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Cheats » Sony Playstation One (PSX) » Games Starting with the Letter S » Suikoden - Strategy Guide (Page 04)

 [?] But Odessa's last request...
        {Be given a speech about something and he'll tell them anyway}
     You're right.
        {Allow him to tell them}

    Flik will storm off, and Mathiu will tell you to go and talk to him.
With Viktor (who will join automatically) sail to Kaku, then enter the house
on the left of the steps. Talk to Flik, and he will ask if you will join
forces with him.

 [?] No.
        {Refuse to join him, but get asked again}
     Of course.
        {Accept his offer}

    If you refuse, he'll just ask you over and over again, so accept and
head back to the castle.

        [SAVE] - Soon you will fight a major battle. It shouldn't be
                 difficult, but it's better to be on the safe side.
    Go to the War Room, and Flik will suggest you attack Garan.

 [?] Prepare to depart.
        {Go and fight}
     It's not yet time for battle.
        {Wait for a while}

    If you've already saved the game, go off and attack.
MAJOR BATTLE STRATEGY: Battle at Fortress of Garan

    The enemy only has 6,000 troops here, and unless you did horribly
against Kwanda, you should have more than them. You gained about 4,000 more
troops since your last battle. Use Krin and Giovanni to attempt to find
their strategy, and remember to use the Strategists if you need to charge.

    After this battle, you'll be pitched immediately into another Major

MAJOR BATTLE STRATEGY: Battle at Scarleticia Castle (I)

    You'll be facing 12,000 troops with whatever you had left over from the
last battle. YOU CAN NOT WIN HERE. Milich will use an attack called
"Poisonous Pollen", and after one of these Mathiu will order the retreat. It
is an extremely damaging attack, and there seems to be no way to minimise

    You'll be back at the Fortress of Garan, and a recon party will be
organised. Viktor and Flik will join automatically, and Gremio will ask to
join after Viktor tells him to stay behind.

 [?] Stay here, Gremio.
        {Try to get him to stay behind}
     Okay. Come with us.
        {Allow him to come along}

    You can refuse as much as you want, but Gremio has to come along. For
the remaining two people in your party choose Tai Ho and Yam Koo. This will
allow you to recruit the pirates. Follow the coast above you to Teien. Go to
the inn and recruit Hellion. Grab the Mega Medicine and the Blinking Mirror
from the chests. Make sure that the Hero holds the Blinking Mirror, you'll
want to have it no matter what your party is. Be sure to visit the item
store here so that Chandler can sell you Yellow flower seeds later. Go to
the blacksmith and sharpen all the weapons up to Level 12, this is why you
needed so much money. On the world map, go right to Antei. Recruit Mina from
the inn (make sure the Hero still has the Toe Shoes) and Chapman from the
Armoury. You'll also have enough recruits to get Jeane from the Runemaster's
shop. Go back to the armoury, and equip all of your characters with the best
possible armour (you won't need to keep the Toe Shoes anymore). Go down and
right to Rikon, and visit the Item store to add those items to Chandlers
available stock. Head upstairs at the inn and talk to Lotte. Go back out to
the world map and wander aimlessly. This is to serve two purposes: onee is 
to get all your characters to a decent level (at least 28) and to get a
Nameless urn. These are dropped by the Holly Fairy enemies, but it can be
annoying since they sometimes drop Needles instead. Try walking around in
the area a few screens left of Rikon, you should get one soon. While you're
there, drop into Soniere prison (right of Rikon) so that you can teleport
there later.
    Once you have gotten a Nameless urn and all your characters are at high
levels, use the Blinking Mirror. Talk to Viki and teleport to Kaku. Grab the
cat by chasing it into the area to the right of the bar. Sail back to the
castle and teleport to Rikon. Recruit Jabba and Lotte.

        [SAVE] - The Pirates may not strictly be "enemies", but they can be
                 painful sometimes.
    Head up to Teien and get in the boat. Go up and left to the Pirates Den.
Walk inside and talk to Anji, who will challenge you to a fight.

