with a lowly Rune Knight while battling against Gish. I 
have also kidnapped an Archangel from Dindan and a Couatl from Roadbull
and both times with Paternus. The key is to charm the enemy monster and
then defeat it's commanding knight. This is great against enemies with
lots of muscle but a little brain like that Vampire Lord (he has a high
intelligence stats of 38). This lets weak knights to turn tables over 
the strong foes and you can get a good monster to boot. Use Fairies as
they can mesemerize an opponent when they hit with the magic stick.

2. Questions regarding Bulnoil
Well, in order to prevent too much e-mails flooding I could say that the
method to fight Bulnoil is mentioned under Bulnoil's information. The
method is still not confirmed yet!

3. Easy Victory using Leonia from Minrhael 
I've gotten tired of seeing Leonia ripped in all the FAQs out there as 
being too hard to win with on the hard setting, so here's how ya do it 
First off, pretend none of your characters have "Area Heal" spell 
except in emergency circumstances. The key to winning with Leonia is 
"Holy Word". At the beginning of the game, send Paternus, Isfas, and 
Charlene up to take the first city from Norgard (Humber). Then hold. 
Ignore Norgard for a long time, just keep those three there defending 
and you can hold off Norgard forever.  The rest of the troops should 
be questing for extra knights, then Iscalio will fall quickly to the 
holy power of Leonia, from there on out it's just mop-up, as the 
Esgares Empire has far too many evil troops to stand up to Leonia, and 
by the time you've gotten to them, New Almekia, Caerleon, and Norgard 
are way to far behind in power.
The key to winning the battles with the other groups is in the 
formation. Essentially, you want your formation to be a half-circle. 
Put a phoenix in the middle, and use it's special ability to area 
heal. In front of the phoenix should be Lyonesse and two other 
Rune Knights or Archangels that can cast "Holy Word". In front of 
these three you need 5 creatures; I usually use Gryhons and Holy 
Griffons, but any high hit point creature will do, although I 
don't like Golems there. Round out the formation with whatever you want; 
unicorns/pegasus are a good choice of course, and pixies aren't bad. 
It takes careful set-up to get this formation in place before your 
enemy attacks you, but once you get the hang of it, you just have to 
wait until the creatures are massed all around you, use holy word
several times (after the first couple of levels, Lyonesse can use it 
twice, as can archangels) and everything will be nearly dead. Use 
divine ray to finish off an enemy knight if you're in danger of not 
winning. You don't end up killing a lot of enemy monsters this way, but
you do take a lot of territory by forcing the enemy to retreat, and 
they run out of mana so you win by attrition.
The key to getting built up is Angels. You need several Archangels, 
and they're not that hard to get. Just make sure they get the 
finishing blow on high level enemy leaders; Dryst is a perfect target 
and provides lots of experience. Using the halo spell also helps, of 
course. Once they're Archangels, holy word provides all the experience 
you could want.
I can beat the map with Leonia on the hard difficulty setting by the 
end of the third year every time, and usually faster. Not once since I 
figured out the formations has a game gone more than 3 years, and I 
play a lot. There's no luck involved, you just have to think of Leonia 
as an offensive rather than a defensive spell casting country. Leonia 
gets a bad rap as being the hardest country to win with, in actuality 
it is the easiest. I can't beat the map anywhere near as fast with any 
other country.
Any questions or clarifications you want, feel free to write.

If you have some valuable tip, e-mail me through the above address.
/ 10.5 \________________________________________________________________
This is my first time, drawing maps using ASCII Art. Hope that it will 
be easy for you to read. It practically takes months to master.

Symbol                Meaning
- -                   Path
[Name]                Castle
[N]                   Norgard
[A]                   New Almekia
[C]                   Caerleon
[I]                   Iscalio
[L]                   Leonia
[E]                   Esgares

M A P   O F    N E W   A L M E K I A

               To Alliryme [N]
                     |      _ _ _ to Orkney [E]
                     |     /
                     |    /
                     |   /
              /     |   \
             /      |    \
            /       |     \_ _ _to Eorsia [E]
           /        |
     [Calmary] _ [Phazard] 
               To Squest [C]

M A P    O F   C A E R L E O N

               To BaydonHill [C]
                    |                        To Salisbury [E]
                    |                            /
          _ _ _ _[Squest]_ _ _                  /
         /          |         \                /
        /           |          [Baynock]_ [Hervey]     To Xanas [I]
       /            |          /             \         /
   [Kail]_ _ _ _ [Linnuis]_ _ /               \_ _ _ _/ 

