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Cheats » Sony Playstation One (PSX) » Games Starting with the Letter L » Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Strategy Guide (Page 01)

Wonder what the Keywords and Tactics charts are for? Check the "News" section.

Sybillium presents a FAQ/Walkthrough for:

 LLL        UUU      UUU  NNNNNNN   NNN      AAA AAA        RRR    RRR
 LLL        UUU      UUU  NNN NNNN  NNN     AAA   AAA       RRR    RRR
 LLL        UUU      UUU  NNN  NNNN NNN    AAA     AAA      RRRRRRRR

                             222    222222
                            222     222222
                             222   22222
                              222222   22

                 - E  T  E  R  N  A  L    B  L  U  E -

NAME: Sybillium
DATE: February 24, 2001
ICQ: 59862917
AIM: helmacron4
Residence: Palm City, FL, USA
FAQ/VERSION: LUNAR 2 Eternal Blue FAQ/Walkthrough Version 4.0

This document is best viewed in Windows WordPad, 800x600 resolution, at 10
point Courier New font. If you do not view the document in Courier New font,
it will look like a bunch o' gibberish.

If you want a copy of the FAQ on your computer, go back to the page with the
LINK to this FAQ, right-click it, and click "Save Target As" to save a copy of
this on your own computer.

This ENTIRE FAQ is copyright protected. 2000. What does this mean? For one,
this means that the FAQ cannot be edited in any way or altered from its
original state. This also means that you cannot use the FAQ for profitable
purposes. That includes selling it for money, trading it for something else,
or giving away as an incentive to attract buyers.

So what can you do with this FAQ?
-You can read it and use it to help you through the game.
-You can print a copy for your own personal use.
-You can print out several copies and freely distribute them. FREELY!

But you can not...
-As I said, use it for any profit.
-Edit it in any way.
-Include it in any printed work. This includes compilation CDs!

You can do the following things by asking my permission first.
-Link to it from your own website.
-Use it on your website.


I have PURPOSELY put a few MINOR MISTAKES in the information in this FAQ so I
can know if anyone has been plagiarizing it. You may NOT use the information
in this FAQ to write your own FAQ!! BUT, you MAY use the LAYOUT that I have
used. For instance, I took the idea of the weapon/armor listing from ATadeo's
layout, but I did NOT copy the numbers and values. I had to figure that out
for myself.


Version 1.0 - December 29, 2000
-Original release.
-Introduction finished.
-The Box/Goodies section finished.
-All other sections begun.

Version 1.1 - January 1, 2001
-Walkthrough completed up through Meribia Sewers.
-Weapons/Armor section overhauled.
-All other sections added to.
-Took lines away in Bromide section.
-Switched some things in the Characters/Magic section.

Version 1.15 - January 2, 2001
-Added "Figuring Damage" section.
-Bestiary Overhauled.
-Fixed various errors.
-Walkthrough completed up through Vane.

Version 1.2 - January 4, 2001
-Added to all sections.
-Fixed various formatting errors.
-Changed Copyright policy.
-Disc 1 Walkthrough completed.

Version 2.0 - January 6, 2001
-Added to walkthrough/sections.
-Gave FAQ a classier look.

Version 3.0 - January 15, 2001
-Fixed ASCII art problem.Overhauled CRESTS section.
-Overhauled Weapons/Armor section.
-Overhauled items section.
-Added to walktrough, up through Zen Zone.
-Added NEWS section.
-Added Battlefield Symbols section.

Version 3.1 - January 29, 2001
-Fixed Table of Contents
-Added to sections.
-Added soundtrack list/lyrics/track reviews.
-Added new keyword system.
-Added Thieves Crest info.
-Added Chiro/Shiro info at Bestiary.
-Added more FAQs.
-New Town system.

Version 3.2 - February 16, 2001
-Added new Keyword system. See News section.
-Added to Walkthrough and sections.
-Explained status values.

Version 3.3 - February 26, 2001
-Added new "Tactics" and "The Story" feature.
-Fixed various formatting errors.
-Added new junk to bestiary.
-Fixed ASCII art.
-Finished walkthorough for normal game.