 [?] Fight.
        {Rise to the challenge}
     Don't fight.
        {Be a wimp}

    You'll have to fight if you want to recruit them.

    This battle will be pretty difficult, because quite honestly I don't
think you're supposed to be fighting these guys yet. Anyway, it's possible
to beat them if you follow this strategy. Flik will be able to take care of
Leonardo with two Raging Blows and a Rainstorm. Follow this pattern for him,
and get everyone else to ignore Leonardo. Tai Ho and Yam Koo should do
Fisherman Attacks on Kanak, and use Medicine on anyone who needs it while
they're unbalanced. Viktor should use his Clone rune on Anji and also use
Medicine while he's unbalanced. The Hero and Gremio should do regular
attacks on Anji, then Kanak after Anji is defeated. Once Flik has beaten
Leonardo, he should attack the same way as Gremio and the Hero. You should
just be able to defeat them within the turn limit.

    Now that you've gathered all these allies, head back to Rikon and get in
the boat there. See that dot on the map way down near the bottom? Head
towards it. You won't be able to get there, since you will run into some
rapids. Go back to Rikon (you must have touched the rapids) and your
characters will say that you won't be able to cross them with a regular
boat. Walk up to Teien and go into the top left house. Talk to Gen, and he
will ask you what you want.

 [?] We have no business with you.
        {Get told to go away}
     We need a boat that can beat the rapids.
        {Enlist his aid}

    You can't get past the rapids without him, so get him to join you. It
doesn't matter which of Tai Ho or Yam Koo that you kick out since you'll
have to eject the other one shortly. Walk to the house right of Gen's, and
attempt to go in. Gen will call Kamandol out, and you will be invited in.
After the conversation, head down to Rikon. The engine will be unloaded
automatically, and while Gen and Kamandol work the remaining four will go to
the inn. During the night, Gremio will talk to your character (I assume that
the Hero is asleep). In the morning, walk out of the inn and you will
automatically talk to Gen and Kamandol. Board the boat.
    Head back down to the rapids, but now you will be able to cross them. At
Liukan's Hermitage, before talking to him go inside and get the Black paint.
Go back and talk to Liukan who will be whisked away by Milich. Instead of
getting back on to the boat, head out the side and get to the world map. Use
the Blinking Mirror and go talk to Mathiu. He will write a letter for
Kimberly and tell you to recruit her and Tesla, both living in Antei. While
you're here, remove Gen and Kamandol from your party and stick Pahn and Cleo
in. Teleport to Antei.
    Kimberly is in the house up and right of the inn. Talk to her and you
will deliver the letter. After a boring sequence she will join and tell you
that Tesla is in the town, but he is using the name Albert. Go up and left
from Kimberly's house and inside the house there. Talk to "Albert" and he
will be tricked into joining. Head back to the World map and use the
Blinking Mirror.
    Go and talk to Mathiu and you will be given the fake orders which will
allow you to enter Soniere prison. Before teleporting there, find the
Sunbeam crystal you picked up from the Dwarf Vault and attach it to Viktor
(you will obviously need to detach the Clone rune). Rest and teleport to
Soniere, and go inside.

