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Cheats » Sony Playstation One (PSX) » Games Starting with the Letter T » Tales Of Destiny 2 - Strategy Guide (Page 14)

Reid : It's that way! Let's go!

Search the anchor near the door to get a Lens. Enter the door.

Reid : It's pitch dark in here!

Chat : Please wait a moment. There should be a switch right around here...

Chat will turn on the light.

Chat : I knew it! It's just like the dock at the mansion!!

Keele : H...hey! are you sure you know what you're doing?

Chat : Do not worry.

Meredy : Is it going to break?

Chat : Let me handle...

Farah : W...what's going on?!

You will see a nice FMV about Van Eltia being remodeled.

Reid : Huh? Is it finished?

Farah : This must be what was meant by Aifread's Legacy...

Keele : We can go to Inferia now...?

Meredy : Meredy hope so.

Chat : Let's board the ship.

Search the machine at upper right to get a Hourglass. Now enter Van Eltia. You will be in
Viewing Deck.

/ 2.20 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Van Eltia (remodeled)
Lens : 2

Farah : There are more rooms here!!

Chat : W...whoa! I smell machines!

Reid : That's some nose you got there.

Meredy : Let's all go see.

Search the barrel here for a Lens. Now go down three times and go up from the left stairs to
see Chat. Search the submarine that Chat looking for a Lens. Now search the statue at the top.

Statue : This is the submarine, Aifish. If you search the seafloor, you may be able to find
         the Bridge of Expedition.

How to board
   You can access it from the Travel Menu while riding on the Van Eltia, or board it directly
   from this room.
How to operate
   X : Speed Up
   Circle : Slow Down
   Left/Right : Turn around
   Up/Down : Ascend or Descend
How to return
   You can return to the Van Eltia by pressing Square while submerged.

Chat : It looks like we should start searching under the sea from this point on.

Reid : All right! Let's look for the Bridge of Expedition!

Now go underwater(use Aifish) to GPS(35,14) to go to Jini.

/ 2.21 \______________________________________________________________________________________
City of Joy, Jini(66,153)
Items : Rune Bottle, Celesea Map, Light Crystal
Lens : 3
Recipes : 3 (Hot Pot, Chili Potato, Hot Curry)
Suteden : Jini : Apple Gel       100   Life Bottle   400
                 Orange Gel      200   Flare Bottle  600
                 Melange Gel    1000   Syrup Bottle 1200
                 Lemon Gel      2500   Holy Bottle   200
                 Pine Gel       3000   Dark Bottle   200
                 Miracle Gel    6000   Spectacles     50
                 Panacea Bottle  160

Reid : Hmm...?

You will see something shiny on the ground.

Reid : What's this?

You will found 10 Jini. Some of the houses here only open at night. So you will have to wait
for nightfall. The house that open at daylight only Inn. Search the book rack between two beds
at second floor of Inn to get a Rune Bottle. Go outside the world map and wait until the
nightfall, after that enter Jini again. The house next to Inn is Suteden : Jini. You can buy
Celesea Map for 10,000 Gald or 100 Jini at Suteden : Jini. Search the red flower near the
entrance for Light Crystal. You can find Casino & Exchange, the house below Inn. Search the
slot machine for a Lens. Search the gaming machine at upper left corner to find a Wonder Chef.
This time he will teach you how to make Hot Pot. Now go to the next screen. The house to the
far right is Auction Hall. Search the table at upper right corner to get a Lens. Search the
picture at upper left corner to find a Wonder Chef. This time he will teach you how to make
Chili Potato. The house next to Auction Hall is Bookstore. Search the frog here to find a
Wonder Chef. This time he will teach you how to make Hot Curry. The house next to Bookstore is
Dance Hall. Search the upper right heater for a Lens.

Now go to Shadow Cave at GPS(5,12)

/ 2.22 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Shadow Cave(5,12)
Enemies : Mega Death, Dragontooth, Dark Disaster, Cuttlebone, Hunger Blood, Fire Flyer,
          Metallicore, Grave Keeper
Items : 765 Gald, Drain Charm, Saint Halberd, Holy Circlet, Flare Arms, Scale Robe
Lens : 1

reid : ...It feels kind of cold in here.

Meredy : Celestia is always cold.

Keele : ...And you don't get much sunlight down here at the seafloor.

Reid : That's not what I mean. I'm talking about the kind of cold that sends shivers up your

Farah : Reid...are you scared?

Reid : I...I'm NOT scared!