                      T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

Prologue: Introduction, Review, News

I.    The Box/Goodies + Controls
II.   Characters/Magic
      a) Hiro
      b) Ronfar
      c) Jean
      d) Lemina
      e) Leo
      f) Gwyn
      g) Others
III.  Weapons/Armor
IV.   Items
V.    System
      a) Battling
      b) Crests
      c) Battle Symbols
VI.   Walkthrough

|                              DISC ONE                               |
|Salyan Desert                                                        |
|NUMBER  |NAME OF AREA                                    |KEYWORD    |
|1       |East Desert Pass                                |LW001      |
|2       |Gwyn's Place		                            |LW002      |
|3       |Blue Labyrinth	                            |LW003      |
|4       |Blue Spire		                            |LW004      |
|5       |Larpa / Pass		                            |LW005      |
|6       |West Desert Pass	                            |LW006      |
|7       |Dalton Town		                            |LW007      |
|8       |Dragonship Destiny	                            |LW008      |
|9       |Starlight Forest	                            |LW009      |
|10      |Illusion Woods	                            |LW010      |
|11      |Caravan		             	                |LW011      |
|12      |Takkar		                             	    |LW012      |
|13      |Takkar Mt. Pass	                            |LW013      |
|14      |Ghost Manor		                            |LW014      |
|15      |Bandit Butte		                            |LW015      |
|16      |East Nota		                            |LW016      |
|17      |Carnival		                            |LW017      |
|18      |Mystic Ruins		                            |LW018      |
|19      |West Nota		                            |LW019      |
|East Katarina Zone                                                   |
|NUMBER  |NAME OF AREA                                    |KEYWORD    |
|20      |Zulan                                           |LW020      |
|21      |Mountain Pass 	                            |LW021      |
|22      |Meribia       	                            |LW022      |
|23      |Taben's Peak                                    |LW023      |
|24      |Meribian Sewers                                 |LW024      |
|25      |Taben's Peak, revisited                         |LW025      |
|26      |Cave of Trial                                   |LW026      |
|27      |Vane              	                            |LW027      |
|28      |Sluice Forest   	                            |LW028      |
|29      |Azado         	                            |LW029      |
|29A     |Azado Shrine               	                |LW029A     |
|29B     |Azado Barbecue                        	    |LW029B     |
|30      |Dragonship Destiny                              |LW030      |
|                            DISC TWO                                 |
|Pentagulia                                                           |
|NUMBER  |NAME OF AREA                                    |KEYWORD    |
|31      |Pentagulia City                                 |LW031      |
|32      |Dragon Towers 	                            |LW032      |
|32A     |Red                                             |LW032A     |
|32B     |Blue      		                            |LW032B     |
|32C     |White       		                            |LW032C     |
|32D     |Black           	                            |LW032D     |
|32E     |Taben's Peak                                    |LW032E     |
|West Katarina Zone                                                   |
|NUMBER  |NAME OF AREA                                    |KEYWORD    |
|33      |White Dragon Cave                               |LW033      |
|34      |Horam         	                            |LW034      |
|35      |Zen Zone      	                            |LW035      |
|36      |Blue Dragon Cave                                |LW036      |
|37      |Zaback Mines                                    |LW037      |
|38      |Zaback                                          |LW038      |
|39      |Neo-Vane                                        |LW039      |
|40      |Neo-Trial Cave    	                            |LW040      |
|41      |Black Dragon Cave                               |LW041      |
|42      |Raculi                                          |LW042      |
|43      |Serak Palace                                    |LW043      |
|44      |Red Dragon Cave                                 |LW044      |
|45      |Althena's Tower                                 |LW045      |
|46      |Zophar's Keep                                   |LW046      |


|              BOSS FIGHTS               |
|Boss                       |Keyword     |
|Guardian                   |GDNBS1      |
|Plantella                  |PLTABS1     |
|Magic Tester LX1           |MTBS1       |
|Missing Link               |BSMLK1      |
|Flame Fang                 |FFANGBS     |
|White Fiend                |WHITEFBS    |
|Lunn                       |LUNNBS      |
|Blue Fiend                 |BLUEFBS     |
|Borgan                     |BORGANBS    |
|Black Fiend                |BLACKFBS    |
|Mauri's Id                 |MAURIBS     |
|Red Fiend                  |REDFBS      |
|Fake Althena               |FALTHBS     |
|Zophar, Form 1             |ZOPHBS1     |
|Zophar, Form 2             |ZOPHBS2     |
|Zophar, Form 3             |ZOPHBS3     |

VII.  Bromides
VIII. Special Items
IX.   Bestiary
X.    FAQs
XI.   Things of Note in LUNAR 2
XII.  Conclusion/Contact

>>>From the instruction book...