        [SAVE] - Again, there isn't actually a boss as such, but there will
                 usually be a lot of guys to fight and no other chance to
    Save at the save point to the right, then head back the other way. Be
sure to pick up the Old Book from the chest on your way past. When you get
to the room with the lever, attempt to walk through the door to flip the
lever. Continue through the prison, it's very straight-forward. Sometime
during your visit here, you will need to obtain an Opal. These are dropped
by the Nightmare enemies, and can be difficult to obtain sometimes. Only
stop to try and get one if you're about to leave and haven't yet picked one
    Soon after you get to the cells, you will have to fight sets of Veteran
soldiers. The first two are three each and the other two (which, by the way,
are optional) contain five each. To beat them easily, a Dancing Flames spell
will wipe all of them out, or a Firestorm and Rainstorm spell used on the
same turn (you can't combine these). Liukan is in the cell at the end. Walk
up to him to free him. An escape talisman won't work, so you'll need to walk
all the way out. Before you enter the lever room, check to see that you have
an Opal. If you don't, walk around fighting until you get one, but don't go
into the lever room yet.
    Before you exit the jail, ensure that Gremio isn't holding any vital
equipment. Better to be safe than sorry, since I'm still unsure as to what
does and doesn't appear in the vault. Whatever you do, don't leave Gremio
carrying the Blinking Mirror.
    Walk into the lever room and you will find Milich. Instead of fighting
you, he will throw a vial of "Spores of Agony" on the floor and then
scarper. Gremio will flip the lever, push everyone through the door and
close it, while staying on the other side. You'll be given a choice of what
to say.

 [?] Open the door, Gremio!
        {Attempt to get him to open the door. Fail}
     This is an order, Gremio!
        {Attempt to order him to open the door. Fail}

    No matter what you say, Gremio will be eaten by the spores. Don't worry,
if you get all the other 107 stars and keep them alive, he'll be back later.
By the way, you can now use the Black Shadow magic. Mathiu will come and 
open the door, and you will begin to leave. Viktor will run back and grab 
Gremio's axe, and keep it for a while (he'll give it to you later).
    Gremio's equipment in the Vault is still a bit of a mystery. Some stuff 
does appear, other stuff doesn't. As long as you took the precautions above
(don't say I didn't warn you) you won't encounter much of a problem.
        [SAVE] - This major battle can be a little difficult sometimes.
    Walk outside and talk to Mathiu. Liukan will join, and Mathiu will
advise that you attack Scarleticia castle.

 [?] All right. Let's begin assembling the troops.
        {Go fight}
     I just don't feel like it right now.
        {Be depressed and wait a while}

    There's nothing that needs to be done, so bite the bullet and attack.

MAJOR BATTLE STRATEGY: Battle at Scarleticia Castle (II)

    Thanks to Liukan's antidote, you can now fight Milich's army. He will
still have his 12,000 troops, and you will somehow have gotten 6-7 thousand
more. Where are these people coming from?
    If you find that the enemy is doing "Milich's Attack", this is a Magic
attack so you should use Bows.

    After defeating his army, you'll be in front of Scarleticia castle. You
will have to decide on your party, with Viktor and Flik as fixed members.
Make sure you add in Pahn, but the other two don't matter. I took Kai for
the Master Pupil attack, and I also took Kwanda because he looks cool. Now,
walk through the castle and grab all the loot. On the left-hand side on the
lower floor, walk straight up through the doors and into the wall and you
should come across a "Portrait of Milich". You will be given a choice.

 [?] Milich, too, is a victim...
        {Open up the secret room}
     What a creep.
        {Ignore it}

    If you pick the first choice, a room will open up with a Window setting
and a Spark crystal. Make sure Pahn is at least Level 31 (preferably 32 or
33) before going on to the balcony. Everyone will run out and Mathiu will
say to burn the flowers. Milich will come along and squeal at you. After his
rune has melted, Flik will ask you what to do about him.

 [!] Gremio must be avenged.
        {Kill Milich. Bad thing to do}
     This man is not at fault!
        {Let Milich live}

    If you let him live, he will ask you to join the Liberation army.

 [!] I can't.
        {Refuse to let him join and never see him again}
     I understand.
        {Let him join}

    After your decision, Stallion will run up and warn you about the
Imperial army.