Farah : All right then. Let's go!

The enemies here is touch-based, so if you don't hit them you won't fight a battle. Get 765
Gald from the pouch downstairs and after that go down to the next screen. Go get Drain Charm
from the upper left chest and after that go down the ladder to the next screen. Get Saint
Halberd from the upper right chest and after that go down to the next screen. Get Holy Circlet
from the right chest and go downstairs to the right first to get Flare Arms. Go back to the
previous screen and this time go downstairs to the left. Continue down to the next screen. Get
Scale Robe from the right chest and continue down. Just follow the way down and you will see a
Load Crystal. Start from here, you will have a random battle again not like before. Go down
the right ladder first and enter the cave. There are 2 roads in here : upper left and middle
left. Enter them both to kill the minions to make the cave darker. Now go back to the room
with a Load Crystal. Go down the left ladder and enter the cave near the ladder. There are 2
roads in here : upper right and middle right. Enter them both to kill all the minions. The
upper right road has a Lens. After you kill all the minions, enter the middle cave.

Keele : There's a breeze...

Farah : Keele, be careful!

Keele : It's too dark to see anything. From the echoes I hear, I estimate that it must be at
        least 3000 lange to the bottom.

Reid : I'm getting a bad feeling about this place... Let's get out of here.

Keele : Fear clouds judgement. You're not going to find anything if you let fear get in your

??? : Humans are terrified of darkness... Yet they fail to recognize the true darkness within
      their hearts.

You will see Shadow appear in front of you.

Meredy : Hweel! Long time no see!

Keele : Have you met him before?

Meredy : You bet. He gave us Excalibur at the Ruins of Volt.

Keele : Are you the Greater Dark Craymel, Shadow?

Shadow : Indeed. I hope you have a justifiable excuse for disturbing my darkness.

Keele : We need your help to save this world!

Reid : Do you want to test our strength?

Shadow : Of course. Come!!

Boss : Shadow (+ 2x Empty Doll)
HP : 100324
EXP : 32768
Gald : 0
Attack : 460 (Shadow Thrust, Summon Demon)
Defense : 400
Intelligence : 62
Strong : Shadow, Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning
Weak : Light
Rewards : Force Ring(100%), Rune Bottle(100%)

Strategy : Shadow is good at close attack, but you must be very careful with his spells. Don't
           let him cast his spell on you. Equip Excalibur to make a major damage because Light
           is his weakness. Empty Doll is very annoying too because beside it has a lot of
           HP(60000), it can recover its HP(3000) too. The good skill for Reid to use is Demon
           Twist. Just concentrate your attack on Shadow, don't bother with Empty Doll.

Shadow : I now understand the sincerity of your intentions. They are admirable... Show me the

Choose Keele's or Meredy's Craymel Cage.

Keele : I can't believe it... We befriended Shadow, the one who unifies all Primary Craymels
        in Celestia.

Reid : Keele... I'm overwhelmed, too.

Keele : Reid?!

Reid : You know, it's not so hard to see in the dark once you get used to it!!

Now go back to your ship, Van Eltia. After that go to Tinnsia to get Krona Symbol from Irene
at Teeru : Tinnsia. If you follow my walkthru, you have collected exactly 50 Lens. Search the
pink Miacis near the gnome statue to get skill Aqua Spiral for Max.

Now go to Luishka Station and talk to the conductor. He will asked for your help to get his
Ticket Puncher at Imen Station. So go to Imen Station and talk to the conductor here. He will
say the location in Melnics language. To understand this word go to the Library of City of
Craymel, Imen. Choose the characters of this order : 1, 1, 3, 1, 3, 2. The word is Bonsai.
Keele will search the Bonsai in the library and you will get Ticket Puncher. Now go back to
Luishka Station and talk to the conductor again. You will get a Sephira for your hard work.

Now let's go to all the hideouts and get all the Silver Cages.
-  Hideout 1(56,112) -> Silver Cage 1, you can't take the sword here
-  Hideout 2(152,164) -> Silver Cage 2
-  Hideout 3(167,112) -> Silver Cage 3
-  Hideout 4(228,41) -> Silver Cage 4
-  Hideout 5(3,151) -> Silver Cage 5

After that go to Aifread's Platform(98,92).

/ 2.23 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Aifread's Platform(98,92)
Lens : 1

Search the middle panel to get a Lens. Put all the Silver Cage you had in their places and the
machine start to working.

Reid : What...happened?

Farah : Let's go to the surface!