M A P    O F   I S C A L I O

                                To Karnabone [E]
                  To Salisbury [E]    |
                         |       \    |
                         |        \   |      To Hadrian [L]
                         |         \  |       / 
                          \       _[ Asten ]_/
     To Hervey [C] _ _[ Xanas ]_/      \
                             \          \
                              \          \
                               \       [Bronceliande]
                        [Letishnote]       |
                                 \          \
                                  \          \
                                   \_ _ [Caelsent]

M A P    O F     L E O N I A

                To Humber [N]
                 _ _ [Damas]_ _ 
                \              \              
                 \            [Kelilauns]
                  \              \
                   \              \
                    \             |
                [Whislind]_ _ _ [Tallas]
                      \           |
                       \          |
                        \         |
                         \       /
                          \     /
    To Asten [I] _ _ _ [Hadrian]

M A P     O F     N O R G A R D                               

                            /     \
                           /       \   
                   [Kardiff] _ _ _ [Senadon]
                   /    |   \          |   \
   [Alliyrme] _ _ /     |    \_       /     \_ 
         /              /      \     |         \
        /              /        \    |          \
       /    [Listinoise] _ _     \   |           \
      /          |           \   |   /            \
To Gorule [A]    |            [Jukes]  - - -[Humber] 
                /                |                  \
          To Orkney [E]          |                   \
                            To Lidney [E]           To Damas [L]

M A P   O F   E S G A R E S    E M P I R E

                  To Listinoise [N]
                       |                [Lidney]
                       |              /    |    \
  To               _[Orkney]_ [Cadbury]    |     \
   Camelford [A]_ /             |          |      \
            |  \                 \_ _      |       \
            |   \_ _ _ [Dilworth]_   \     |        \
            \              \      \_ _ [ Logres ]   [Fato]
             \              \              |         /
              \              \             |        /
              [Eorsia]        \_ _ _  [ Toria ]_ _ /
                  \_                     /  \_ _ _ _ [Karnabone]
                    \                   /              /  |          
                     \_ _ [Oltroute]_ _/            _ /   |
                              \_                   /      |
                                \_ _ _ _ [Salisbury]      |
                                         _ /   |_   \     |
                                       /         |   \    |
                                      /           \   \   |
                                     /            |    \  /
                          To Hervey [C]   To Xanas[I]   To Asten [I]  

/ 10.6 \________________________________________________________________
M y   G a m i n g   E x p e r i e n c e

Easiest country to gain victory:  New Almekia/Caerleon/Esgares
Toughest country to gain victory: Leonia
Most Rune Knights*:               Norgard
Easiest-to-defend country:        Caerleon [1 castle]
Toughest-to-defend country:       Esgares
Weakest Rune Power:               Shred [160 Rune Power at LV 20]
Strongest Rune Power:             Dogal [265 Rune Power at LV 2]
Highest LV Rune Knight gained:    Lyoneil.
[via questing]
Most Castles beginning:           Esgares
Hardiest Castle:                  Lidney, Dilworth, Squest
Best Rune Knight upon defeating
country:                          Kirkmond
Best Rune Knight (enemy defeat    Bagdemagus
other country):

* does not include Rune Knights gain via quest.

Most LV 20 Rune Knights [beginning]-
Esgares     [Zemeckis, Cador, Gish, Esclados]
Iscalio     [Dryst, Iria]
New Almekia [Meleagant, Halley]
Leonia      [Paternus]
Norgard     [None]

Most LV 20 Rune Knights [after]- [from my gaming experience.]
Esgares     [Zemeckis, Cador, Gish, Esclados, Shiraha, Millet, 
             Ranguinus, Esmeree, Soleil, Eniede] (10)
New Almekia [Lance, Gereint, Meleagant, Coel, Carlota, Adilica, Glauze, 
             Gilsus, Brusom, Baternus, Halley] (12)
Iscalio     [Dryst, Iria, Camden, Ulster, Bagedemagus, Victoria, Daffy,
             Miguel] (9)
Norgard     [Vaynard, Brangien, Guinglain, Luintail, Morholt, Yvain,
             Palomides, Zerafin, Roadbull, Kirkmond] (10)
Caerleon    [Cai, Dinadan, BeauArte, Janfaddar, Shast, Lecarra] (6)
Leonia      [Lyonesse, Kiloph, Charlene, Isfas, Paternus, Filo, Sophia, 
             Asmit] (8)