Items in this section: Earth rune piece, Old Book Volume VIII, Antique,
                       Sound crystal, Window Setting 0
Characters in this section: Ivanov, Kasios, Qlon, Esmeralda, Kasumi, Georges
                            Sarah, Lester, Blackman, Kessler, Ledon, Kage,
                            Melodye, Kun To, Mose, Ronnie Bell, Alen,

    At the start of this section you'll be outside the castle. Before
proceeding, you may want to gather a few allies that are now available.
Talk to Sanchez to change party members, and make sure that your new party
contains Milich. You may also want to put Stallion in to save time on the
World map. Get the Opal you found from Soniere, and teleport to Scarleticia.
Talk to Ivanov (right side, bottom floor) and recruit him, then head
upstairs and recruit Kasios from the right bedroom. Go back to the World map
and walk to Antei. Recruit Qlon, then go upstairs at the inn and give the
Opal to Esmeralda. Use the Blinking Mirror to return to the castle.
        [SAVE] - This is VITAL. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE!    

    Rest and make sure Pahn has full health and that his AC is as high as
possible, then talk to Kasumi in the conference room. She will tell you
about Teo, and then join you. Mathiu will suggest a skirmish to test the
power of the enemy.

 [?] Fine.
        {Go and fight}
     But I'd rather not fight my father.
        {Attempt to refuse, but be told about duty and so forth}

    No matter how many times you refuse, Mathiu won't stop asking. You'll
end up in the fight.


    Again, you can not win here. After three turns, the retreat will be
sounded. You seem to be able to minimise casualties by using the weakest
Charge groups.

    After retreating, Pahn will stop and say that he will hold them off.

 [?] Pahn, I'll see you later.
        {Apparently, this is telling him to come with you. He won't, though}
     Good luck.
        {Leave him and run off}

    Pahn is determined to fight Teo, so you'll have to leave him there. Teo
will come up, and after a short speech will engage Pahn in a duel.

DUEL GUIDE: Pahn vs. Teo McDohl

    Teo can deal a lot of damage, but he takes hits like a sissy. Take
advantage of this.


    Did you see me coming?
    All you can do is defend yourself, Pahn? No mercy!
    My sword's not rusty yet.
    That was a good one, Pahn. Now it's my turn.
    Is that all you've got? Now it's my turn!


    Come on, Pahn. See if you can kill me.
    Good work, Pahn. I'll have to be more careful.
    I'll see that coming next time!
    I'm losing my cool. Better be careful.
    Strike me, Pahn!

 Desperate Attack

    My killer blade...
    Finish me with a single blow!
    Hmmm. Here I come again.
    Impossible! Take that!
    That' good.


    It is very easy for Pahn to lose this fight, but don't let him. If you
want the best ending, he needs to stay alive. If you win, Teo will order a
    When it goes back to the Hero, you will be standing on floor 3. Go
upstairs and to your bed. Walk towards it and the screen will fade. Leknaat
will visit you during the night and tell you that you must keep fighting.

 [?] Why must I?
        {Ask her why, and be told about her sister}
     Perhaps, but...
        {Trail off and get the same answer}

    After the conversation, you will wake up in the morning. Talk to Flik in
the conference room and he will mention Fire Spears. To get them, you'll
need to travel to Kirov. If you've been there already, you'll know that
there's a "maelstrom" (which looks a lot like those rapids) blocking your
path. Go down and save your game (you don't want to have to get Pahn to
fight Teo again if you've already won) then go to Sanchez and form a new
party. It must contain Tai Ho, but you can choose the other four. You may
want someone with a Holy rune so that you can do the annoying item
collection (to recruit Sarah) faster, but it's not vital. If you insist on
me giving a recommendation, take Stallion, Kirkis, Kai and Kasumi. Go down
to the docks, and Gen will tell you about the high speed boat he's just made
(the geezer helped too) and ask you if you want to take it for a test ride.