     Welcome back to the magical world of LUNAR! Over a thousand years have
passed since Dragonmaster Alex and his companions crushed the evil ambitions
of Ghaleon and rescued Luna. From that time forward, LUNAR was at peace.
      With the passing of time, however, the details of that epic conflict
were lost. But, ancient writings scattered in the ruins around LUNAR bear
silent witness to LUNAR's mysterious past. A boy named, oddly enough, Hiro is
fascinated by these stories.  He lives with his grandfather Gwyn, an
arcaheologist who has shown him the wonder of history. now, Hiro and his
longtime friend Ruby often steal away to explore the ruins nearby -- even
though Gwyn has told them not to go without him.
     The story that fascinates Hiro most is the one that tells of the time
when Althena lived in human form, a Dragonmaster named Alex controlled the
four Dragons, and a magic city flew in the sky.  To most, these stories seem
like fairy tales, but to Hiro they seem just as real as the smell of Grandpa
Gwyn's liniments in the morning.    Many believe that the inhabitants of LUNAR
lived on the Blue Star before the Goddess brought them to this world.  Hiro
hopes to find a link between his world and the Blue Star by exploring the
ancient ruins near his Grandpa's home. There are so many questions to be
answered, and unfortunately for all, the answers are coming...


January 15 - Sorry for the long wait! I had to go on a quick excursion to
Tampa (FL) for the All-State Band festival, and I got way behind. Rest
assured, I will continue to update as I did before!

January 26 - Why the lack of delays lately? I've been obsessed with Final
Fantasy 9 lately, and now that I've (finally) finished it, I can get back to
the FAQ!

February 16 - NEW FEATURE! I have looked at other people's FAQs on GameFAQs
and saw a GREAT idea. Many people come to a FAQ looking for specific boss
fight details or walkthrough help. They find it hard to find this particular
spot in the FAQ, however, because the FAQ is so large. He're the idea: I have
placed a keyword (or key set of letters and numbers, like B0002) at the
beginning of every section of this FAQ. Each keyword for each section is
listed in the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

To use this feature you must utilize the find function of your web browser or
document viewer. To utilize it, press the CTRL and F buttons on your keyboard
simultaneosly. Then, type in the keyword and click "Find Next". The first time
you click this, it should highlight the keyword in the Table of Contents.
Click it again to jump to the section you are looking for.

In the future, I plan to have LOTS of cross-references throughout the FAQ.
However, if I type B0001 in the contents, the actual spot it is located at,
and three other reference locations, it may be difficult to figure out exactly
which one you are looking for. Once I've overcome this hurdle, I'll do some
more stuff.

ALSO, by the way, I'm not sure if everyone knows where I get the names of all
the areas in the game enclosed in <>. To get these locations,
go to the save menu. The location you are at is at the bottom of the window.

February 24 - TWO NEW FEATURES! Here's the first: Starting from the place the
walkthrough left off, I will now be elaborating on the storyline, the
characters, and relationships. You can tell the story-checks apart from the
game text because they will be in text boxes with the heading "The Story".

The second feature... So far, I have been neglecting the "Tactics" function in
the game. This function can be utilized to kill a group of enemies very
easily. I will now create a section for each area with enemies called
"Tactics" and will give three tactics, each with the action that should be
taken by the character. I will assign a letter to each tactic. In the enemy
lists for each area, I will put a letter next to each enemy group, and that
shows the tactic you should use on turn 1 to dispense of the most enemies.
This is so it makes the game easier for YOU, and that's because YOU are the
one reading and benefitting from this FAQ.


Platform: Playstation
US Producer: Working Designs (
MSRP: $59.99
Game CDs: 3
Also included: 1 "Making of Lunar 2" video CD
               1 LUNAR 2 Soundtrack CD (running time: 73:31)
               1 Hardcover Eternal Blue instruction book
               Omake Box with:
                  -Full-size, wearable Lucia's Pendant
                  -Two-sided game map
                  -17 cardboard mini character standees

Thank you for choosing this LUNAR guide for all your LUNAR needs. In designing
this guide, I have tried to make it so that readers can easily find what
they're looking for, follow directions easily, but not have to take their eyes
off the TV screen every three seconds to stare at the guide. Some players want
to be able to collect all the items and make sure they have everything but
they want to do it on their own with only a little bit of help. Others,
however, wanrand it of what it in to be guided through the world of LUNAR
step-by-step.  With this in mind I have designed this walkthrough for LUNAR:
Eternal Blue.