Now go back to the surface and you will see the Bridge of Expedition at GPS(100,92). Press
Square and choose Enter Relay Point. You will be transported back to Inferia.

Reid : Are we...alive? Hey!! It's Inferia!

Farah : We made it back...

Chat : The color of the sky is different.

Meredy : It is a completely different world from Celestia.

Keele : Hey, Reid. Where's the Seyfert Key?

Reid : Oh yeah. Let's go to the deck.

You will see the light pointed to northeast.

Keele : How odd. There should only be water in that direction.

Reid : Well, there was nothing above, maybe it's down below.

Farah : We can use the Aifish! No problem!

Now let's go visit all the Hideout in Inferia.
-  Hideout 1(76,123) -> 12240 Gald, Savory, Water Shard, Diamond Armlet, Volt Shard, Holy
-  Hideout 2(119,122) -> Skill Ice Hammer for Chat, Fire Shard, 2x Rune Bottle, Hourglass,
                         8415 Gald, Sage
-  Hideout 3(141,1) -> Ninja Sword, Earth Shard, 2x Rune Bottle, Lavender, 10710 Gald
                       Search the plant near the chests to get a Lens
-  Hideout 4(226,130) -> Rune Bottle, Elixir, 9945 Gald, Snow Shard, Bellebane, Wind Shard

-  GPS(186,33) -> Tomato
-  GPS(211,32) -> Pine Gel, Lemon Gel
-  GPS(121,54) -> Kirima
-  GPS(182,89) -> Water Crystal, Water Shard
-  GPS(187,140) -> Flare Cape
-  GPS(226,90) -> Rune Bottle

Now go back to Bridge of Expedition(100,92), choose Inverse Dome and Conversion Dock. Search
the statue here, it will give you the coordinate of (88,64). Go back, choose Inferia Port and
Inferia. Now go to Tomb of Aifread(88,64).

/ 2.24 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Tomb of Aifread(88,64)
Enemies : Revenant, Metallicore, Mega Death, Poison Toad, Bullfrog, Medusa, Spirillum, Storm
          Claw, Fungus, Super Star, Seaspin, Spirit, Fake, Horse Knight
Items : Red Savory, Star Shield, 2x Mythril Bracelet, Captain's Hat, All-Divide, 13579 Gald,
        2x Elixir, Moon Robe, Red Bellebane, Losagna's Dress, Light Sphere
Lens : 1

Go down and go to the left door. You will be in a room with a statue in the middle.

Keele : What is this? Talk about poor taste! The interior decoration has absolutely no sense
        of order nor unity. And this horribly amateurish nude statue of a middle-aged man
        couldn't possibly be any further from what art should be. Who could have designed this

Farah : Do you really think it's that bad...? I think it looks sort of fun and exciting!

Reid : This place looks scary... I get a feeling that this place is haunted.

There are 6 doors in here. You can only enter the three doors: left, middle, right. Go through
the left doors first. This section looks like a traditional Japanese house/oriental house.

    |   8   |
|----- -|- -|---|
|   4   |     9 |
|- -|- -| 7 |- -|
| 5 | 3 |   |10  FINISH
|---|- -|- -|---|
    | 2   6 |
    |- -|---|
    | 1  START

Area 3

In this area, you will be hit by four swordmen if you walk through. They will make your HP
goes to 1.

Area 5

Items : Star Shield, Mythril Bracelet

In this area, you will be hit by four swordmen if you walk through. They will make your HP
goes to 1. To get Star Shield and Mythril Bracelet from the chest, you must get pass them.

Area 8

Items : Red Savory

There's a woman statue here that you can move. Move the statue into the wooden place in front
of the water and her head will come out and hit the lamp. The door at area 7 will be open.

You can get Red Savory from the chest if you come from area 4

Area 6

Lens : 1

Search the box at upper left screen to get a Lens.

Area 10

Items : Captain's Hat

Get Aifread's Beard from the box and Captain's Hat from the chest.

After you finish Oriental section, let's take the middle door. This section looks like a scary
dark place. Go up across all the bridges and enter the huge door. You will be fall down to the
bottom. There are needles coming out from the ground, avoid them. Get Mythril Bracelet and
All-Divide from the chests and continue above. There are many platforms here and some of them
will banish if you get on it, so move quickly. If you fell to the ground, you will get
poisoned and damaged. You can avoid the enemies in here if you didn't want to fight them. Get
13579 Gald and Elixir from the chests and continue left. You can restore your HP here for
72100 Gald if you talk to one of the statues. You can buy Apple Gel for 1000 Gald, Orange Gel
for 2000 Gald, Panacea Bottle for 1600 Gald, and Life Bottle for 4000 Gald here. After that,
continue down. There are big stove and fire here. Distinguish the fire with Freeze Ring(Press
L1) so you can go through to the right. Get Aifread's Hat by searching the statue here. Go
back to the first place with Aifread's statue in the middle.