 [?] Yes, I'll take a test ride.
        {Take it for a spin}
     Correction Maybe later.
        {Do a few other things first (eg. be gramatically challenged)}

    You'll have to take the boat. Tai Ho will pop out and say how impressive
the boat is, and then you'll get in. Kirov is a long way up and left of the
castle, hidden within a small archipelago. Use the map if you're lost. Once
you get there, talk to Sarah and collect the items needed to recruit her
(look at the Stars list at the start of this FAQ for the order). Taste the
stews in the houses on either side of her, then go into the big house near
the docks and talk to Lester, who will join up. Go to the inn and play a
card game with Georges, if you beat one of the records he will join you.
    Head out the little gap at the top of Kirov and go up to Kalekka. There
is no need to talk to Leon (first house) yet, so don't bother going in his
house. Work your way through the village, and be careful not to step on
Blackman's sprouts. Talk to him and recruit him. Go into the house in the
top right, and get the Sound crystal. Walk out the top exit of Kalekka, and
continue on to the Secret Factory. When you arrive, you will find Ledon and
Kessler talking to Ronnie Bell. You'll be given a decision on what to say.

 [?] Hey, it's Ledon and Kessler.
        {Get Ledon and Kessler's attention}
     Hey, giant woman.
        {Get Ronnie Bell's attention}

    All three will turn around, and Ledon will recognise you. Tai Ho will
ask if you know these two.

 [?] Yes.
        {Admit it}
     I've never seen them before.
        {Get Ledon to remind you}

    After a short conversation, Ronnie will lead you inside the factory.
Before following, talk to Ledon and Kessler to recruit them. Inside, talk to
Kage (he's hard to miss) and pay him 20,000 bits to recruit him. Go right
and talk to Mose, and he will ask you about Odessa. You'll be given only one
response (tough decision to make) and he will give you Fire Spears.
    Leave the Secret Factory and go back down to Kirov via Kalekka. Once in
Kirov, talk to Melodye (bottom left of the town) and give her the Sound
Crystal. Go into the big house and talk to Kun To, who will join. After
Ronnie has finished loading the spears into the boats, she and Mose will
join. Get into your boat and speed back to the castle.
    When you attempt to enter the castle, Tai Ho will step out and say that
he's tired. There will be a fade and you will find yourself in your bed.

        [SAVE] - Teo will make you pay for any mistake you make, so be sure
                 to save.
    Walk to the conference room. Talk to Mathiu, and he will ask for your

 [?] Order all troops to advance.
        {Go and fight Teo again}
     Let's wait a while.
        {Do some other stuff first}

    If you've already saved, rush off to battle with your shiny new toys and
prepare to deal some death.


    The only way to use your new Fire Spears is to charge, and the only way
to inflict damage is with the Fire Spears. Boost the charge power, then
attack in the following order:
 Commander's Team (first in the plan)
 Lepant Family (strongest)
 Pirates (next strongest)
 Bandits (next strongest)
    This should finish them off.   

    After winning, Teo, Alen and Grenseal will be standing in front of you.
After a short conversation, Teo will challenge you to a duel.

 [?] I accept.
        {Accept his challenge}
     I'd rather not fight you.
        {Be insulted, then fight anyway}

    Obviously, you'll end up in a duel.

DUEL GUIDE: Hero vs. Teo McDohl

    This is the easiest duel you will have to do. Teo has only half his HP,
and the Hero is (or at least was in my game) much stronger than Pahn. One
Desperate attack should finish him.


    We're getting nowhere. Here I come!
    Here I come, my son.
    Do you see how much better I am?
    Is defending yourself all you can do? You'll never win that way.
    You're soft...soft! This is how you attack!
    That was nothing. Now it's my turn.


    Show me what you've learned.
    Leader of the Liberation Army! No wonder you're careful.
    Come on! Show me what a man you've become.
    Is that all you've got?

 Desperate Attack

    My deadly sword...
    My sword is the Emperor's sword. I'll show no mercy!
    The next one will be more painful.


    Teo will have his big death scene, and he will ask Alen and Grenseal to
join the Liberation army. After Teo dies, you will be able to use the Hell
magic from the Soul Eater.


