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Cheats » Sony Playstation One (PSX) » Games Starting with the Letter L » Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Strategy Guide (Page 15)

       |\  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  /|
-------| \                      Part X                   / |--------
-------| /             Frequently Asked Questions        \ |--------
 L  2  |/  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- \|  E  B
Q. How do you get the Althena's Sword?

The following tip is courtesy of . Thanks!

To get Althena's Sword, go back and talk to Nall after beating Zophar.
Q. How do you beat Zophar?

FINALLY! I have beaten the game and can post my own Zophar strategy. Which
form are you having trouble with: first, second or third? See keyowrds
ZOPHBS1, ZOPHBS2, or ZOPHBS3, respectively, for that info.
Q. How many HPs does a certain boss have?

Again, I don't know. There's no way to tell. If you're having trouble with a
boss, email me, and tell me exactly what goes wrong and I'll try and help.
However, for the last few bosses in this FAQ, I have been adding up the damage
on a calculator as it happens and finding approximate HPs. Hope these help!
Q. Is it true that you are really 14 like your ICQ profile says?

Yes, people. PLEASE, get over it!
Q. How many hours have you spent on the game?

86. And this includes the time writing the Walkthrough, Enemy lists,
ITEM/EQUIPMENT lists, CALCULATING all bestiary data, and writing these
Q. Haha, I've spent X hours on the game and I've beaten it, yet you've spent
80-some-odd hours and you're not even halfway through!

Well, for one, that's not a question. And two, I get sick of these emails.
Writing a FAQ takes forever. If you think you're so great and fast, write a
FAQ yourself. If you don't LIKE that I spent 60-some-odd hours on a game, then
that's your problem. PLEASE don't bother me with emails like this anymore.
Q. What can I steal from a certain enemy?

By using Lemina's Thieves Staff, you can steal items from enemies. See keyword
TSTAFF1 for more info.
Q. Can you send me a copy of your latest FAQ?

Sorry, too many people ask me that. Simply look at GameFAQs for the latest
version! You CAN download a copy of the FAQ to your computer by going to the
page that LINKED you to this FAQ, right-clicking on the link, and clicking
"Save Target As".
Q. What are all the weird letter-and-number combinations, like LW002, for?

They are keywords designed so that people can immediately jump to a section in
the FAQ. Each keyword for each area is in the Table of Contents. Press CTRL
and F on your keyboard simultaneously, type in the keyword, and click "Find
Next" TWICE.
Q. Should I fight every enemy in the game?

Well, here's the problem. My Tactic lists are set up to make it EASY, but not
necessarily EFFICIENT. So if you fight every enemy using my Tactic list,
you'll run out of MP fast. So my suggestion is, if you fight every enemy, only
use the Tactic strategies on every other battle. On the battles that you DON'T
use tactics, conserve the MP of the characters who are losing it fastest.
Q. Can you tell me anything about the Epilogue, like where the Dragon Eye
Jewel is or whatever?

Yes! Thanks to Adam Hammer, I can give you the following Epilogue walkthrough.

If you thoght that Zophar was the end of the game, your WRONG! There is a
second part to LUNAR 2 that starts when the game is over.

Instructions to get to part 2 of the game.....

1. Go to the saved game screen.
2. Select the EPILOGUE option.

Now it is time for the final part. You start a Gwyn's house. The first thing
to do before anything else, is to get you party members.

Hint: Use the city of Dalton as a reference point.

Ronfar: You will find him in the city of Raculi.
Lemina: In the city of Vane, she will be in the throne room.
Jean: She is located in the back of the carnival at Nota.
Leo: He is at he Mystic Ruins. ALL THE WAY AT THE TOP!

Now go to Dalton. Head north-east until you get to the Dragon Ruins. Climb to
the top room, and get the Left Dragon Eye. Use the Dragon Wings to exit.

After that, go east to the Ice Lands. Then head north.

Note: You must leave the Destiny to go north.

You will find the Ancient Tower. Go to the floor below the top one. The
easiest way is to go to the bacement, then find the door that leads to the top
floor. The Right Dragon Eye is here. But you must fight a Phantom.


Ronfar use Rest Litany.
Hiro use Poe Sword.
Lemina use White Dragon Protect.
Leo use Flash Blade.
Jean use Blue Dragon Vigor

If that was not hard for you, you could go to the floor above, and fight a
party that is a DUPLICATE OF YOURS! The reward for this is the Shaman Staff,
but it dosn't matter if you do because you are so close to the end.

Now go back to the Destiny and go to Dalton. Head north-east towards Illusion
Woods. When you can't go anymore, leave the Destiny and go north to the Star

Go to the sixth floor. take the path on the right, then save your game. What
happens now is that Hiro will fight alone.

Have 2 Star Lights in yor inventory.
Fill the rest with Healing Nuts.
Also Equip the Heal Ring.


When he is standing with one arm out, and the other one behind, he will jump
down on you with his sword. This attack you don't worry about for 3 to 4

When he is leaning away from you, he will hit you with a energy wave. Just
like before, don' worry for the first few.

When he spins his sword, DON'T ATTACK! It will come back at you. Use a healing
nut. This is followed by a wave that dosn't always hit.

When he is saluting, he will hit you twice. This will drain half of your H.P.

The end.

       |\  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  /|
-------| \                     Part XI                   / |--------
-------| /            Things of note in LUNAR 2          \ |--------
 L  2  |/  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- \|  E  B

Silver Phoenix says that when you retrieve the Right Opal Jewel from the
Dragon Ruins, Hiro makes a comment about the first time he and Ruby were
there...but it's Ruby's picture next to the text! Oops, programming glitch!

Any more? Email me!

       |\  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=  /|
-------| \                     Part XII                  / |--------
-------| /                Conclusion/Contact             \ |--------
 L  2  |/  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- \|  E  B

Yeah, yeah, I know, this thing is far from being finished. FAR. See any
question marks in places at this FAQ? Those are things I accidentally skipped
over, or don't know. I need people to help and tell me what these are! I'm
working on this FAQ pretty hard, and the walkthrough for the Epilogue should
be done within the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy and use all I have
in here. Oh yeah, and you can email me:
|Email  |             |
|ICQ    |59862917                           |
|AIM    |Helmacron4                         |

and ask ANY questions, correct any errors, or suggest anything be added,
erased, or changed from my FAQ. Your name will be credited!


Silver Phoenix corrected some errors in my Crests section. Thanks!
ATadeo gave me the idea of the layout for the armor and weapons.

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