Now let's take the right door. This section looks like a modern house. Just follow the road
and enter the door. You will see many guillotines here, try not to get hit by the guillotine
because it can decrease your HP. The treasure chest here is a Fake, you can get a Elixir if
you defeat it. Go downstairs and get Moon Robe from the chest. Use Freeze Ring(Press L1) to
the person below and change your main character to female character(Farah, Meredy, Chat) to
get through to the far left. Get Red Bellebane from the chest and avoid the blue balloon. Go
above and enter the door to the next screen. Just follow the path to the next screen and get
Aifread's clothes from the coffin in the middle. Get Losagna's Dress from the chest.

Now go back to the first place where you can see Aifread's statue. Search the statue to put on
Aifread's beard, Aifread's hat and Aifread's clothes. The statue will move and reveal the path
downstairs. Get Light Sphere from the chest. Now go back to your ship, Van Eltia and head to
Sunken Ship at GPS(34,4).

/ 2.25 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Sunken Ship(34,4)
Enemies : Kraaken, Tzin, Float Dragon, Fake, Turnturtle, Super Star, Seaspin
Items : Cute Mitten, Elixir, Twinkle Flute, WakeUp Charm, Rare Plate, Insea Map, Vorpal Sword,
        14305 Gald, 15365 Gald, 10655 Gald, 12245 Gald

Chat : Looks like the ship sank a long time ago.

Keele : Yeah. But in comparison to the decay of the exterior, the interior of the ship is
        surprisingly clean.

Reid : You think so? It smells moldy to me!

Chat : This could well be the Cursed Sea, responsible for sinking countless ships... I've read
       about it in my great-grandfather's log.

Reid : Hey, hey! Don't talk about curses! It's CREEPY in here already as it is!

Keele : Hmm... It may be worth looking around.

Chat : I agree. We may be able to find the reason why this ship sank.

Reid : I'm really not interested in finding out...

Go downstairs and you will see three paths in here. Go to the far right first. There are three
doors in here: down, middle and above. Enter the above door first and get Cute Mitten from the
chest. Now enter the middle door, the treasure chest here is a Fake. You will get a Elixir if
you defeat it. Now enter the door below and get Bulkhead Key from the chest.

Now go back to the first screen and this time enter the far left door. There are four doors in
here: far down, down, middle and above. Enter the above door first and get Twinkle Flute from
the chest. Now enter the middle door and get WakeUp Charm from the chest. There's nothing you
can find inside the door below and far below, so get back to the first screen.

Now enter the middle door and use Bulkhead Key to open the door. Go to the next screen and get
Pump Room Key from the chest. Go back to the first screen and enter the left door again. Go to
the far below door and use Pump Room Key at the machine. Now go back to the place where you
got Pump Room Key and go downstairs. Climb the ladder and go above to the next screen, the
room to the right has nothing. Get Rune Bottle from the chest and climb the ladder. Get Rare
Plate and Insea Map from the chest. Go back to the previous screen and climb down the ladder.
Get Vorpal Sword from the chest and enter the door. You will see a Load Crystal here. Enter
the door to fight the boss.

Reid : ...What is this song?

Chat : You mustn't listen to it! I read about it in my great-grandfather's logbook! It's
       coming from the one who sings to lure mariners, and sends them to their graves deep
       within the ocean...

Keele : You mean the Siren?! ...That's impossible! Volume two, Chapter 12 of the Leonoa
        Encyclopedia clearly states that the Siren is nothing but a mythological creature.

Chat : The Siren is a pirate's real-life nightmare!

Siren : Come. Dreams await you in the depths of the seas...

Boss : Siren (+ 5x Spirit)
HP : 52000
EXP : 8998
Gald : 3000
Attack : 280 (Trance Symphony, Eating, Yuck, Spread, Air Thrust, Deep Phantom, Holiday
Defense : 800
Intelligence : 70
Strong : Water, Wind, Earth, Ice
Weak : Fire, Lightning
Rewards : Trident(100%), Sephira(100%)

Strategy : Kill the Spirits first because they are very annoying. Don't get too close to Siren
           because the rock below her will swallow you. I assume you already have a high level
           now, so this enemy is not so hard to defeated.