For each and every area of the game, there are two sections in this guide.
The first section is simply a list of things you should do in this area before
going on to another area.  For instance, I will list all of the items to be
obtained in an area. I will list any enemies to be found, along with important
things you should do such as flip a switch or read a sign.

In the second section, I will provide a detailed walkthrough of the directions
you should travel, the enemies you'll meet, information about characters you
see, and, of course, a touch of my own dry humor.

However, I will write the walkthrough for towns a bit differently. I will
simply list key people you should talk to, key things you should witness, and,
in general, things you should do while in town. At the end of each town
section, you'll find a list of weapons and armor.  In this list, I will
recommend the weapons and armor that you should buy for your characters, along
with what you should sell. This is so you can read the objectives only if you
just want a general idea of what to do.

About MUSICCHECKs: For this FAQ, I decided it would be kind of neat to include
little side notes about the music heard in LUNAR 2. As you read through my
FAQ, you'll see little boxes called Musicchecks. You'll understand what I mean
when you read one. :)


LUNAR 2 is the _very_ long-awaited sequel to Lunar: Silver Star Story
Complete. This game, Lunar 1, was released quite a while ago in the US as a
Playstation game. Like LUNAR 2, it was "complete" and had a soundtrack, cloth
map, hardcover instruction book, and Making-of CD.

In a world where graphics are seeming to become the sole factor at determining
whether or not a game is good, it's nice to have a game like LUNAR 2 come out
to demonstrate how wrong we are. LUNAR 2's graphics, are, at best, SNES-


But this means NOTHING. At all. Lunar 2 has one of the most immersive
storylines I have ever experienced in an RPG. Battles are simple yet there's
enough action to keep you captivated. Bosses are extremely difficult.

Every single character in the LUNAR game changes in some way before the game
ends. Whether it's a change of attitude toward someone or a complete change of
values, it's the dynamicness of the characters that creates such an
interesting LUNAR story.

Why not a 10? Well, though the anime cutscenes are superb and the dialogue is
funny, sometimes the story can get a bit cheesy. Just a bit, though. It's not
that bad, and certainly not a thing to keep you from buying this game.

And, you get a bunch of extras with it! A full-size Lucia Pendant, over a
dozen mini character stands, an awesome soundtrack, and a "MAKING OF LUNAR 2"
video cd make LUNAR 2 all worth the $59.95 you'll have to shell out.


Graphics - 7
As said, the graphics are par. They're not bad, they're just old-fashioned. If
graphics is all you go for in a game, then bless your poor soul and don't buy

Gameplay/Story - 9
As I stated before, the gameplay in LUNAR is really immersive. When you're
done with the game, or even halfway through, you really feel like you've met
these characters and experiences their own emotions. Full of unexpected plot
twists and turns, the story is masterfully written.

Music - 10
The music for this game was COMPOSED by Noriuyuki Iwadare, who is, in my
opinion, second only to Nobuo Uematsu in the world of video game music
composition. The music retains classical qualities that make the game feel
like a fantasy world, while at the same time adding newer music qualities like
drum sets and electric guitars to make the game feel close to home.
The CD soundtrack included with the game really lets you enjoy the music more.
When you first listen to it, the music will seem like nothing special, but by
the end of Disc 1, you'll find yourself going back to listen to the cool
arranged songs.
The singing voice of Lucia for EB Theme and Lucia's Theme is beautiful, too.
The lyrics are great, and the songs really get across their meaning in many
I'm babbling again, aren't I? :)

The controls of LUNAR 2 are extremely easy to learn. You can experiment and
master the controller in five minutes. The menus of the game are a bit
complicated, but within an hour or so, things will clear up.