Sending a Question
This problem has given me much problems from my previous FAQs. I have 
tried my best to answer when possible. Also don't ask me questions which
answers can be found in the FAQ. First of all, read the following before
sending an e-mail to Scott:

- remember to add in "Brigandine" as your subject in the subject field 
  of the e-mail. I have gotten countless e-mails for FF8 and it will 
  help me if you classified it with the game titles.
- Next state your question as clearly as possible. If I find the e-mail
  quite hard to understand, I really don't know how to help it. 
- Make sure that words are not in CAPS lock [capital letters], which is
  quite rude, anywhere it doesn't matter to me. But try to avoid it 
  when necessary. Once I got really in a bad mood that I delete all
  e-mails that written in CAPS lock..
- If a question is too frequently asked, I will add it to the FAQ under
  frequently-asked section.
- Don't expect me to give answers which can be found in the FAQ. Or it
  will be useless for me to type it out so concisely.
- If you have problems in locating a shop/building, refer to the Maps
  section to settle out those problems.
- BTW, unlike other FAQ writers, I have only one motive and that's to
  help you guys out there by writting the FAQ as concise as possible. [
  in order to give the help that I could]. Well, the FAQ can be proved
  by judging the amount of e-mails.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.
- READ THIS BEFORE SENDING AN E-MAIL. Well, I do accept complaints and
  comments for my FAQs. I would prefer complaints as it allows me to 
  know what changes can be done for the FAQ. If you have a comments, 
  free to drop an e-mail. [it helps to urge me on!]

Q: Can I post the FAQ for your website?
A: Sure as long as the following steps are followed:
   - the disclaimer, including my name and format of the document is not
   - No changes should not be made to the FAQ.
   - No HTMLizing of document unless permission granted from the author,
     as this is same as editing the document.
   - If you link to GameFAQs, don't link it directly to the FAQ, instead
     link it to the Brigandine FAQ database at GameFAQs. 

Q: Where can I get the latest revisions of the FAQ?
A: At GameFAQs. If you want your site to be added to the addresses where
   this FAQ can be gotten, you need to seek permission from me. 

Q: Can you sent me the FAQ?
A: No. Otherwise, I would not have to post it to GameFAQs. Remember that
   this FAQ is a bit too huge to be posted via e-mail. Remember that you
   need to get the latest revisions yourself at GameFAQs.

   I know that some guys out there have problems in access to Internet 
   due to personal reasons. But it can't be helped. Anyway, you can 
   always count on a friend to get it for you. I felt quite sorry for
   WebTV users as they can access a maximum of 170 Kbs. Don't worry, I
   will try my best to keep this file small. Or I may spilt the FAQ in
   separate FAQs.

Q: What other FAQs that you have written?
A: Quite a lot, you can check it out at my Contributor page anyway.

Q: Why you haven't answered my e-mail?
A: There perhaps may be a few reasons:
   - school [I still got tons of assignments/projects/tests]
   - the answer can be found in the FAQ [if you haven't received the 
     e-mail for two weeks]. I always check my e-mail during weekends/
     holidays, unless I am really busy for that week.
   - Other things may coped up.
   Note that if you can't contact me, feel free to contact other FAQ
   writers for the particular game. But I will be free most of the time
   during school breaks.
   - I may be busying playing the game to uncover more secrets.
/ 10.7 \________________________________________________________________

1.   Thanks to Atlus for making this game.
2.   Thanks to GameFAQs for teaching me on how to write a FAQ. Thanks
     to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for the addition on the copyright section
3.   Thanks to the person whom submit the code on playing as Esgares.
4.   Thanks to Gameshark official site for the codes.
5.   Thanks to Cheat Code Central for the MAX Mana Code.
6.   Thanks to CodeBoy, Code Master for character modifier codes.
     Thanks to Gameshark Code Creator Club.
7.   Thanks to those whom have been supporting me information about
8.   Thanks to Michael Lo for his valuable strategies and added a 
     missing item, Ice Sword!
9.   Thanks to Frank Mantis for his valuable information.
10.  Thanks to Minrhael for his valuable walkthrough for Leonia.

                    T h a n k s   f o r   R e a d i n g 
                      Copyright of Scott Ong 1999-2000

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