Chat : This is a dark and sad place. Please release the souls of those who have died in the
       sea. And then, release yourself as well...

Siren : Thank you.

Siren will be disappeared.

Chat : Keele? It looks like Aifread the pirate is innocent after all.

Keele : Y...yeah.

Chat : Is that a proper response?

Keele : Aye aye, sir!

Get 14305 Gald, 15365 Gald, 10655 Gald and 12245 Gald from the pouchs. Now go back to the
world map and go to Celestia by using Bridge of Expedition. Now go to Chat's Hut.

Chat : This is terrible!

Reid : What's wrong?

Chat : Someone switched the monument with a fake!

Meredy : 120:128. It's true! The numbers are different from before!

Chat : I must get the real one back! It is an irreplaceable monument left by my great-

Keele : If 120:128 is our clue... Then this doesn't appear to be the work of an ordinary

Chat : Is somebody deliberately challenging me, the descendant of the Great Pirate, Aifread?
       If we use GPS, we can go to that location! Let's get going right away! What's the
       problem? Let's get going!

Now let's go to GPS(120,128). You will found Pico Revenge. Now go back to Chat's Hut and enter
the Hut.

Keele : Is everything in this house from the Aifread Era?

Chat : Yes, most of it anyway.

Keele : The year is written on the barrel.

Chat : S.E. 2208

Keele : S.E. Celestian years? How many years ago would that be?

Chat : Huh? Let's see... It's S.E. 2296 this year, so... Hold on a minute. Ummm...Do you have
       a piece of paper?

Keele : If it's S.E. 2296 now, then it must be 88 years ago. Can't you do the calculation in
        your head? You'd better study more math.

Chat : Please... You sound like my mother.

Keele : ...That's interesting. I haven't heard you talk much about your mother.

Meredy : Hey! Hey! Meredy found this paper stuck in the back!

Reid : What does it say?

Chat : Do you have what it takes to be a great pirate? Take my challenge and test your
       worthiness! Those who manage to clear my obstacles will earn their just reward!

Farah : A challenge?

Meredy : From who?

Chat : Isn't that obvious? It's my great-grandfather...the Great Pirate, Aifread. It says to
       go to Aifread's Hideout.

Keele : You mean that hideout at 204:98?

Chat : Yes! We have no choice! We MUST go!

Now let's go to Aifread's Cavern(204,98). Chat will face this challenge alone. You will have a
quiz here. Here are the questions and answers.

1. Two Sage, Three Red Sage, and Three Savory. How many herbs related to HP are there
   altogether? -> 5
2. 2 Bananas, 3 Kiwis, 1 Amango, and 3 Cabbages. How many fruits are there altogether? -> 6
3. 3 Tomatoes, 4 Potatoes, 5 cubes of Tofu. How many t's are there in all of those names? -> 5
4. There are 10 pirates. 5 of them are wearing scarves, and 6 of them are smoking pipes. All
   the pirates wearing scarves are smoking pipes. How many pirates are neither smoking pipes
   nor wearing scarves? -> 4
5. In the previous question, how many pirates were smoking pipes? -> 6
6. 3 Hourglasses, 3 Lid Shields, and 3 Tote Bags. How many of the items listed are classified
   as Tools? -> 3
7. 2x3-2+29-1x29=? -> 4
8. 1 Hot Pot, 4 Broiled Sandwiches, and 3 Fruit Cocktails. How many times must one use Red
   Satay to cook all the dishes? -> 1
9. 3 Shrimps, 5 Beets, 8 Cabbages, 7 Potatoes, and 8 Red Satay. If you have these ingredients,
   how many times can you eat Hot Borsch? -> 5 times
10. Each man has 4 children. Each child of each man also has 4 children. The total number of
    grandchildren is 96. How many men are there? -> 6

Chat will learned Eternal Hammer for Reward.

Now let's go back to Inferia and head to Farlos Sanctuary.

/ 2.26 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Farlos Sanctuary (Ancient Shrine)
Enemies : Stinger, Nocturnal Fly, Dinosaur, Mechscorpion, Ladybug
Items : 24424 Gald, Golden Helm, Spirit Robe, Red Lavender
Lens : 1 -> from Mt. Farlos

Let's go to Mt. Farlos to the top of the mountain where the Bridge of Light is. Search the
stonepile above the Load Crystal to get a Lens. Now go back to Farlos Sanctuary and enter it.
Search the statue behind the Priest and the Seyfert Key will shining.