Items in this section: Sound Setting 1, Full Helmet, Mega Medicine x2,
                       Antitoxin x2, Medicine x3, Crimson Cape, Head Gear,
                       Boar Crystal, Champion's Crystal, Flowing Crystal,
                       Window Crystal, 5,000 bits, Escape Talisman,
                       War Scroll, Silverlet, Skill rune piece, Earth boots,
                       Old Book Volume II, Old Book Volume III, Green paint,
                       Earth rune piece, Magic rune piece, Cape of Darkness
Characters in this section: Kirke, Marco, Moose, Fukien, Morgan, Zen, Hugo,
                            Window, Quincy, Rubi, Eikei, Hix, Tengaar

    You will begin this section on the docks at your castle. Go up to the
conference room and talk to Lepant. Everyone will suggest that you attack
the Fortress of Lorimar.

 [?] Let's attack the fortress of Lorimar!
        {March to Lorimar}
     Let's wait a little longer.
        {Wait for nothing in particular}

    There is no point in waiting, so march to Lorimar. When you get there,
you will find it deserted. During the search of the fortress (automatic),
Viktor and Cleo will get into your party. Mathiu will ask you for the rest
of the party. For now, make your party Maas, Meese and Mose. Walk down
through the gate then return immediately. Recruit Kirke, then leave again.
    The Warrior's Village is a little down and left of Lorimar. Go there,
and watch the scene. Zorak will ask you to come inside, but don't follow him
just yet. Head right and recruit Marco by winning 5,000 bits off him. Enter
the house just above Marco and recruit Moose. Visit the item store so that
Chandler can sell you flower seeds, then enter Zorak's house.
    Talk to him, and endure the long conversation. When you can, move out
of the room and walk towards Tengaar. After she leaves, walk towards Hix.
When he finishes talking to Cleo and leave, enter the bedroom and talk to
Viktor. Viktor will say that he is staying up, and you will automatically go
to bed.
    In the morning, walk outside and you will find Neclord. After Zorak and
his three warriors are incapacitated, Viktor will run down towards Neclord
and the rest of your characters will follow.
BOSS TIPS: Neclord

    Despite what the first impression gives you, you can hurt Neclord here.
You'll never win, but it's worth knowing. For instance, Kasumi can use her
Shrike rune and cause a few hundred points of damage. You won't be able to
survive long enough to kill him like this, so just resign yourself to
failing. The quickest way to die is to attempt to run away.

    After your party is defeated, Neclord will take Tengaar away. You will
find yourself in Zorak's house again, and Viktor will ask you if "you've
come to your senses yet". Is this a translation error? Viktor was the one
who was determined to kill Neclord, not you. Anyway, go talk to Zorak and he
will mention the Temple of Qlon (that little git that says the name of the
castle?). Leave the Warrior's Village and use your Blinking Mirror.
    Once in your castle, form a new party. Replace the blacksmiths with
Milich, Kirkis and any other character (they'll be leaving when Hix joins
later). I took Grenseal, but it really doesn't matter. Now, you will need to
get your hands on Water, Lightning and Holy crystals. Kirkis should still
have a Water rune attached, you should transfer this to Milich. If you don't
already have the other two, you should be able to buy them from Chandler.
Remove Cleo's Fire rune and attach the Lightning one, and attach the Holy
rune to Kirkis. Viktor should still have the Sunbeam rune, leave it there.
    Now, you will want to sharpen all weapons as high as they will go. This
costs a ludicrous amount of money, but Neclord was the most annoying boss
for me so it's worth it. You won't need to sharpen the temporary character's
weapon, which will save you a bit. Keep getting money from Gaspar (you'll
get lucky eventually) and continue sharpening until the weapons are at Level
15. Although Viktor will get a new sword soon, it will retain the level of
his previous sword.
    Equip the characters (including the temporary one) with the best armour
possible. Buy all three flower seeds from Chandler, then teleport back to
the Warrior's Village. Rest if you need it, then head left on the World map. 
A few screens away is the Temple of Qlon.
    Once you reach it, go inside and talk to Fukien. He will join (not in
your current party, though) and lead you to the cave. Before going in, talk
to Zen (to your right) to recruit him. Go back in the temple and talk to
Morgan (right of the back door). Now head into the cave.