This is a MUST-BUY. Lunar 2 is a classic trip down two roads: the road of past
classic RPGs and the road paving the way to the future of gaming.

       |\  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  /|
-------| \                   Part I                      / |--------
-------| /          The Box/Goodies + Controls           \ |--------
 L  2  |/  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- \|  E  B


     Working Designs, the company that created LUNAR, states that "no US
console RPG has ever had the kind of packaging and presentation present with
LUNAR 2." And this is probably true -- just look at the box!  Inside this box,
there is another whole box full of LUNAR 2 goodies. These include mini-
character standees, the game map, and an awesome full-size Lucia pendant.
Working Designs spent a lot of time on the instruction book as one can see.
It's gorgeous, with its hard cover and blue shiny page sides and red ribbons.
Inside the instruction book, there are cool interviews with some of the game's
key creators and lots and lots of game art.
     Speaking of music, also included with LUNAR to complete is a CD
soundtrack of the songs from the game.  Not all songs are included, but the
ones that are have been replayed on better synthesizers and enhanced and added
to. Here's the tracklist.

1. Star Dragon's Theme ['95 Mix] (2:43)

The first track of this CD is quite a fanfare. And it's decent -- definitely
not one of the best tracks on this CD. Maybe it's because I personally can't
relate to it. I've never heard this song before.

2. Ghaleon's Theme (3:40)

This one's kinda cool. Not much to say. :)

3. Promenade (2:46)

Actually, Promenade is one of my favorite songs on this CD. Good melody,
AWESOME countermelody, and bongos in the background keep it lively and upbeat.
A gem!

4. Field to Tomorrow (2:39)

Oh gosh, I forget what the technique is called -- When a music composer puts a
big contrast in a song. In this one: You have short, staccato string plucks
while at the same time a smooth legato oboe carries the melody. VERY
effective. Great orchestral piece.

5. Crowded Street Corner (3:06)

In my FAQ, I call this a "rehash" of Lucia's Theme. But you know? This one
sorta grows on you after a while. It's fitting as a city song and sounds like
a twin brother of the old "Meribia" song from LUNAR 1.

6. Gypsy Heart [Jean's Theme] (4:24)

This soung would be REALLY boring if not for the dynamic melodies and the
style change in the middle. Style 1 gets boring just at the point where it
changes: to a fast Spanish-style tune. It's perfect for its purpose: something
for Jean to get her groove on to. The violin is great, but they could have
actually used a REAL violinist...

7. Brave Warriors (3:48)

Ah, the fight song! LUNAR 1 veterans remember this one. It's good that they
put it on the CD. A clear-up of the instrument synth and some cool re-
arranging make this an above-average selection.

8. Holding On [Lemina's Theme] (2:46)

Lemina and her theme are present on this soundtrack. This one is quick and
upbeat, making the title, "Holding On", rather unfitting. Yet it fits
perfectly, because yes, she's an upbeat, happy little girl, and there are
certain things she must hold on to, emotionally, in the game.

9. White Mask Funk [Mystere's Theme] (2:18)

Ah, unfortunately, Iwadare screwed up on this one. It's really boring, and
IMHO the worst track on the CD. I skip it every time.

10. Wine, Women, and Song [Ronfar's Theme] (2:37) say the least...this track is a great example of Iwadare's
scope of musical styles covered in his composition. Not bad, but not the best.

11. Eternal Blue [Instrumental] (2:32)

While it is not a complete instrumental of Eternal Blue, this selection
features a flute and piano. Pretty good!

12. Desire (3:45)

This inspiring piano/bass duet seems like a singer could come in instead of
the flute. Of course, it's yet another rendition of Lucia's Theme, but when
you start out with such greatness, it's tough to make it better!

13. Justice [Leo's Theme] (1:35)

This one is another fave of mine. Fast, majestic, and solid. It would make a
great band or orchestra arrangement. If only Iwadare had made it longer. :(

14. Boss Battle (1:50)

I've always been intrigued by this boss battle song. It seem sless frantic and
wild than the plain battle song. But you know something? It seems heavy with
danger, foreboding, and a sense of urgency. Yeah, urgency would be the best
word to sum up this one.

15. Hiro's Fight (1:29)

This is the song that plays as you fight the more major bosses. It's the most
danger-sounding one of all, probably. Here's what I think: Whenever a composer
tries to go crazy and create an extremely frantic boss theme, he screws up
horribly. That's unless his name is Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, or
Noriyuki Iwadare. And Iwadare succeeds here!