Reid : The Seyfert Key... ...It's resonating?! Yikes!

Priest : W...what is this!

Reid : this?!

Priest : Astonishing! It must be the entrance to the ancient shrine... Who exactly are you?

Reid : It wasn't me! It responded to the Seyfert Key!

Priest : You possess the Seyfert Key?!

Reid : Yeah. I'm holding it for someone. Well... What should we do now?

Priest : There's no question! You MUST proceed. That is Seyfert's will.

Now enter the ancient shrine. Just follow the way down and enter the shrine. Go to the left
and enter the door. Enter another door and you will see two doors and stairs here. Enter the
left door to get 24424 Gald from the chest. Enter the right door to get Golden Helm from the
chest. Now go downstairs and you will see two doors and exit at the bottom. The right door has
Spirit Robe and the left door has Red Lavender. Now exit to the bottom and enter the right
door. Save first before you go any further.

??? : Ho ho ho! Are you the ones who called upon me?

Reid : No, I don't think we called you...

Keele : We are honored to meet you. We would like to meet with the Supreme Craymel.

??? : Ah. I am the Greater Elemental Craymel, Maxwell.

Maxwell : Few humans come to this faraway place. What exactly do you wish of me?

Farah : We require your help to save the world!

Maxwell : Well, well! It's been hundreds of years since humans made a request of me! But I do
          hope you are aware... When you make a request of a Greater Craymel, there may be
          some painful consequences...

Reid : Yeah, we know. But we've still got to do this, no matter what!

Maxwell : Ho ho ho! This should be most interesting! Prepare yourselves!

Boss : Maxwell
HP : 34000
EXP : 34002
Gald : 0
Attack : 400 (Tractor Beam, Indignation, Cyclone, Stalagmite, Meteor Swarm)
Elemental Attack : Elemental
Defense : 2100
Intelligence : 100
Strong : Elemental
Rewards : Faerie Ring(100%), Omni Weapon(100%)

Strategy : Be careful with the spotlight. If the spotlight is red, don't get near it because
           you will be hit by Tractor Beam and unconscious for a second. Maxwell is strong of
           physical attack. Reid and Farah can only make damage only 1. But you can make
           damage with all elemental attack greater than physical attack, it will hit about
           100-200. Just be patience and you will kill him.

Maxwell : Ho ho ho... *Cough*... Ugh...

Meredy : Are you all right?

Maxwell : It's been a long while since I moved this much... But bah, you need not worry about
          me! Now, then. Which Craymel Cage shall I enter?

Choose Keele's or Meredy's Craymel Cage.

Maxwell will go to the wrong Craymel Cage.

Maxwell : Ha ha ha! Oops-a-daisy! My apologies.

Reid : Are you really sure... ...that it's a Supreme Craymel?

Keele : Uh, yeah...probably.

Now go back to world map and head to Inferia City.

/ 2.27 \______________________________________________________________________________________
Inferia City
Items : Smash Cape

|--   --|---|
|   5     4 |
|- -|- -|- -|
| 3   1   2 |
|---|- -|---|

Now let's talk to the old man in front of Arena at Area 3.

Old Man : Young ones! Did you happen to come across a Grip Sword by any chance? It's a sword
          with a special grip.

Reid : Nope. Haven't seen it.

Farah : You're looking for a weapon called the Grip Sword?

Old Man : I must have dropped it somewhere in this town... For this is my first time here, I
          can't find my way through the city without getting myself lost as well.

Farah : That's a shame.

Reid : Farah! We don't know the city any...

Farah : Leave it to us! We'll find it for you! Right, Reid?

Choose Yes.

Reid : Awww right.

Old Man : Thank you! I truly appreciate your help! I'm going to give this area another once-

Now go to Area 4 and talk to the woman in the middle screen in front of Seyfert Sanctuary.

Woman : A Grip Sword? I'm afraid I've never heard of it. ...Oh, wait! I did overhear an
        announcement about a lost item at the Royal Playhouse... Why don't you go to a window
        and ask about it?

Now go inside Imperial Playhouse, it's the building above the woman. Talk to the man up the

Man : A lost item? It was just claimed by the customer over there...

Man : W...whaddya want? This is mine! It's true, I tell you!

Farah : What did you drop?

Man : D...don't look! I told you, don't look!

Farah : Huh?

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