        [SAVE] - If you're not at a high enough level, the enemies in the
                 cave will give you a lot of trouble.

    The Caves of the Past have an annoying layout, but you'll be able to
work it out. Remember to dash everywhere. There are two secret areas which
you will want to know about. Their layout is as follows:

 X                               X
 X                               XX
 XX - First secret passage        X - Second secret passage
  X                             XXX
  X                             X

    You will be able to recognise them by the straight part of the wall on
the bottom edge. The first passage is found in the fourth "main" screen,
almost directly below the entrance. It leads to the Window crystal, which
you should get. The second is in the eigth screen, counting the one that you 
re-enter twice. It leads to Crowley, but he won't join you yet so don't 
    Most of the items aren't all that important, but before you approach the
Star Dragon Sword, make sure you have found the Flowing Crystal, the Window
Crystal, the War Scroll and the Escape Talisman. When you walk up to the
sword at the end of the caves it will curse you and cast some big spell. You
will end up flying out of a shrine in a village with wooden houses. Walk up
and right, and you will see a boy run away from you. Walk to the well, then
follow the boy as he runs again. Talk to him, and he will ask you if you're
here to steal the treasure.

 [?] What treasure?
        {Admit that you have no clue what he's talking about}
        {Attempt to reassure him, I guess}

    You'll get the same answer no matter what you choose. He will be called
away, and Cleo will ask you a question.

 [?] He did remind me of Ted.
        {Agree that something weird is happening}
     No, it must be someone else.
        {Attempt to deny that it was Ted you just spoke to}

    Walk up and right and talk to the Village Chief. He will go inside the
house, and you should follow. You may want to open the chest before talking
to him again. When you do talk, Windy will appear outside, and everyone will
rush off to confront her. After a short conversation, the village will
spontaneously combust, and the old guy will teleport you all off to the back
room of his house. The Soul Eater will be transferred across to Ted, and you
will be asked to take him away. Run out the back door and follow the path.
    Yuber will pop down in front of you and attempt to cut you all into
little pieces. Before he can, Neclord will appear and tell him that Windy
wants him. After a fade, you will be standing in the middle of the charred
village. Before you do as Viktor suggests, go back along the path and get
the Boar rune from the chest. Go into the house to the right of the steps to
the shrine and get the Champion's Crystal. When you attempt to walk up the
steps, Viktor will ask you what to do about Ted.

 [?] We'll take him along.
        {Take him with you}
     We can't take him along.
        {Leave him behind}

    It doesn't matter what you choose, since he won't be able to cross over
if you take him along. When you appear back in the caves, walk down and you
will find the sword again. After a short conversation with it (yes, with the
sword) Viktor will pull it out. Use the Escape Talisman that you found to
go back to the surface.
    Talk to Hugo to deliver the War Scroll. You may want to rest in the bed
before continuing. Go back to the Warrior's Village, and you will find Zorak
with the warriors assembled. Before talking to him, head into the hardware
store and give the Window crystal to Window. Now go and talk to Zorak. All
the warriors will leave for Neclord's castle. Follow them, his castle is
down and a bit to the left of the Warrior's Village. When you get there, you
will automatically talk to Zorak, and Neclord will appear. He will say some
stuff, and you will end up going in. Before you can Hix will come and ask if
you can take him along.

 [?] You'll just be in the way.
        {Attempt to refuse}
     All right. Come with us.
        {Take him along}

    If you refuse, he will just ask again, so he will end up coming with
you. Kick out the temporary character, and you will automatically enter the
castle. You should go back out straight away, talk to Zorak so he'll let you
past, then use the Blinking Mirror to go back to your own castle. Sharpen
Hix's sword, and outfit him with armour. Detach Milich's Water rune and give
him the Flowing Rune. Rest at Marie's inn.
    Now, before you go any further, check that Cleo can cast a Ball of
Lightning spell, and Milich can cast a Mother Ocean spell. It is vitally
important that they can, and that they don't cast these before you reach
Neclord. If they can't yet, return to the caves behind Qlon and gain some
    Before you go back to Neclord's castle, teleport to Garan. You will now
have enough recruits to convince Quincy to join. Go to the Kobold Village
and recruit Rubi from the inn. Go to Teien and recruit Eikei (far right of
the town). Teleport back to Neclord's castle.