16. Eternal Blue [Rondo-Light and Shadows] (5:02)

A legend of old.
A story forgotten.
The memories of true love
stolen from time.

A darkened romance.
Try hard to remember.
A doorway to the heart
beckons your mind!

And now, a corner of night
can lift the weight from you.
It's in your hands.
If just you understand.

A destiny lost.
A bond that's been broken.
The memories, of a time
the slipped away.

Just open your mind
the way lies before you.
A doorway to the heart
you seek to find.

Love can change the key you hold
into a gilded chance
So tear a memory from your mind
and make it real.

Blue Star above me,
Your mystic shimmer tells of love I should know.
Whisper your secret
to soothe my doubt and calm my fear.

Blue Star above me,
when shadows lengthen and the dark looms ever closer,
turn on your shine and hold me near.

When the comet pulls the bow,
The stars begin their dance.

The time when destiny and hope
will give birth again.

Then if it's to be,
I'll find a glimmer of the life I should know.
Only that moment
Can show me what I hold so dear.

Until that moment, I'll find some comfort in the love
within my slumber.
Turn on your charm and hold me near.

Blue Star above me,
Your mystic shimmer tells of love I should know.
Whisper your secret
to soothe my doubt and calm my fear.

Blue Star above me,
when shadows lengthen and the dark looms ever closer,
turn on your shine and hold me near.

Aaahhh...what perfect lyrics to such a symbolic song. It's so fitting for the
game! You know, it takes a bit of getting used to. But listen to the song five
times (not in a row!) and you'll be hooked. It's musical magic!

One thing, though. "When the comet pulls the bow" ... Is that a Japanese
idiom? I can't seem to draw any symbolism out of that. Can any overseas
players help out a clueless person?

17. Golden Voice (2:49)

This is Althena's Theme, heard in LUNAR 1. Like Lucia's Theme in LUNAR 2, this
was a central tune to LUNAR 1. A beautiful ballad complete with flute,
strings, and harp.

18. Lucia vs. Zophar (2:23)

"Zophar, I will not allow you to corrupt this world!" - Lucia. Unfortunately,
though, as she says this, her words speak louder than her actions. This tune
is very ominous and suggestive of great impending danger. Quick in the middle!

19. Growing Fear (3:25)

This one blew me away when I first heard it on the CD. You know, the theme
itself in the game is neat, but is lacks the clearness and precision heard
here. I don't know how to describe it, but tt's GREAT on this CD! The major
chords played by the piano in the middle are awesome, and they serve as a
bridge to the second section near the middle of the song.

20. Heart-Shaped Tears (2:52)

This one seems kind of boring. Maybe when I hear it in context of the game, it
won't seem so draggy.

21. Zophar's Arrival (2:23)

This song also plays when you see Neo-Vane. Freaky! It's cool, but I think
they should have cut off the last beat of each eight-count phrase and made it
a 7/4 time song. Those who know music know what I'm talking about. It would
make the song seem more eerie, which is what Iwadare was going for here, I'm

22. Somber Memories (4:01)

Oh, the sadness song. Boo-hoo. This song would be boring had I not heard it in
the game first. And that's what makes all the songs here so listenable, you
know? It's the fact that you HEARD them in the game, and they are made better
and more gorgeous on this CD.

23. Dragonship Destiny (2:39)

A majestic fanfare fitting for the Dragonship Destiny. For me, it gives the
vision of standing right at the front of the ship, watching as the scenery
unfolds before you as the Destiny speeds along. My only complaint: I think
they introduced this song in the game too early. It seems more of like the
song you hear on the airship you get at the end of the game.

24. Lucia's Theme (5:39)

When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know.
Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
my heart was ice, so cold.
Wind whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes,
and warmth to my heart,
your love has been such to me.

Pull closer now,
And strengthen my leaning,love to heal all my wounds.

When our hearts both beat in time,
There's magic in your smile.
It seems there's nothing we cen't do.

And within your warm embrace,
my heart will find a place
Even from afar,
Our love forever shall be

When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know.
Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
my heart was ice, so cold.
Wind whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes,
and warmth to my heart,
your love has been such to me.

Pull closer now,
And strengthen my leaning,
Toward love to heal all my wounds.

When our hearts both beat in time,
There's magic in your smile.
It seems there's nothing we cen't do.

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