        [SAVE] - There is a save point on the lowest floor, left hand side
                 and down the stairs.

    The layout of the castle is pretty simple, you'll work it out. Once you
get to the third floor (floor, not screen) you will come to some paintings
on the wall. It is basically a combination lock. The combination is as

    From the left, I've numbered the paintings 1, 2, 3 and 4.
     3. "Chestnut Tree"
     2. "Girl in the early afternoon"
     4. "Peasant Girl"
     1. "King of the Night"

    Continue through the castle. When you reach a balcony where you are
outside and the sky is orange (i.e. near sunset), stop and check the levels
of your characters. I have defeated Neclord with everyone on Level 45, but
it helps if they are a bit higher. If you're desperate, you'll be able to
defeat him easily using my strategy with everyone on Level 48. This takes
some time, but it makes the battle much simpler. If you're impatient, 46
will do. Make sure everyone is at full health. Hand all the antitoxins to
Kirkis, all the regular medicines to Hix and all the Mega Medicines to Cleo.
Confront him and his crappy organ playing, and you will end up fighting him 
BOSS TIPS: Neclord

    Apart from the special cases mentioned in your other fight with Neclord,
no one will be able to hurt him until Viktor has attacked. Get the Hero,
Cleo, Kirkis and Hix to defend, while Viktor and Milich attack. From this
turn on, give any one person who needs it a regular medicine, and any one
person who is badly hurt a Mega Medicine. The first time all of your
characters are in need of healing, do a combined Lightning-Water spell. If
they all need healing again, just get Milich to do a regular healing spell.
As for attacking, the Hero should use all of his Black Shadow spells and
then attack normally. Cleo should use all the Raging Blow spells, then
attack normally. Everyone else should continue to attack regularly. When
Neclord turns into a swarm of bats and attacks someone, they will usually
end up poisoned. Get Kirkis to use an antitoxin on them and Cleo to use a
mega medicine on them if this happens.

    Once you've killed him and rescued Tengaar, you'll have to get out of
the castle. An escape talisman won't work, so run all the way out (snore).
After the conversation at the doors, Viktor will ask for leave to go to his

 [?] That could be a problem.
        {Tell him it could be a problem}
     All right. Come back soon.
        {Let him go}

    If you try to stop him, he will just ask again, so he will end up going.
Tengaar will join, and you should teleport back to the castle.


Items in this section: Goldlet, Old Book Volume V, Power Gloves,
                       Master Robe, Sound Setting 2, Mega Medicine, 
                       Old Book Volume IV, Window Setting 2, Gold Necklace,
                       Cyclone crystal
Characters in this section: Fuma, Kreutz, Milia, Joshua, Futch

    You will start on the docks. Walk up to the conference room and talk to
Mathiu. He will suggest that you attempt to recruit the Dragon Knights.

 [?] I'd rather not go.
        {Attempt to refuse}
     Let's go meet these Dragon Knights.
        {Agree to go}

    If you refuse, you will be reminded about the Liberation army needing
all the help it can get, and then be asked again. Once you agree, Flik and
Humphrey will join. Leave the screen and return, then talk to Sanchez and
form a new party. Put in Liukan (trust me), Milich and Kai. Sharpen weapons
and buy armour, you may want to attach a rune to Humphrey, I suggest a
Killer rune.
    The Dragon's Den is to the left of Antei, just follow the mountain. Once
you get there, talk to the Gatekeeper and you will be turned away. Return to
Antei, where you will find Vincent de Boule talking to the innkeeper. He
will greet you and introduce himself.

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